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  1. teelgul

    Swarovski pocket series

    Oh.....there's another thread ........
  2. teelgul

    Swarovski pocket series

    Hi Any new model due for release in the pocket series? Kyoei Osaka site says its due for release in March. Cheers
  3. teelgul

    Leica 8 x 32 Ultravid HD plus

    Got the UVHD+ and getting the Zeiss 8 x25 victory too for going ultralight . Cheers
  4. teelgul

    Leica 8 x 32 Ultravid HD plus

    Hi Eitan Thanks for that. Yes I was looking at the 8 x 25s ,Swaro and Zeiss and also the New SF 8x 32 but the compact size of the Ultravid and its build quality which looked similar to the Noctivid impressed me.
  5. teelgul

    Leica 8 x 32 Ultravid HD plus

    Thanks John. I am keen as have the Noctivid 8 x 42 which is very compact, solid build and finish and with a great ER. The 8x32 looks as good ,as you said a little gem, and ER was the only concern.
  6. teelgul

    Leica 8 x 32 Ultravid HD plus

    Having a look at the smallest and best 8 x 32s for travel . This one seems to be the smallest but ER just 13 mm?? I view with glasses. Not many reviews out there . Anyone with first hand experience?? Thanks Vaidya
  7. teelgul

    Protection Filter TFT 95 for Kowa 883

    Hi how many here use this filter on the hood and do you feel its worth it? I guess not all scopes have this provision but not sure. Thanks Vaidya
  8. teelgul

    Gitzo Gimbal head

    Thanks Mate.
  9. teelgul

    Carl Zeiss 20x60- Question

    Hi Mate I have the Zeiss 20 x 60 purchased new last year. In fact it was made only after I placed the order as the dealer did not have it in stock. In enquired with Zeiss about the construction. It's lower half has a strong aluminium base and the upper half is some special plastic . Yes it...
  10. teelgul

    Swarovski CTH head ??

    Hi Has anyone tried out this new compact head? Cheers Vaidya
  11. teelgul

    Help with new scope

    +1 for Swarovski !
  12. teelgul

    Reasons not to buy Zeiss SF 8x42?

    I have both the, Zeiss SF and the Leica Noctivid 8 x 42s. The Leica is compact the finish solid and ofcourse the very sharp optics. The Zeiss weighs almost the same, but feels much lighter brighter and sharper with a great FOV..i love it....but the build/finish looks a bit cheaper but iam...
  13. teelgul

    Zeiss Victory SF and HT - technical data, diagrams, cutaway views and more

    I have the SF 8 x 42 black edition. It feels so light , easy to hold and brighter than any other premium 8 x42.
  14. teelgul

    Tiny Tripod

    Hey Thanks This is Crazy Perfect!!!Its super portable !! Saw the table tripods so many times but missed this completely .I like your set up as it can use the SLC 56 to its full potential ---carry almost anywhere!!!Cheers Vaidya
  15. teelgul

    Western India Jan 2019

    Nice report. Reminds me of the trips i made to Nanaj Sanctuary in Maharashtra to see the Great Indian Bustard. The last was in 2002. We did have good sightings then. I wonder what it will look like now ? Cheers Vaidya
  16. teelgul

    Any new spotting scopes on the horizon?

    A sort of zoom extender for the Swaro BTX. Kowa 883 and ATX still going very strong with astro/birders.....The new Zeiss not that great a sensation....so the rest must be thinking .
  17. teelgul

    Kowa 883 v Swaro ATX 95

    Very true....The Kowa package is cute...compact..solid value for money and has a one very special advantage over the Swaro ..it allows 1.25 astro eyepeices ..a very compact 1.6x extender.....no wonder its still going so strong even after a decade.
  18. teelgul

    Gitzo Gimbal head

    Hi All Can a Swarovski BTX /95 scope be fitted on the new Gitzo Gimbal head without any additional plates.Thanks Vaidya
  19. teelgul

    Kowa 883 v Swaro ATX 95

    With both having exceptional optics and mechanics ....for me Swaro is the better choice as its more versatile due to its modular nature ...say a BTX or the 85 objective at a later date .Cloudynights and Binomania both cover it very well (:
  20. teelgul

    Noctivid 8x42

    Hi All i am new to the forum and excited to be a part of the Birding community. i have decided to go for the Noctivid 8x42. Binostore seems to have very good prices compared to many other dealers. Even if i import its a few hundred cheaper than local prices. Has anyone here experience with...