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    West Donegal

    :) Good blog that - must take a trip up to Tory some time:)
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    2013 Dublin County Bird Race

    Niall - I'm backing you and the Da for a hatrick of wins in 2014;)
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    Greater Spotted Eagle with sat transmitter shot in Montenegro on migration

    Bizarre stuff - rather worrying that such an individual is in charge of a NP!! Hopefully he won't be in this position much longer!!:C
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    The worst place to go birdwatching!

    Yep - Sitka spruce plantations are pretty depressing places if you want to find and enjoy this islands native flora and fauna:(
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    Vultures persecuted in Moroco and bad press about them

    Sad but all too common Human ignorance is probably one of the biggest challenges to overcome when trying to advance the conservation of many species. I hope your efforts set the record straight with the local media as regards their sloppy, inaccurate, reporting of this incident.
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    Poachers in Spain.

    Red Kites appear to be suffering too with a big drop in both the resident and wintering population over the past 20 years:(
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    Poachers in Spain.

    Aye Simon, I appreciate things are better in the Western end of the Med, I guess I'm just getting weary of seeing countless images and accounts of the never ending, senseless slaughter of migrant birds in Southern Europe.
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    Sadness at Migres

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    Poachers in Spain.

    Sometimes one wonders how any migrant birds make it out of Northern Europe and back, given the level of rampant poaching throughout the Med!!
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    Greater Spotted Eagle "Tore" at Lake Constance

    Shouldn't he be alot further South by now??
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    Ten sociable lapwings

    Nice one:t: - good blog too from a part of the world that is under watched yet has much potential:)
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    Conservation Outrage: 54,000 Wild-Caught Parrots & other Birds Sold as “Captive Bred”

    I often wonder where the miserable looking Amazons and Grey Parrots I see in dingy pet-shops over here come from. The staff don't seem very well informed about their orgins and in many cases are quiet evasive about the whole issue. All of which heightens my suspicions and doubts about the whole...
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    To late for the Samoan dodo?

    I wonder is captive breeding an option?? - though it appears sourcing birds from the wild appears to be a rapidly reciding option:(
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    Best i-Pad

    I hope to purchase an i-Pad and retire the laptop over the coming weeks. What do experienced users think is the overall best option in terms of performance, technical support, reliablity, value for money etc.?? All suggestions gratefully received:)
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    A new blog on the birds of Sudan

    Thanx for that - sounds very interesting!!
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    White-Tailed Eagle with heron

    It sure is, they also prey on Cormorants which should make the anglers happy!!B (:
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    Are Herring Gulls a threat to our bio-diversity?

    Someone posted a thread a while back about how the return of Bald Eagles on the US east coast has thinned out the numbers of large gulls. Maybe our WTS Eagles can do something similiar??
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    Malta and hunting policy

    Its hard to know where to start with Lino and his ilk - they certainly seem to inhabit a parrellel universe. I also think CABS needs to start monitoring the activities of Maltese hunters travelling abroad since their contempt for basic wildlife laws in their own country is more than likely...
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    Russian bird records + trip report

    Seems like a really good birding spot:)
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    Flamboyance of Flamingo's at Comacchio

    Some great pics there:t:
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    Malta and hunting policy

    The annual illegal slaughter begins http://www.birdlifemalta.org/view.aspx?id=363 Just a few days in and the handiwork of the type of criminals engaged in bird hunting on Malta is once again all too apparent:-C
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    Visit the Batumi Raptor Count 2012

    Awesome stuff!! - I've got to check this place out ASAPB (:
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    A Wind Farm Threatens The Birds Of MonfragÜe

    Just how much CO2 has been saved by these turbines??, - intermittancy issues mean they have to be backed up by conventional power plants which mean CO2 savings are minimial in many cases eg. Few if any oil/gas power plants have been shut down in Europe on the back of wind power. As for nuclear...
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    geese / wind turbines

    But its "green" energy so the random killing of protected wildlife is ok - I know, I don't get it eitheir!!|=\| PS:The fact that all this wind power will have to be backed up by convientionals due to obvious intermitancy issues, makes this whole taxpayer subsidized folly even more idiotic...