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  1. K

    Nikon HG L 8x32 vs EL 8x32 SV

    The review re-posted (without asking for permission!?!) in post # 6 is old. The Swarovski's are pre-swarovision, and the Nikon is pre-EDG. A lot has changed since then. Posting links is fine, ripping a complete review off a site and reposting is not. - Kimmo
  2. K

    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    Henry, The 1.7x Extender (in the range it gives) gives much better views than the scope + Zeiss 3x12. Not necessarily resolution-wise, but the light loss and contrast loss that come with the Zeiss are very obvious, whereas the Swaro extender makes a barely perceptible difference, if even. Also...
  3. K

    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    David, In fact, at least three of them bested my X95 in being able to show better line-pair separation, but they did not do it by as much as they should have. I'm pretty sure that for your use, which is more practical and scientific and not as heavily aesthetic as mine, the X115 (at least a...
  4. K

    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    Hi John, I use a Velbon Carmagne 830 tripod and a Sirui VH 10 head. They provided a sturdy enough support unless there is a fair amount of wind. Unlike Henry, I don't have the Zeiss adapter for the 3x12. Instead, there's a bit of bicycle inner tube stretched over the Zeiss mono, giving it a...
  5. K

    Swarovski ATX-115: Star-test and Resolution Measurements

    Thanks Henry both for your report and for sharing the X95 optical test bench report. Both very interesting. Let's hope Tammy gets an X115 tested and shares the results - and let's hope he lucks into getting a good sample. I have done some artificial star assessments on the X115's this year, but...
  6. K

    Canon ISIII 12x36 First impressions: amateurs vs professionals

    I don't use glasses with the Canons, and both with my current 10x42 and my former 15x50 I mostly use/d the eyecups fully twisted in or folded down, and then just tilt my head ever so slightly down and lean the flat eyecup upper edge against my brow. With little practice this makes it easy to get...
  7. K

    Just received a 10x42L

    I have both the Canon 10x42 L IS and a Nikon SE 10x42, and prefer the image quality of the Canon also without IS being factored in. My Nikon is from the 1990's, so it does not have the latest version of MC on its glass, but other than that it is a very good unit. Kimmo
  8. K

    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    Andrea, Thanks for the link to Holger's review. I find it perhaps the best comparison to date of not just the EL and NL but SF also, as the latter is mentioned in all the relevant places. It is also nice in being balanced and putting things well in perspective. Indeed, while reading it I...
  9. K

    new swarovski EL32

    "Moss green"
  10. K

    Low budget binocular – could such, in some case, as the first ones for a newbie, be worth buying?

    A couple of years I was asked to offer "expert opinions" on a bunch of low-medium cost binoculars for a Finnish Nature magazine story on binoculars. There was a sample starting with a ca 25 € Clas Ohlsson brand 8x20 (a toy at best) up to some Kite model at over 400 €. Among the cheaper ones...
  11. K

    Just received a 10x42L

    ER and eyecups have not been changed. Coatings have improved, and an undersized internal field stop has been corrected so that the true aperture now is pretty close to 42 mm whereas in early units it was truncated to about 39 mm. IS algorithms have probably been improved over the years also...
  12. K

    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    I have briefly handled a 10x32 NL in orange. I generally dislike 10x32 as I seem to need a bigger exit pupil for comfort and ease of viewing. These, however, were quite fabulous. The image was immediately brilliant and relaxing. Handling was superb. It was only ten or fifteen minutes outside a...
  13. K

    25-56x mc zoom vs 25-75x mc zoom

    The 25-56 in my opinion has no benefits over the 25-75 x Zoom, except marginally lighter weight and smaller size. I have had all three (25-56 & both versions of the 25-75x) with either the Fieldscope ED 78 A and the the ED 82 A. Eye relief is no better in the smaller zoom, nor is field of...
  14. K

    Just received a 10x42L

    Dave, To your last comment about occasions for favouring a standard full-size binocular over the Canon IS L. I've been doing binocular reviews for Finnish birding magazines more or less regularly since the late 1990's. I bought for myself the Canon 15x50 IS right after testing it, and then did...
  15. K

    Higher Companion Magnification To The 8X42 NL Pure - 12X42 NL Pure?

    You should get the Canon 10x42 L IS
  16. K

    Just received a 10x42L

    Dave, Welcome to the club. They are indeed addictive. For longer term viewing, it is very rewarding to hold these with a light monopod or a selfie-stick attached to the 1/4 inch thread conveniently placed under the binocular. That allows you to hold your hands down while viewing. For focusing...
  17. K

    Help with star-testing scope

    One vision-related possibility for difficulties in seeing diffraction rings in a high-magnification star test is cataracts. I had to swap from using my dominant left eye for scope viewing to my right a few years ago. What prompted it was noticing that narrow exit pupil star tests on my reference...
  18. K

    Why was Nikon EDG pulled from western markets?

    I would guess that Nikon has simply sold so few of them on the western markets that it does not make much sense to keep offering them. Yes, they are fine scopes, but the problem with them from the outset was that they were much heavier and bulkier than comparable offerings from other top makers...
  19. K

    Monarch 82ED, a Perfect Ten

    Henry, Thanks for the update. Good information. I haven't looked at Monarchs recently, but maybe should take a second look. Hermann, While it is true that the oversized and offset Schmidt prism Nikon uses is "better" than the more common implementation used by Swaro, Kowa and Zeiss, it is...
  20. K

    New APC 42 Stabilized

    The exit pupils are D-shaped. Truncated at the center side. The effective aperture is less than 42 mm, but I'd have to take another look to give a more precise reading. - Kimmo
  21. K

    Keep or send back? Under the night sky. Star test 883 + TE-11WZ.

    Agree that it would be good to see images closer to focus. Could you also give a verbal description of what you see in the best focus Airy disc? It does look like the levels of SA are low enough not to be a concern. Also, astigmatism at very close to best focus/best focus is useful to know. My...
  22. K

    10x32 v 10x42 image size

    Henry, Could you measure the objective spacing on your 10x32? I just re-measured the true aperture of my 10x42 L IS as just over 41 mm and the exit pupil diameter as between 4.1-4.15 mm. This would mean a magnification of 10x +-1,5%. For measuring, I used a rectangular card held in front of...
  23. K

    10x32 v 10x42 image size

    Sancho, Not to doubt your observations, but I'd suggest (if you did not already) to do the same test of one barrel of each binocular to each eye also with eyes reversed. At least for me, my two eyes give my brain a distinctly different-sized image, both with and without glasses. One way to...
  24. K

    Is IS for the birds?

    Hermann, "Having used a stabilized binocular for quite a few hours in the field I will not buy a conventional binocular again. No matter how "good" it may be optically." Welcome to the club. - Kimmo