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    Has anyone ever been here? If so any advice?
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    Short eared owls

    Where is good to see them near South East London? Is Wallsea Island the best place?
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    San Jose del Guaviare

    After reading this http://seecolombia.travel/blog/2017/03/visit-san-jose-del-guaviare-colombia I am tempted to go, has anyone else been there?
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    Best clothing to not be seen by birds

    One proviso it cannot be camouflage clothing as I am going to Colombia and you cannot wear it there - sadly the civil war (now almost over) makes this a bad idea.
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    Skomer manx shearwaters

    Has anyone ever been here and about the end of May can you see the shearwaters?
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    Little terns Norfolk

    Does anyone know if these are still there at the end of July?
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    Bempton mid April

    Is it worth visiting Bempton mid April or will the birds not be there yet?
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    Great bustards

    Has anyone ever been to see these in Wiltshire?
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    Bird guides Cali Colombia

    Can any suggest one Cali Tours look good but are expensive. They cost about £200 a day which is more than I paid in Scotland where petrol is a bit more expensive.
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    Elmley Nature reserve

    Has anyone been there and is it worth staying?
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    Terns in Kent

    Anyone got any suggestions on where is a good place in Kent to see Terns?
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    Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome

    Is this worth visiting for wildlife and birds? How easy is it to see owls etc there?
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    Peregrines in London

    Any advice where to see Peregrines in London when spring comes?
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    Bass rock worth it

    I have family in Edinburgh and I was thinking of going to Bass Rock if I visit them in April or May. However it costs £125 per person https://www.seabird.org/visit/boats/bass-rock-landings/10/22/160 The Farne Isles only cost £41 per person http://www.farne-islands.com/trips/birdwatch.htm Is it...
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    Wasp ID

    Anyone know what wasp this is? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/22965233254/in/album-72157662151144255/ Also how do I put the photo from flickr here?
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    Canon 7d mk ii battery

    Can anyone suggest a battery that is compatible, reliable and cheaper than the Canon alternative?
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    Dundee seabirds

    I have relatives moving to Dundee soon. Any good sites to see seabirds there and when is the earliest in the year that is worth going there?
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    Moth trap

    Any ideas on one I can buy? I was thinking of getting this http://www.pwbelg.clara.net/mercury/12v/ GLADIATOR 12 standard - £ 84.95 which I could run with this battery http://www.pwbelg.clara.net/mercury/battery1/index.html Or this...
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    Portland bird Observatory March

    I am thinking for family reasons to go here in March for a weekend A) Is it a good time to go? B) Is there anywhere nice nearby to eat? C) I have a Canon 7D MK II and a Tamron 150-600 do you think that will get decent photos of the birds flying past?
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    Hyde Park birds

    This worth reading in case you are ever near Hyde Park http://kensingtongardensandhydeparkbirds.blogspot.com/ It is a really good blog and you ask questions about where to go etc.
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    Cheapest place to get to from London

    Next year I want to go and see Puffins,Gannets, razor bills etc. What is the cheapest place to get to from London (and including accomodation etc)? I am not sure if it is Bempton/Farne Isles or Skomer or somewhere else.
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    New canon camera

    I am thinking of replacing my 350 EOS D. I have the following Tamron 150-600 mm, Canon EPS 60 mm macro, Canon MP-E 65 mm and a kit lens. I also have a 550 EOS D (so a new camera would not have to be compatible with all of them). I mainly take bird/wildlife photos although I do take some family...
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    Second hand canon camera

    My Canon EOS 350D might be going to the end of its life. I am thinking of getting a second hand better one maybe a 5D MKII, any ideas?
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    Removing cotton/thread from inside a camera

    If you look at this photo you can see some thread inside my camera, any ideas on how to remove it? It is a 350D https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/21493410956/in/album-72157657968466661/
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    Marseille city break October

    Is it possible to see any wildlife whilst we are there? Another possibility might be going to La Havre