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    Looking for WiFi video/camera suggestions. Please move if in the wrong section

    I looked for a category and couldn't really find where. I'm looking for suggestions to set up my home with video/cameras that are fairly cheap, WiFi capable and possibly can all be used with one phone app (chain). I have a Bluebird nest box I want to put one inside on the roof, one on my main...
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    I have Carson 10x42 3d ED's and want to upgrade to Maven's or similar.

    I have these: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/851312-REG/Carson_TD_042ED_3D_Series_TD_042ED_10x42.html And plan on giving them to my Wife for her use. I'm mainly a birder and want to step up and they say Mavens are close to Swarovki for ~$1000. That's about my budget for this upgrade. I...
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    Nikon really should have made a longer AF-P

    I would have loved to have one in 500-600mm. It's a shame they stopped at 300mm and didn't even offer a 400mm to compete with Canon among others.
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    Replacing P900 and just got back from Best Buy Z50/RX-10 IV

    I didn't even know about the Z50! I have had my P900 for years now (2015 original pre-order). It's done some decent things, but technology has changed. I still want to have the video option and both of these fit the mold. The P900 didn't do bad on stills, but sucked at BIF and exposure was...
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    Original P900 owner looking to possibly upgrade

    I was on the pre-order list way back when for the for P900's and had to pester them to get it :) Years later it helped me learn and venture into a DSLR (D500). No doubt it's the better option for photos. I think video... not so much! I have gotten some pretty decent shots and good videos with...
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    D500 vs D850

    I'm using the D500 with a Sigma 150-600C currently. Deals are out there now on the D850 and it might get sweeter BF! So the 850 can go DX among other things. Wouldn't that make it a much better piece to have than just the D500? You could do both with the 850 and possibly have better photos. Is...
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    We should have some Sigma 60-600 reviews by now

    I'm just not seeing many when I run searches. Where are they?
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    Help with an upgrade of lens or camera. Can't do both!

    I found a small money tree :) and need some opinions on where to upgrade my gear. I use a Black Rapid while birding with a D500/Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. It's been pretty easy to take and do anything I want. Thoughts of stepping it up a little in picture quality smoked out the D850 and...