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    Strange spider...

    Sorry - birds are normally my thing, but this spider was so odd I had to take a picture. Can anyone ID it ? It could hardly move for the size of its abdomen...
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    Unintended Moth Trap

    Hi all My wife inadvertently left a light on in our utility room, with the back door open and we got several moths in. Would anyone care to (continue to) educate me and put some names to the below?
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    Great Big Moth

    Hi Firstly - SORRY for the horrible quality. The attached is an enormous moth that seems to have taken residence on the gable of my roof. Any guesses ?
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    UK: Sparrowhawk with white spotting

    Hi I'm sure this is a Sparrowhawk, my question is whether anyone has seen one with so many white spots !! This individual was in the garden... stunning bird.
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    Not rare, but quite amusing

    Made me laugh.... below is a clip from the BBC's story on the Olympic sailing venue for 2010: "The start of construction, using 70,000 tonnes of Portland stone, was delayed to avoid disrupting the nesting season of over-wintering birds around the local coastline." Any UK coastal birds nest in...
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    UAE Mystery Sunbird - Now with added pictures !

    Hi all - Sorry to harp on about this, but this one is going to bug me forever. You're going to have use some faith and some imagination. The sunbird was mixed in with a bunch of Purple Sunbirds in winter plumage. It was significantly smaller. To the best of my knowledge, it was NOT a Purple...
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    UAE Dubai Sunbird - no picture

    Hi all - I am in Dubai with no field guide. I was at Safa Park this morning and saw an unusual sunbird. It was with Purple Sunbirds, which were in winter / juv plumage. It was considerably smaller, with rusty orange / black very varied plumage - to be honest the colouring reminded me of a...
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    **No Photo** - Mystery Grey Bird in Virginia

    Hi all - Apologies, there is no useful picture of this bird. At Huntley Meadows near Alexandria VA on Thursday, I saw five small grey birds at the top of a tree. They were silent and disappeared individually - so didn't appear to be a flock. I watched with another birder - neither of us...
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    Warbler ID help needed - Napa, California (no pics)

    Hi all - I was in Napa last week and saw one bird that has really got me stumped. I'd describe it as a 'sturdy' warbler, perhaps Sparrow sized. Bright yellow all over, black thick stripe from base of bill to past eye like a bandit mask. It was 'warbling' from the top of a tree. The wings...
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    Norfolk UK, Help needed on dead warbler

    Hi - Before anyone says anything, the help is for me not the warbler. The only thing that was going to help that bird was a decent burial. It seemed Phylloscopus in size and colouring, but complete lack of eyestripe. The bird had tried to take a short cut through the (shut) patio door and was...
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    Jul/Aug trip to Saudi

    Hi - I am going to Saudi in July or August for business in Riyadh (providing there are any customer left in the heat !!) I wondered if anyone had an opinion on interesting birds that I might see. I've heard conflicting reports on high summer in KSA - some say that birds are easier to see...
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    San Francisco - Crow with red bill

    Hi - Having just found this site, I wonder if the collective wisdom can help with an old puzzle... My wife and I were visiting San Francisco back in 2005, just near the piers. We saw a corvid with a stout red beak - perfectly red. Everything else looked standard American Crow. So far the...