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    Accommodation near Titchwell

    Titchwell places to stay Your closest place would be Briarfields at Titchwell, sorry do not have contact details. Probably less expensive is the Golden Lion at Hunstanton. burhinus
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    uk sightings wednesday 1st january

    Holme Bird Observatory 23 Whooper Swan in off sea, heading south west 5,000 Pink-footed Goose over ridge 200+ Brent Goose 11 Shelduck 500 Wigeon 2 Shoveler 1 Red-breasted Merganser offshore 12 Grey Plover 30 Lapwing 1 Guillemot offshore 2+ Barn Owl 4 Fieldfare 1 Blackcap 30+ Greenfinch 9...
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    Bird Song

    Hi Peter Select a few of our resident species. They will start to select and defend territory depending on the weather from January through to April before the migrants arrive. I would suggest: Mistle, Song Thrush, Blackbird. Same family. Blackbird has a very mellow song. Song Thrush is...
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    2002 Year List

    Hi Steve Mine neither, I am a birder not a twitcher, though I do keep lists. Life, year etc. Dont think I have ever travelled more than 30 miles to chase after a bird. But back to Adrian it was his thing for this year. He enjoyed it and that is what counts. I do what I enjoy and that...
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    Three hours of birds on the deck

    Seriously though I do have a major cat problem at the moment. Which I am sure is affecting the birds. I have counted 9 different ones that visit my garden each day. I have suspended all of my feeders high up in an oak tree, but the bloody cats sit underneath spooking the birds. Is there...
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    Three hours of birds on the deck

    I have got 3 House Sparrows and a Collared Dove on my patio. Are you impressed? burhinus
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    Raptor Roost Norfolk Broads

    No Barn Owl tonight Colin? I hope to get to the site over the weekend. burhinus
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    Taking Turns

    Yes Colin I have but at the same site. What about other sites, do any members have similar experiences from other raptor roost sites? burhinus
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    Could not agree more CJ. I bet more dont than do! burhinus
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    Colour-ringed goldfinches

    Will keep an eye out Ian. We do get some very impressive Goldfinch flocks on thre brecks of Norfolk though I strongly suspect It is a bit far away. Some of our local guys are starting a Corn Bunting colour ringing project in the New Year. Will keep you all posted. burhinus
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    Hi again CJ It is a quite unmistakeable, likeable call. I seem to find that around the brecks they are easier to see during the winter. Yes they do tend to be in small groups and yes the trees and hedges lack foliage. I agree with Monkeyman, when you have found a spot they frequent you...
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    I agree CJ. I think I have only seen one report of Waxwing in East Anglia this winter. burhinus
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    Hello Folks

    Hi Colin You have answered the question I asked you in Seawatching. I did a couple of mini pelagics! from Lowestoft a couple of years ago with Brian from the local RSPB group. Enjoyed the sail but sadly not too many birds. At least it was a good effort and they tried. I have thought about...
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    Where are all the seawatchers?

    Not sea watching as such but whilst walking on the beach at Hunstanton yesterday saw about 50 Eider and 2 Scaup burhinus
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    Where are all the seawatchers?

    Hi JacobC Where were you on the East Coast? What part of East Anglia do you come from? I live in Norfolk in the northern breckland region. burhinus
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    2002 Year List

    Hello Peter Whats in a name? I live in the Brecks of Norfolk. When I set up my first email account several years ago, rather than choose [email protected] I wanted something a bit different. As I rate Stone Curlew as my favourite Breckland bird I decided to take the first part of...
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    2002 Year List

    Adrian Riley is a birder from Norfolk retired last year from his job and set his stall out this year to get the highest number of species seen in 2002. Alot of birding has been done in Norfolk but he has travelled to many counties and islands as well. Surfbirds have various league tables for...
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    Bird Song

    Whilst out cycling this morning I heard a Mistle Thrush singing its heart out. It reminded me that now is a good time to listen to songs of our resident UK species. As we slip into the new year several species will begin to sing particularly if we have some nice sunny days. Listen to songs...
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    27/12/02 Norfolk

    South Pickenham, Ashill area Golden Plover 200 Lapwing 20 Bullfinch 4 Yellowhammer 2 Grenfinch 10 Robin 2 Blue tit 4 Blackbird 10 Redwing 20 Fieldfare 30 Skylark 1 Meadow Pipit 1 Pheasant 10 Grey Partridge 12 Mallard 4 Mistle Thrush 1 (singing its heart out in the sunshine) burhinus
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    Common Redpoll ?

    Hello Finzzup Did you find the pix? Was it Common Redpoll? I know that the books tell us that birds should be at a particular place during a particular period but so many are now out of date and with global warming as well, many species are behaving strangely. This does not just apply to...
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    Parakeet help

    Hello Swirldot Welcome to the forum. Further to Andies post I am sure that there is a newsgroup for captive birds where you should be able to get all the help you require. But you are still more than welcome to keep visiting the forum and hopefully contributing with information relating to...
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    Greetings from Cyprus

    Hi Pioannid Welcome to the forum. I have managed Crete so far and am going to Lesvos in 2003, so you never know I may get to Cyprus soon! burhinus
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    2002 Year List

    Hope this is not too premature but it is looking like congratulations to Adrian Riley on his tremendous effort of 368 (at least) for the year (UK). Happy New Year Adrian and looking forward to some more birding with you next year! burhinus
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    Sunday bird walk

    Thanks again Neil for your report of a fantastic walk. I only wish my Sunday walks were half as rewarding. burhinus
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    Annual Bird Reports - views please!

    Hi Darrell Try contacting Andy Wilson at the BTO. He has review bird reports for several years and knows a good'n from a bad'n. I am sure he would give you some tips. Try asking your readers on their thoughts. It might be a case of if it aint broke it dont need fixing. burhinus