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    Meopta 7x42 MeoStar Review

    I will, they asked me to bring it in through the store where I bought it, so will do that tomorrow.
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    Meopta 7x42 MeoStar Review

    Damnit, the focuser got stuck, then got loose again but leaving the right tube unfocusable... Will have to send these in... Bummed out right now, but relying on Meopta.
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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    Yes, I do notice a difference in steadiness in relation to weight. I have the light Nikon mhg 8x42 and I can keep it less steady than the Meopta Meostar 10x42. Might also be that the more damping rubber padding of the Meopta helps, combined with handling of a bit more rugged design vs slender. I...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    That's good!
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Smart move, I think there's quite the market for pocket bins. Hikers that don't want to lug big gear but also don't want to miss a bird or a great view. Nice config and specs too. How is the price?
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    Miserable Birders???

    That scene with the rower and the boat overtaking him, was that staged? Looked like it
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    Miserable Birders???

    Well, those were two amusing documentaries. Don't see a reason for anyone to quit twitching, however one sees him/herself fit. If it's your passion, go for it. And it's quite the selfsustainable hobby at that, I mean; the total contribution to climate change is such it will become harder to...
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    Miserable Birders???

    Lol, there's more? Fun evening this will be.
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    Miserable Birders???

    Thought that Twitchers was some new Netflix thing but it's a quarter century old documentary! Amusing though, watching it now.
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    Miserable Birders???

    I found there's different kinds of birders as there are people. There are snobist competitive birders that look down on everyone that's seen less birds than them, don't recognize each tiny sound nor have a 2k+ set bins and scope with them. Many of them are from the more urbanized areas here, and...
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    Nocmig recording in city center - is it worth trying?

    They even use the lights of big cities as guidelines where to fly, so yes they fly over cities. I live in a smaller Dutch city and thought of a nocmig setup, for a few years but never got to it yet, but thought of setting it on a bit of flat roof so it's elevated a bit. And then put the recorder...
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    Monocular to pocket binocular migration fail

    Lots of bino cases have an attachment to put your trouser belt through, so you don't have to dangle it around your neck. If you have a bit smaller size as a 32mm that's comfortable enough.
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    For spider fans

    Wow, beautiful spiders!
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    Do I need a pair of 10x to go with my 8x? What are your thoughts?

    I'm with the comments, and your decision, on experience > magnification. Down the road, with more experience with birding, you also grow to learn what you yourself need in terms of glass. Might even be you go lifelong with what you have now, some do/did. Or you get a whole range for different...
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    spotting scope and bicycling on rough paths?

    I'm always cycling, most often with scope in its stayoncase in backpack on the carrier, never had problems and the backpack with the scope in it even sometimes falls off. Also sometimes have it loose in a pannier, in stayoncase, also no problem. I bike quite frantically over uneven paths. I...
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    I saw a few Blue Winged Grasshoppers (Oedipoda caerulescens) but unfortunately for the second time didn't find the Ephippiger diurnus, just shortly heard it. Can't stand it, have the feeling I'm watching crosseyed. Must succeed. Next time...
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    Higher Companion Magnification To The 8X42 NL Pure - 12X42 NL Pure?

    Personally, if going for a 12x, I'd go for a 50mm for the exit pupil. 10x in 42mm but that's so close to a 8x... But I do combine a 7x42 with a 10x42 myself... I've thought about a 12x50 but don't like the big size it's packability and portability.
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    A code red for humanity! Landmark climate report says global warming limit to be hit within 20 years!

    That with newspaper is because their owner(s) is/are indirectly affiliated with companies that have financial interest in keeping this problem as low profile as possible. Capitalist consumist system is corrupt and destructive to its core.
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    Would be a dream if big platforms like these would share their database and knowledge; offering an option to upload observations to both to create one worldwide knowledge database. To ex/import the data between them is not very easy. Now it's a bit divided US/EU again. Well, one can dream. I...
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    Sorry, the quite manual checklist thing is still a nuisance to me, stays when reading up on it. Might use it when travelling abroad (in my dreams) to help eBirders knowledge, but still find obs as useful for scientific purposes and more user friendly.
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    It's just not user friendly for people on the move, having to make a new list every few kilometers. Seems to be focused on one kind of (stationary) birder. Sorry, Vyomkesh, as you seem associated. It's just one opinion, I'm probably the minority. I wanted to make the step to the internationally...
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    Oh yes, crowding by twitchers, sometimes disturbing the bird, is seen often. There is a feature in Obsmapp to hide the location of a bird, or hide it completely alfpr a chosen length of time, and it's ever more often used to protect the bird, especially when breeding or vulnerable.
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    It doesn't make a route like eBird does, would be nice though. But personally I know my route, as I make it before I jump on the bike :) The continuous GPS locking of observations, and assigning them to geographical areas, to me at least, compensates that eBird route feature. I really missed...
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    "complete" is quite ambiguous then, isn't it. All about trust if a birder has listed every single species seen/heard. I've hardly ever done that because I rather watch at the birds themselves and through my bins than at my phone all the time, let alone list every general bird, that would pften...
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    eBird and biking: does one really need to split a checklist into tiny segments?

    How would you ever know if someone makes a "complete" observation list i.e. listing each and every bird (or other creature) they see/hear? Some will list each down to every sparrow or starling, an other might just list whatever he/her finds notable. On the observation sites that don't work with...