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  1. Julian H

    Black and White in color!

    Ad male Black and White Warbler. Watercolor on Arches hot press.
  2. Julian H

    "Nightstalker" - Barred Owl

    Unique and great work!
  3. Julian H

    White on White

    A much-sought after bird in the UK back in the 80s. Ivory Gull, watercolor on Arches hot press paper.
  4. Julian H

    Field sketching and illustration

    spectacular stuff!
  5. Julian H

    Harris's Sparrow

    7th Harris's Sparrow for Connecticut. A long-stayed. Feb 2020. Prismacolor pencils on Bristol 300 series paper. Not been very prolific in recent years so thanks for looking! Beat, Julian
  6. Julian H

    Yucatan-Quintana Roo birding Nov 2019

    Here's a trip report with bird links: https://naturescapeimages.wordpress.com/2020/04/10/mexico-24th-november-1st-december-2019/
  7. Julian H

    Quintana Roo birding without a guide?

    https://naturescapeimages.wordpress.com/2020/04/10/mexico-24th-november-1st-december-2019/ I just posted a report from my recent Nov trip above and I'll kick it up to a new thread. People on here have been helpful on my trips. Best, J
  8. Julian H

    Birding the Yucatan, November 2019

    Just threw up a quick post of last year's trip: https://naturescapeimages.wordpress.com/2020/04/10/mexico-24th-november-1st-december-2019/
  9. Julian H

    San Blas, Mexico (old) report

    I found this that may contain good information although it's old: https://naturescapeimages.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/san-blas_trip.pdf
  10. Julian H

    Costa Rica March 2020

    Thanks guys and to Andy for the bat identification! I went in 2005 and did more of a clean up but Costa Rica has improved with age and a fantastic and great place to bird.
  11. Julian H

    Costa Rica March 2020

    Just posted a blog post on a recent trip: https://naturescapeimages.wordpress.com/2020/04/05/costa-rica-11th-18th-march-2020/ Enjoy Julian
  12. Julian H

    Birding around Guanacaste- request for info

    Hi, I have a few days to bird in the Playa Hermosa area in Guanacaste. I have some areas to check such as some farm fields and the Catfish farm areas noted in eBird. I have some general areas to bird, but due to time any specifics on access and how to bird those areas would be helpful. Also...
  13. Julian H

    Some Notes on the Identity of (Autumn) Marsh Warbler

    Graham, I don't see any obvious greenish tones here...looks quite brown and buff in the images but on some of the images I can make out perhaps an olive tone... and I know judging tones of acros in life and in pix are tough. It's got a wacking primary projection and yellowish feet but I...
  14. Julian H

    Some Notes on the Identity of (Autumn) Marsh Warbler

    I had forgotten I had talked about this in a forum. Nice write-up Mr. Small. Do you have reference to that BB bird in light of Graham's thread above.
  15. Julian H

    Some Notes on the Identity of (Autumn) Marsh Warbler

    �� Kenidjack, Kelynack, Kester, lots of "K"s, "E"s and too many "Y"s in those names for my old brain!!
  16. Julian H

    Cinnamon Hummingbirds and Yucatan Flycatchers in Quintana Roo

    Does anyone have any suggestions where to look for this species in areas around Felipe Carillo Puerto, Tulum, Coba or Muyil. I searched last time but never came across any and wonder if they are likely more local than I expected. I plan to target these this year :) Thanks, Julian
  17. Julian H

    Some Notes on the Identity of (Autumn) Marsh Warbler

    Good to read an objective/subjective approach to a conundrum I haven't experienced in a while. I've seen bird(s) near Porthellick that I was happy was a Marsh Warbler back in the day. One bird I saw in Cornwall, on an October trip to Blighty, was a bird that was hanging out at Kenidjack...
  18. Julian H

    Yucatan Birding Sites...new suggestions?

    Thanks all...I heard that Xochen near Valladolid is also a good site with a breakdown of species similar to FCP. I'm targeting nightbirds this time, Poorwill, Nightjar and Mottled Owl but it will require some early mornings since staying overnight at those spots isn't logistical given my...
  19. Julian H

    Yucatan Birding Sites...new suggestions?

    Niels I can probably expand my radius ���� it was meant to limit what info I got but I may do a bit more exploring. The town of Francisco oh Ma (?) en route to Coba was said to be good by another birder. I didn't have time but it looks promising. I still need Mottled Owl and the nightjars so...
  20. Julian H

    Yucatan Birding Sites...new suggestions?

    Hi All, I will be returning to Tulum in late November again this year. My report from 2017 is on a previous thread. I plan to bird Coba, Muyil, FCP again and was hoping to explore a few other spots. Would anyone have any suggestions for areas about an hour from Tulum that may be worth...
  21. Julian H

    Brambling in birch

    Composition and the depth of the trees really hold it all together...really nice job!!
  22. Julian H

    Gulls gone wild

    Been a while, since I posted anything here. I posted this on facebook recently.. First-winter Franklin's and two adult Laughers. Prismacolor pencil crayons.
  23. Julian H


    Love this! Nice loose detail really captures these birds well...brilliant!
  24. Julian H

    Japan Feb 2018 Report

    Andy..yes it did...thanks for your help with the planning aspect...much appreciated!
  25. Julian H

    Lodge Furen Contact?

    I posted our Japan trip report in the thread lower down...it may answer some of these questions so worth the time to read...