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  1. Sharp Shin

    Seeing Nightjar and Quail in flight

    This is the time of year for trying to see two scarce birds that are usually well-hidden: Nightjar and Quail. Both birds are usually located by their ‘song’, but the chances of seeing them is usually in flight. Recent experience has led me to a tentative hypothesis which may (or may not) be...
  2. Sharp Shin

    Moth ID - one from Greece

    This one shouldn't be too difficult - taken in Kefalonia, Greece in June. My first guess was Pine Processionary, but I'm now very doubtful about this. Thanks again Stewart
  3. Sharp Shin

    Two moths from Suffolk

    ID help please for these two moths, both photos taken in August in rural Suffolk. The first I take for a Thorn, but I can't square the wing pattern with, say, Dusky Thorn. The second, I first took to be Bulrush Wainscot, but again the fit didn't seem quite right. I'm pretty much a novice at...
  4. Sharp Shin

    Dartford Warblers and the 'Beasts from the East'

    With a long series of mild winters in the heathlands of SE England, the populations of Dartford Warblers have done really well. However, with the recent ‘arctic’ cold snaps (the Beast and the Mini-Beast from the East), I wonder if there’s been a serious adverse impact. During the intervening...
  5. Sharp Shin

    Caspian Gull at Walberswick?

    I was at Walberswick/Southwould harbour today and, whilst looking out for the reported 1st Winter and/or Juvenile Caspian Gulls, was reminded how much my gull ID skills need improving. Is the bird in the attached picture a Caspian Gull? The head shape looks OK, but I'm not certain about the...
  6. Sharp Shin

    Moth ID - southern Spain

    Identification help of this moth from southern Spain requested. It was rescued (by a moth id amateur) from an illuminated swimming pool in Casares. (Also rescued: Lime Hawkmoth and Crimson Speckled!) Thanks- Stewart
  7. Sharp Shin

    A future scenario and dilemma?

    A future scenario and dilemma? It’s early June in 2024 and there has been a report of a possible Gray’s Grasshopper Warbler at Wicken Fen. It is in a remote and inaccessible area. I decide to visit the reserve and take along with me an array of new technology. After I arrive at the area...
  8. Sharp Shin

    Butterfly - Picos De Europa

    What is this rather worn butterfly seen in Picos de Europa, Spain?
  9. Sharp Shin

    Finding Barbary Partridge in southern Sardinia

    I'll be in southern Sardinia - Pula region - in May 2012. Any tips about finding Barbary Partridge in this area would be welcome. Thanks - Stewart
  10. Sharp Shin

    Replacing a Kowa TSN2

    My old and trusted Kowa TSN2 scope (straight) took a sad tumble off its tripod last weekend and broke (the lens housing breaking open). It's irreparable, but it was insured. My question is this: what current Kowa scope most closely fits the bill as a replacement (that the insurance company...
  11. Sharp Shin

    Migration of Red Kites into UK

    Spring continental influx of Red Kites A recent thread of discussion on the Essex Birding forum has thrown up an interesting question about the migratory patterns and origins of Red Kites. The discussion was prompted by an apparent influx of Red Kites into NE Essex on 1st April. According to...
  12. Sharp Shin

    Over-wintering warblers

    December’s icy and snowy spell of weather looked as if it might have spelled doom for over-wintering warblers, but my recent sightings provide some optimistic evidence (of very little validity, I’m sure) that things might not have been so bad. Today, I saw three Chiffchaffs together, actively...