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    Slik D3 head question

    A similar thing happened to an old tripod head of mine a few years ago and I seem to recall that I prolonged its life with some WD-40. I wouldn't necessarily want to recommend that course of action (better-qualified people than me will probably say it's the wrong thing to do), but might be worth...
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    Thanks all. I’m going to have to have a look through a pair of these soon and then possibly start saving...
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    I realise that a 12x isn't a replacement for a scope, but wonder if 12x NL owners find themselves visiting wetlands etc. with just their bins? I currently have a pair of 7s and feel a bit underpowered without a scope, but would love to ditch the tyranny of lugging around a tripod that I then...
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    Found 7x30 Habicht

    I’d say it sounds like a good deal!
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    new swarovski EL32

    Why don't we revert to the rather more archaic "field glasses"!
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    Sorry - yet another tripod advice request

    In my experience twist locks are more long-lasting than flip ones. I’ve had a couple of flip Manfrottos have the fastener break on me.
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    NL Pure 8X42 pros/cons

    For what it's worth, when I looked through the 10x32 Conquest HD and the 10x42 Monarch HG I thought the Monarch was noticeably better. (Mind you, I did then also try the Leica Trinovid 10x32 and preferred that to the Conquest – though I still think I'd probably go for the HG out of those three...
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    Digiscoping with Kowa 883

    Just wondered if the ProCamera app (or any similar iOS ones) allow you to set a small focus area? Trying to digiscope through my scope the other day the issue I had was that I couldn’t focus properly on the bird because there were a few closer branches in the general vicinity that the iPhone‘s...
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    best eyepiece

    The 30x wide is very nice and a bit wider view than the zoom at the same mag if you can find it. Nice for seawatching etc.
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    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    I think I'm more likely to go with Zeiss unless Swarovski address the problem properly!
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    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    I must admit that I was considering a future purchase of some Swarovski EL SVs, but this thread has completely put me off. Swarovski really need to address this issue and come up with a solution. £1500 for effective obsolescence once the 10-year warranty has ended seems untenable to me...
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    Review: Zeiss Victory SF 8x32

    I’m less interested in one of these since I own a 42mm binocular already. The WA 10x32 appeals though... (Saying all that I’d love a 10x42 SF if someone gave me one, but i don’t think it would be my sole pair.
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    Review: Zeiss Victory SF 8x32

    I'm intrigued to see what the 10x32s of these are like. They're the ones that would really appeal to me (if I had any money!), since my main pair of bins is a 7x42...
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    Recommendations for small alpha 10x32

    Thanks Lee. I am going to have to go and look through a pair when I get the chance!
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    Recommendations for small alpha 10x32

    I don't suppose anyone has any experience of the Leica 10x32 Trinovid HDs, as their close focus is something that would tempt me for insect watching too...
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    Bird house question help

    I would say that, unfortunately, if you move the bird box there's every chance that the chicks might be abandoned. It'd be much safer for them to wait until they've fledged if you can, but I appreciate you probably have a window of opportunity tomorrow. And moving it just behind might be ok, but...
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    Svalbard June 2019

    Could you give an indication of price - I'd like to have an idea before deciding whether it's worth contacting you, and your website doesn't give this information.
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    Kowa TP-95FT filter

    My experience hasn’t proved particularly bothersome!
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    Kowa TP-95FT filter

    I leave my filter on my 823 all of the time. I notice a slight image degradation when using my 50x eyepiece, in which case if the weather's ok I temporarily remove it. With the 30x, for seawtaching etc., the difference is barely noticeable, so I tend to leave it on as default. Mine is also a Hoya.
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    ATX sample variation?

    Cheers Pete. I guess I was hoping for a good simple test that didn't involve artificial stars (I don't trust my ability to interpret the results I might get)! I suppose that cranking the zoom up full and trying to read some distant print might be a more-workable start. If you then compared two...
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    ATX sample variation?

    Does anyone know of a quick, approximate real-world way - carried out in an optics store during the day (one with an outside viewing area) - that you can get an idea of whether a scope is a good or problematic example? (i.e. a way of evaluating a potential scope that you want to purchase.)
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    Optical Clarity of Spotting Scopes

    I’m surprised you’re disappointed with the 30x fixed eyepiece on the Kowa 663. I own that scope and think that combo gives excellent results. Perhaps your scope has some issues?
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    Kowa TP-95FT filter

    This is the same with the 823 too.
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    Kowa TP-95FT filter

    Why's this, John? Can you explain please what the issue is with this? Does this mean on an 883/Swaro that if you extend the hood the filter moves away from the objective lens?
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    Gitzo GH1720 long-term reliability

    Thanks all for your comments. I've decided to risk it and have ordered a 1720, given that it comes with a long warranty. I can't resist the idea of reduced weight coupled with just the one locking control. I'll report back in due course of my experiences!