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    SDL v3 Eyepiece Now Shipping

    Leaving all the technical figures aside does anybody know if the V3 gives a noticeable difference over the V2 on sharpness, saturation etc when using in the field?
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    FieldPro strap question

    I had the same problem with the new 8x30 companion series, I didn't like the strap it came with and I bought the Swarovski comfort strap thinking it was compatible but the pins that come with the companion are too short for the lugs on this strap so I tried the pins that come with the el 8x32...
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    Viking Av66 Eyepiece Compatibility

    Hi does anybody know if any other makes other than Viking eyepieces work on the Viking bodies? I have the AV66 and want to know what my choices are? Opticron maybe?
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    Challenge Series; Autumn

    I discussed this with a secondhand bookseller recently and he was selling them easily for £80 when he could get copies there is big demand in Europe apparently.
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    Kowa Tsn-601

    Can anybody else give an opinion on this scope in relation to sharpness and CA??
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    Kowa Tsn-601

    Thanks, you are right about the zooms, I am only going to use a 30x wide angle.
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    Kowa Tsn-601

    Hi Has anybody ever used this non prominar Kowa scope, I looked through the 603 and thought it was outstanding but very hard to find, I was wondering how good the non prominar model was with regards to sharpness and CA? Can't find any reviews. Thanks
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    Canon Lens Cleaning

    I have a Canon fit Sigma 400mm lens that needs cleaning inside, anybody know anybody who can do this at a reasonable price, I've gone to the big boys and told it would be £250 minimum, there must be somebody who does this from home for reasonable cost, the lens isn't worth near this, scopes and...
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    Kowa Spares

    Cheers, thanks for that!
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    Kowa Spares

    Does anybody know who is distributing Kowa parts now? has Alpha Digital Services gone bust? Thanks
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    Kowa Alternative Eyepieces

    Hi, thanks for response, thats the set up I use at the moment, the adapter and 600 series eyepieces, but was wondering if any other makes can also be utilised with 'adapters' etc. Thanks
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    Kowa Alternative Eyepieces

    Can Anybody Give Me Any Guidance If There Are Any Alternative Makes Of Eyepieces That Can Be Used On A Kowa 823 Prominar, Even If Modifications Or Adapters Have To Be Used??? Thanks
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    Swarovski Plate

    Thanks Mark, I was going to give them a call, they have been very good with freebies in the past!
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    Swarovski Plate

    Does anybody know where I can get a new tripod plate for a Swarovski FH101 tripod head, or any other make that is compatible? Thanks
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    TSE-14WD 30x Eyepiece

    mayoayo's comments are correct and I totally agree, I have owned both and still use the new model, it is certainly so much better than the old version.
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    Kowa Warranty

    Bartgeier It seems to have changed in the UK, as i spoke to them recently, unlike swarovski and leica now they require some sort of paperwork, why I don't know as the item is the item and when its faulty its faulty and age can be determined by serial number.
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    Kowa TS611 question

    Jaff I totally agree with your view on the eyepieces, I was using both the new and old version of the TSN eyepieces and there is a huge difference and currently I use the new style on a 663 and 613. The only old version eyepiece I give merit to is the 20x, but as you say the cost goes up...
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    Kowa Warranty

    Has anybody had any experience of Kowa warranty? I'm told I need the original receipt. I've a new version zoom eyepiece 20-60x for the 600 series which has a spot of dust in it and it won't be repaired under warranty without the receipt which i find dissappointing, unlike Leica and Swarovski...
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    Kowa TS611 question

    I wouldn't touch the 611 or 12, i've had both and the sharpness and colour contrast is poor and a lot of CA looking at branches against the sky, I've also had the 613 which is superb and secondhand can be had for as little as £250 on ebay if you look around, having said all that I also had the...
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    Rare Birds Where and When - when is Volume 2 out?

    The current timeframe is November / end of 2013.