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    RFI Arnside Knott and Gait Barrows

    Covid restrictions permitting, I will be visiting north Lancashire from saturday 15th August for a week. I hope to have some time to enjoy the Arnside and Silverdale AONB as well as Bowland. Am I likely to be too late for the local specialities - I'm hoping Scotch Argus will still be on the...
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    Mammal droppings id request

    Hello, These droppings were on my lawn this morning. Would I be right in thinking that they are Muntjac? This would be a very unexpected addition to the garden list as we are quite urban, although there are allotments nearby.
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    Advice please - need AA Barttery Powered Camera

    Please can anyone recommend a camera for me. My son is going on a school expedition to South Africa and Lesotho next month. This is a three week trip after completing his GCSEs. The aim of the expedition is to give the children a valuable experience and as such they will be carrying out a...
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    Fritillary - Northern Spain

    Please can anyone confirm whether this is a Spanish Fritillary? The picture was taken on 27th April on a roadside above a river not far from the Mallos del Riglos. Unfortunately, I did not see the under-wing to help with ID. Thank you, Robin
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    RFI Cordoba Area for Next Week

    Due to rather strange circumstances, I will be visiting southern Spain from 24-28th June. I am nominally there to provide support for my son's T1 diabetes during his school trip, but of course, like any teenager, he doesn't want his Dad training around after him and I only need to be available...
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    RFI Cordoba Area Next Week

    Due to rather strange circumstances, I will be visiting southern Spain from 24-28th June. I am nominally there to provide support for my son's T1 diabetes during his school trip, but of course, like any teenager, he doesn't want his Dad training around after him and I only need to be available...
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    RFI Pearl Fritillaries

    It looks like I will be able a rare trip out on Sunday and having seen all but one of the Upper Thames Butterfly species (Brown Hairstreak still eludes me), I was hoping to fill up some of the gaps on my national list with a trip south of Berkshire. Two species I am missing are Pearl-bordered...
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    Tenerife Dragonflies for ID

    Hello, Can anyone help me with the identification of these Dragonflies taken in June in Tenerife? I have tried looking on the web but am struggling! Thank you.
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    RFI Butterflies of the Canary Islands

    I am going to Tenerife next week and (thanks to advice from fellow BF members) plan to visit Fuerteventura and will probably take the La Gomera ferry too. I am hoping to look for butterflies as well. I see rather exotic species like Plain Tiger, Monarch and Indian Red Admiral are present, as...
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    RFI Fuerteventura

    I am going to Tenerife next week (10th June) with three friends. Two of us have had the slightly crazy idea of heading over to Fuerteventura to try to catch up with the Chat, Bustard and other eastern island specialties. We are thinking of flying over mid morning and back again in the evening...
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    BH Gull or ? UK

    This pic was taken by a friend of mine on 17th April of a Gull at Hosehill Lake in Berks. Unfortunately the quality isn't great! He noted that the bird seemed to have a dark bill and was smaller than the other BH Gulls present at about 90% size. We are fairly sure the bird is just a small BH...
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    Family Holiday in Normandy

    Normandy August 2012 RAD Introduction: I visited Normandy for a family camping holiday, with the aim of giving the children a beach holiday, to visit another country and to fuel my eldest’s interest in history prior to covering WWII at school in the year ahead. We also wanted to visit Sword...
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    Nesting Blackbird in January in the UK

    I know we are having a mild winter but I find this very unusual! There is an outbuilding outside my office (in Reading, Berkshire) with three narrow ledges about a metre off the ground and all have nests on in various states of completion. When my colleague pointed out the nests I assumed they...
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    Redpoll Id England

    This Redpoll was taken by a friend of mine in Berkshire. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5519986849/sizes/o/in/photostream/ I think it is just a Lesser but like most am confused by the variability Redpolls show. No pics of the back unfortunately. Can anyone please clear the id up...
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    More Cyprus Butterflies

    My field guide doesn't cover Cyprus so can anyone please help with my id's. All taken in May. 1. Cyprus Meadow Brown 2, 3 & 4 The Hermit 5 Swallowtail
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    Crickets? from Cyprus

    Can anyone offer an id on these bizarre looking crickets? from Cyprus, taken in May? Thanks Robin
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    Another Cyprus Lizard

    Sorting more pictures from Cyprus. Is this an agama?
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    Cyprus Lizards

    These were taken in early May. Are they both Snake-eyed Lizards?
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    Moth and Butterfly - Cyprus May 2010

    These were seen in Cyprus in early May. I'm pretty sure 1 is a Long-tailed Blue but I have no ideas on the Moth. Can anyone help please...
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    Spider for ID, UK

    I have just called round at a friends and she has had this monster trapped in the sink all day - pretty impressive for an arachnophobe! It is now safely in a jar but does anyone have an idea what it is? It is certainly the biggest spider I have seen in the UK. Body length is about 22mm. Also...
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    High flying bird? UK

    To settle an arguement, can anyone identify this bird? I know what I think the answer is but others are not convinced! Thanks, Robin
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    Lizard Extremadura March

    Is this a Spiny footed Lizard or something else?
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    Butterflies: Extremadura March

    A few Butterflies from Extremadura a couple of weeks ago. I think they are: 1: Speckled Wood 2: Green-striped White? 3: Queen of Spain Fritillary? 4: Western Dappled White? 5: Provence Hairstreak
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    Extremadura in March

    For my annual escape the family birding trip this year I am going to Extremadura for a week in the middle of March (14th to 21st). There are four of us going. This is my first visit to Spain so my targets are pretty much everything although one friend already has most of the targets from a...
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    Where to go in February

    I am bringing my family up for a long weekend at the begining of halfterm and will be staying just outside Porthmadog. I think I will be allowed a day free to go birding and have only visited in summer before. Can anyone recommend the best winter sites to concentrate on? Are there Hawfinch...