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    Africa - year list record

    Andy As I said - I don't know yet. There are three points to be made. They were not targeting it, but based on their original itinerary it would have happened naturally. I have quoted 1541 as the vagrant twitcher's final list. That was never verified and there have been IOC updates since it...
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    Africa - year list record

    Well, the latest eBird checklists for today are from the US, so this must mean that their adventure is at an end. It is difficult to say what their final list is - at the moment at least. My rough totals are 1296 for this year, and 1524 for the combined 9 months of the two trips added together...
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    Africa - year list record

    Melissa & Ross have left Gabon after finding 330+ species. They appear to have gone to Togo. No idea of their plans. On original timing, it must be getting close to the end of their trip.
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    Northern Wheatear x Common Redstart hybrid

    This is an interesting record, however is it really a hybrid. Structurally I looks to me from the photos as a Whinchat, and the evidence of it being a hybrid is the colour? When does erythrism become evidence of a hybrid?
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    Bar tailed lark? S of tehran iran, today

    I agree, there are some difficult features that are complicated by matched to rarely seen species (in the case of Arabian Lark) and these ssp of Desert Lark. There would need to be direct comparison with the local population of DL in this part of Iran (I, for one, have never been there!). Bill...
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    Bar tailed lark? S of tehran iran, today

    I have to agree with Brian, the bill shape and the 'virtual puffy' eye-ring is typical of Arabian Lark. The species is known to wander (record from Cyprus for instance) but is it possible? It doesn't appear on the Iranian Bird club list nor on the Annotated Checklist and there is only one...
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    Bar tailed lark? S of tehran iran, today

    Bill shape is wrong, the lower mandible should be concave, but this is distinctly convex. I agree is is confusing though.
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    pipit ID? dec, a wetland, s of teh IR

    Looks like a Water Pipit to me. I assume it must be of the Caucasian race, but haven't got my references with me
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    Central Spain, first week of September

    I agree that it has the look of Subalpine Warbler, with a faint orbital ring and then a white eye ring. Looking in detail I think both photos are the same bird. It would be good to have a picture of the tertials, but agree that this fairly plain appearance is typical of juveniles.
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    Ethiopian lizards

    I don't think I can help directly. I find it confusing and there are a number of very similar species. The best thing is to try this website Herpetology of Ethiopia and Eritrea This can give very good info. Also note the email on the home page. I have sent photos in the past of observations...
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    Aquila adalberti? Portugal - today

    I have also seen Spanish Eagle's on telegraph poles, although on the Extremadura side of the border. I attach a photo, admittedly of a sub-adult (and not in focus!) that shows the relative size cf the post itself. To my eyes the same tail proportion, secondary bulge and head-size is comparable...
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    Little Crake, Ukraine

    Agree, looks good for Little crake. Spots are solid white, whilst with Baillon's tend to be 'roundals' with the centre of the spot showing some of the background colour.
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    More than a billion sparrows

    It is a shame that it is only now that I have been able to catch up and read, not only the BBC piece, but also the paper and more importantly the appendices. I have also, in a very small way attempted to use citizen science information including eBird data. The first thing to say is that, as...
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    I had always believed the ones I saw in Beidaihe were 'Amur', certainly that was what was assumed twenty years ago What is the current thoughts, and where is the overlap?
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    Proposed African splits

    If I can remember correctly, the Yellow White complex was split by IOC already and by Clements this year with a 4 way split Northern, Southern, Green & Forest . In terms of White-cheeked/ Donaldson's there was a proposal to split that was rejected - not because of insufficient data but...
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    Are shorebirds active during hot summer afternoons?

    In my experience, and at the coast, waders are sensitive to the tide state and not the temperature. They will feed at the optimum tide state regardless of the time of day and rest at slack water, esp High tide.
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    Went into eBird today and the Lesser short-toed Lark complex is now sorted, with my records of Mediterranean now showing correctly (without any input from me!) Now only need to double check everything else.
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    There appears to be an issue that is consistent for this species at least. For me, only one sighting of Turkestan Short-toed has come across and none for Mediterranean. This sort of thing happened last time there was an update and I simply waited. The alternative is to raise a ticket via the...
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    Africa - year list record

    A further update. They have just cleaned up in Sao Tome & Principe, including the undescribed owl on Principe and the 'Band-rumped Petrel' which also is probably related to Cape Verde or another new species. Next stop is Gabon.
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    If you go to the update article, 2021 eBird Taxonomy Update — IN PROGRESS - eBird Go down to the species section and you can search 'my records' against the relevant split. I agree in saying with no notification it is best to assume 'still in progress'
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    The official word was that it should have been completed by Aug 20th and any issues after that date should be notified. However, I too have issues with the Lesser Short-toed Lark complex at least. Haven't double checked all of them. Not sure about the allocation of some 'species' pairs...
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    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    I do guide both in Europe and in Africa, but I wouldn't call myself a professional ornithologist. I think that having a representative committee is a good idea for ABC, however they need to understand that no-one is obligated to refer to it, either in Africa or elsewhere. If they show worth and...
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    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    So does ebird, on the mobile app it comes with an orange dot (for scarce species) and a red dot (unrecorded). On the web page submission you need to add unrecorded species to the list. Of course this doesn't stop odd records. That is why there is a review process.
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    My Swifts have gone

    I personally think that this is not thinking 'like a swift'. When the young have fledged from a colony there is no reason to be held to the nesting area, except of course the local knowledge of where the best feeding is likely to be found. With an av. cruising speed of 25 mph, it means that...
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    I agree. In an old world sense, there are a number of 'ancient' splits that are frustratingly overlooked. It appears that this years update is picking up the current IOC adopted splits, but not going back through the ones that have been adopted for some years. It begs the question of when...