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    Gitzo GH1720 long-term reliability

    Just wondered if there are any long-term users of this head out there, as I'd like to reassure myself about the long-term reliability of them given a couple of negative reviews I've read. I've certainly been very happy with my Gitzo tripod for several years and like the look of this head to...
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    Leica Trinovid HD 10x32 (and 8x32) vs competition?

    Hi, I'm thinking about buying a pair of Leica Trinovid HDs, specifically in the 10x32 format, to complement my Nikon 7x42s - to use at the coast etc in decent light (I accept that the 8x32s would probably be an overall better option, but I like the idea of having some light 10s as an...
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    Kowa TSN-EX16S

    Kowa are bringing out a version of their 1.6x adaptor for the 883 that's compatible with the 663/TSN 3 series, as well as the 820-series when used alongside the relevant EC1 eyepiece adaptor. Will retail at around £250. https://www.kowaproducts.com/KowaSystemS-Extender/KowaTSN-EX16S/ They also...
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    2y Caspian Gull

    This gull was on the scrape at Minsmere yesterday afternoon and looked quite decent to me and a couple of other birders present for a 2y Caspian Gull. Unfortunately I only managed this rather poor iphone record shot before it flew off, but would appreciate any thoughts. I've also attached an...
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    Hazel Grouse around Gothenburg

    Hi, I'm visiting Gothenburg in mid-May and wondered if there is a realistic possibility of seeing Hazel Grouse within a couple of hours drive of the city? If so, and if anyone could provide me with specific site details it would be massively appreciated. (I've tried searching on Artportalen and...
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    Caspian Gull - Leics, UK

    Hi, I visited Albert Village Lake in Leics on a couple of occasions at the beginning of this week. I'd like some ID confirmation, if possible, from my record shots. The bird below (front) is an adult winter Yellow-legged Gull, I think. Does this seem correct?
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    Mystery moth - Dorset

    Saw this today at Hengistbury and don't have my macro book with me down here. Ta!
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    Waved black?

    Hi, I just wanted to check that I'm not being thick and that this is indeed a Waved Black. Caught last night in South Norfolk, so if confirmed it's not a bad record. Size etc. is ok.
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    Norfolk pug

    Any ideas on this pug (it was 20mm) from South Norfolk last night. I was leaning towards Grey Pug, apart from it seemed too late for them? Thanks!
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    A macro from Norfolk

    I'm having a mental blockage with this worn macro from last night. Any help much appreciated!
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    Gothic? and a carpet moth

    Hi, Is this a gothic - caught in Norfolk last night? Not had one before... And any ideas on this carpet moth - garden carpet? Thanks!
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    Two Norfolk macros

    One pug and one noctuidae from Norfolk last night that I'd appreciate some help with! Ta!
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    Macro help please

    I caught this in my S Norfok garden last night? Any ideas? I'm torn between Suspected or Common Rustic agg. (or is it something else like a very worn Nutmeg)? In the jar it actually looked plainer than it does here - the photo picks out more rufousy areas - it was very uniform apart from the...
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    Storing optics in car?

    I tend to store my scope and bins in the boot (trunk!) of my car, so they're always to hand if i see something when I'm out. I wonder though whether, aside from the risk of them getting stolen, if this is potentially harmful to their condition. I'm in Norfolk,UK, so the temp ranges from below...
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    Giottos VH6011 suitable for Kowa 824?

    Having recently acquired a Kowa 824 I'm thinking of getting a new tripod head as my current Velbon PH157Q, although fine for my 660, seems a bit too small for the bigger scope. I also have an old Slik Master Classic head, but was wondering if the Giottos VH6011 might be suitable as I quite like...
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    New Kowa TSN-663M scopes

    It appears that Kowa are bringing out a new version of their 663 and 664 scopes, to be known as TSN-663M. Details are rather scant, though a few examples are already showing up on Ebay and Japanese websites. Apparently, they will be released early in 2015. From what I can gather, in colour the...
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    Exercises for using binoculars?

    Hi, Slightly odd question, but wonder if anyone has ever specifically done any exercises to improve the length of time you can hold/use binoculars without your arms feeling tired? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Nikon EDG diopter problem

    I purchased a new pair of 10x32 EDGs (version II) before Christmas. They're great, but using them in the field recently I've noticed that the diopter shifts considerably, which is quite annoying! Experimenting with them, I think the issue occurs with me when wearing gloves when I probably tend...
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    Case for Tsn-3

    I'm looking for a stay-on case for my TSN-3 (see post in the Wanted section) and just wondered if any Kowa users knew of a UK source for such cases (unlikely!), or if any cases for other makes/models might also fit the Tsn-1/3? (I've tried the new version from Kite optics but unfortunately its...
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    Advice on memory cards

    Hi, I've just bought an FZ28 and was wondering if anyone could recommend what the best (in terms of speed and price) memory cards to use are. I have a couple of existing SD cards, but know nothing about SDHC cards. Also, for bird shots, what is the best quick setting to use when I want to...
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    Am Golden Plover at East Harling?

    Hi, can anyone confirm whether the bird on the right's the American Golden Plover - taken at East Harling, Norfolk. Thanks.
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    RFI - Cirl Bunting sites in Devon

    Hi, I'll be passing through Devon next week and was wondering if anyone could suggest any good current sites for Cirl Bunts at this time of the year, as it's been so long since I've seen any in the UK. Cheers, Ed
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    Balearic National Parks face extinction

    The Government of the Balearic Islands (Spain), whose President, is proposing drastic cut-backs to two of the islands' protected areas, the Parc Natural de la Peninsula de Llevant (Mallorca) and the Parc Natural de Cala Hort (Ibiza). BirdLife International is particularly concerned about the...
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    Bulgarian wind farm e-petition

    Hi, Just to let you all know that the BirdLife International partner in Bulgaria, BSPB, has an online petition to register support against the siting of a new wind farm in the middle of a migration bottleneck. You can find further background information and a get to the petition from a link...