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    Zeiss Bins service

    Can anyone recommend anywhere (in the UK) to get some Zeiss bins services / cleaned? Thanks in advance
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    Get what you pay for? Not always...

    Whisky is like sex, some is good the rest is better! JW ruled the world until those barstewards at Diago moved it from its ancestral home and killed a town!
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    Gnatcatcher, southern CA, USA

    Black tailed gnatcatcher, nice photos
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    Raptor in Orkneys

    Apologies for any confusion and the quality of the photos, I realize that they are not great!! I belive that they are different birds, although taken at teh same location, a few days apart The bird on the post is the bird I was asking about. It was certainly a 'strong flier' based on...
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    Raptor in Orkneys

    There were no rings or jesses visible. I did not see any interaction with the peregrines (I posted another crappy picture of the peregrine on my flickr site - definitely a different bird) Thanks for the responses
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    Raptor in Orkneys

    I took this 2 weeks ago in the Orkneys (Marwick Bay on West Mainland). At first I thought it was a juv peregrine (there were two in the area, seen separately) however this did not look right. I have my thoughts but would welcome others input. Thanks in advance AQ4Y3178_cr by nc_killie, on Flickr
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    Affordable prime for BIF

    Save until you can afford the Canon 400mm! Buying an older, inferior lens will just cause frustration and you will be throwing money away. Second hand lenses are an option, as is renting for a special occasion. Good luck, you will still crave a 'big white'!
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    7DII vs 5DIV for birds/wildlife

    I have both the 7DmkII and 5D mkiv. I spent a SIGNIFICANT amount of time conremplating 5D mk IV against IDX but could not justify (nor afford) the difference. yes, I notice a difference in static subects, the 5D mk IV is much better, BIF not enough to determine. Higher ISO allows faster...
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    I'd like a 5d iv but ?

    Thank you!
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    I'd like a 5d iv but ?

    DOes anyone have any practical experience of using 1Dxmkii and 5D mkiv? I have read the technical reviews but woudl like some input from someone who has experienced both. I currently have 7Dmkii and was wondering if it worth giving any other part of my anatomy (as well as an arm & leg) to get...
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    Battery grip 7D mkii

    Steve, I got one at Christmas - MCOplus is the make. Very happy with it so far. Seems solid, buttons all work and no battery drainage so far. Good luck
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    On-line back-up of photos

    Normally the upload speed is teh issue.May take a while to upload 1TB!!!....even with a fast broadband!
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    Canon EF 600mm f/4 DO BR lens

    Trust me its not! My wife costs me a fortune.
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    1.4x converter for record shots

    Have you tried borrowing or renting one? that way, for a small fee you will be able to see if it meets your needs?? Good luck
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    7D ISO values

    google glenn bartley,a canadian photographer who uses flash in tropics with excellent results IMO Good luck and enjoy
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    7D ISO values

    Nick, Its all about balancing the ISO, shutter speed and aperture - easy to state but difficult in practice in the environment you may encounter. You can use AUTO ISO (sorry I have never used it)otherwise you have to keep your wits about you and keep checking your exposure - test before you see...
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    Canon 100-400 isii versus Canon 300 f2.8 isii

    I ahve teh new 100-400 and like it alot, I have seen some very good images with a teleconvertor - sorry I cannot compare with teh 300. Have you tried borrowing or renting either / both to see which suits you best? I am guessing from your description that you will want / need all the reach you...
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    Time for an upgrade - 40d with 300mm f4 + 1.4 converter to? Advice apprecated

    My options would be: Camera - 7DMkii or lens Canon 400mm f5.6 I woudl go for the 7Dmkii and SAVE!! you can get some decent deals on mk1 500mm & 600mm lens but they still cost way more than your current budget. you could always try renting different lenses which woudl give you use but allow you...
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    Canon 1.4 Convertor purchase??

    +1 - I have 7dmkII and the new 100-400 and my 400 5.6 does not get used now. I would it if I already had teh zoom. You could always rent / borrow one and see what benefits it would give you. Good luck John PS is Ma Brows (grey Horse) still open in the village?? Used to live there many years ago!
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    Removing cotton/thread from inside a camera

    If you mean the stuff in the top left it looks like fungus, not cotton or thread
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    Using flash for birdphoto

    I can vouch for Johns design. he kindly shared it with me. I made one for a few quid (literally) and have been using it since. If I can make it anyone can!! Thanks again! John
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    Using flash for birdphoto

    Flash can be of great benefit if used carefully. A bit of fill in flash can brighten the undersides of a bird in flight (against a light sky) without blowing the sky. It can also make colours 'pop' and give it a boost. You may want to google Glen Bartley, he has published lots on use of flash...
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    Canon 500mm F4 lens - should I get one

    if you buy th e600mm lens i hope you are built like a brick sh!thouse. They weigh a ton and you need to be built like Arnie to carry it any distance. Great lens but....
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    Canon 500mm F4 lens - should I get one

    Ask yourself some questions: What birds do I photograph? How do i want to photograph them. (Hide, walking miles over hills etc) Is renting a lens a better financial option?? They are great lenses and you will always want more reach - so when you get teh mk i you will want the mkii for better...
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    Anyone for tennis?

    Agree, cost reduction exercises!!