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    Winterwatch 2021

    And the good news is no Michaela Strachan
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    Springwatch 2020

    Totally agree her childrens presenter persona and constant naming of everything really grates, in as much I too had stopped watching the programme until this lockdown.
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    The Highlands and Islands Thread

    Staying near Inverness for a few days, can you point me in the right direction to possibly see WTE in Strathspey Many thanks
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    Winterwatch 2016

    I too thought it was a good programme slightly different from the normal fare until we had yes you guessed it otters again which was really spoilt by probably the most monotonous commentary I 've heard since the last watch programme. What is it with BBC cameramen they really shouldn't...
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    7Dmkii question

    Another vote for the Dot Photo EP-6, been using them for over 18 months now with no problems.
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    LP-E6 battery replacement

    I too can recommend the Dot.foto from Amazon I've been using them in my 7d for some while without any issues
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    Canon 100-400 Mk2 Zoom Adjustment Ring

    Thanks Bob
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    Canon 100-400 Mk2 Zoom Adjustment Ring

    A question for anyone who has this lens, when the ring is set to fully tight should it be locked so the zoom can't be moved or just tight on the resistance? When I bought the lens a few weeks ago I may be wrong, but I'm sure the ring would lock tight but now in the fully tight position it can...
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    hdew cameras

    And another satisfied customer
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    Canon 70-300mm IS USM vs other (please help with recommendations)

    Another vote for the 400mm 5.6, great lens for the price
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    Canon EOS 7D-Good for Birding ?

    I have the 7d and the 400 5.6, it's an excellent combination
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    Norfolk Butterflies and Moths

    At least 4 Swallowtails at Strumpshaw on Sunday on the buddlias just before Tower Hide. Swallowtail caterpillars also seen near the boardwalk
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    External Hard Drive

    Just had the Passport delivered and for the price £59.57 from Amazon is a good piece of kit. Thanks all for your advice
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    External Hard Drive

    The Passport was the one I was leaning to, so thank you both for your replies
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    External Hard Drive

    I'm looking to purchase a 1tb hard drive to back up and store photo's on. I know there are as many makes out there as there are breakfast cereals, but does anyone have any recommendations or as importantly which to avoid? Many thanks
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    Generic or OEM Batteries for 7D

    I agree with that my generic batteries do seem to hold the charge longer
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    Generic or OEM Batteries for 7D

    I use the Power Planet ones from Amazon for my 7d and never had any issues
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    HDEW and Canon cashback

    Received the following today from Canon, I've blocked out the serial number in case you are wondering "We refer to your recent claim under the Canon Spring Cashback Promotion in respect of a camera purchased from “HDEW Cameras” with serial number XXXXXXXXXX. We are very sorry to inform you...
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    HDEW and Canon cashback

    Claim for a 7d gone in today, I'll post as soon as I hear from Canon
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    Norfolk birding

    Red Kite over the A1065 at South Raynham this morning at 9.15
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    Norfolk birding

    Seen at Kelling Quag Chiffchaff, pair of Wheatear at least 6 Sand Martin, Swallows and on the walk down from the Heath around 6 Redwing
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    hdew cameras

    Just to add tothe previous posts, I ordered a 7d late Thurs delivered 8.30 Tues morning. It did come with a copy manual and an English adapter for the charger but I always tend to buy a 3rd party manual/book anyway so not a problem. Oh and a VAT invoice if you request it Now all I need is the...
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    Manfrotto 128cr or Giottos VH6011 head?

    New to birding and have just got my first scope, an Opticron ES80 ED. I'm looking to purchase a head for my Giottos tripod which up to now has been used with a 3 way head for photography. I've narrowed it down to either the Manfrotto 128cr or Giottos Vh6011. The 128cr seems to be a popular...