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    Feathers, North East England

    Saw a group of a few feathers next to a wheat field. any ideas?
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    Juvenile gull - Gran Canaria - Sept 5

    Found at Maspalomas. Think it is Audouin's rather than Lesser-black back?
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    Costa Rica bug ID

    Hi, Any help on this please? I'm assuming some type of shield bug. Seen outside the hotel Riu Palace Guanacaste, Costa Rica, last January. Thanks!
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    Red-eyed Vireo plus two?, Muyil, Mexico

    Took shot of vireo but then noticed two more birds at edge of shot (enlarged). Maybe Summer Tanager for one?
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    Gull in Yucatan, Mexico

    On the beach and very confiding. Dwarfs the Laughing Gulls. Help!
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    Passerines in Sommieres, France

    Found all these in one strip of bare trees really out of range of my optics. In addition to Oriole, Bee-eater and Roller (not shown) we have: 1 ? 2 lesser spotted woodpecker f? 3 green woodpecker f? 4 ? 5 ? 6 melodious warbler?
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    Treecreeper in Sommiere, France

    Short-toed or regular?
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    Raptor in Sommiere, France

    Is this a Honey Buzzard - long tail with hints of bars?
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    Raptor in Dordogne, France

    Just got the one head shot. Peregrine?
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    Bird on Tyne estuary, UK, March 25th

    My daughter took a distant shot with phone. Cormorant in background but what is the bird partially obscured by buoy?
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    Small sandpiper, Yucatan, March 11

    I always find these hard but think lack of webbing rules out semi-palmated - and greenish yellow legs plus breast band suggest least. Or, maybe I've got it hopelessly wrong as usual!
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    Yellow-rumped Warbler, Cancun

    I assume this is female Myrtle? Do the races overlap in range?
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    Flycatcher, Cancun

    Any help on this one please?
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    Barn(?) Swallow, Costa Rica

    I assume these are all juvenile Barn Swallows - but thrown a bit by red breast on some. Is this the North American sub-species?
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    Flycatcher, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

    Is this a brown-crested flycatcher or something quite different?
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    Pipits, Skinningrove, UK

    Pipits on rocks at sea edge. I suppose they are rock pipits but would appreciate explanation of how they differ from meadow.
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    Sawbill, Crimdon Dene, Durham, UK

    Has to be merganser I suppose - but doesn't match book pictures very well. Any thoughts?
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    Marsh/Willow Tit Luxembourg

    Does the bib extent and dull colour mean Willow Tit? Bird was silent.
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    Unknown (to me!) dragonfly, Saone, France

    Can't find any image online. Any ideas?
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    Buzzard in Wassenaar, Netherlands

    I assume this is a Common Buzzard? Head very dark though.
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    Swallow Cancun Mexico

    Rubbish shots but guessing one of the Rough-winged.
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    Female oriole and vireo? Cancun, Mexico

    More from the golf course! Oriole was close to a male Orange Oriole. Is the other bird White-eyed Vireo?
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    Flycatcher and wader, Cancun

    I suppose the wader must be a grey plover - but it looks weird to me! Flycatcher I have no idea.
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    Bunting, Cancun, Mexico

    This bird was foraging close to a male Indigo Bunting and was about the same size but looks different from the book illustration of female. Is it something else?
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    Waders, Rio Lagartos, Mexico

    A lot of unknowns for me - apart from Blue-winged Teal! I think the sandpipers are semi-palmated.