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  1. Overread

    A Trio of confusing moths for ID

    Got a trio of moths confusing me here. All taken on the same night - 18 July: 1-2 - A wainscot of some type, I'm thinking common but I'm not sure. 3-4 - Its another of the Mythimna, but not sure - Clay, Brown-line Bright-eye - Wihte point - sort of warming to that one but, again not really...
  2. Overread

    Why do you like lepidoptera?

    So I've noticed that there's loads of talk about "what species is this" and "this is what species I've seen", but we've spoken less of what motivates us to even ask those questions in the first place. To spend hours diving through wildlands or travel far to spy a tiny butterfly; to chase...
  3. Overread

    A few confusing moths

    A pair of moths here that I can't quite work out, I think because they are a slight bit different to the drawn versions I'm looking at. The first has a few potentials, but I think the more wavy lines are throwing me. The second I think might be easier than it looks but I guess the photo...
  4. Overread

    Some trap moth ID help

    Got some moths from the trap that I'd like some confirmation on the ID of. I'm pretty sure about the swallow prominent, the others less sure as there might be others I've mistaken them for. 1 Swallow Prominent (Pheosia tremula) 2 Marbled Brown (Drymonia dodonaea) 3,4 Apotomis or Hedya -...
  5. Overread

    Any Moth handling advice/tips

    So the title mostly sums it up, has anyone got any general tips or tricks or things you've found that help when handling moths to aid moving them around whilst minimising the chances of harming them. Most times simply turning the eggcup they are on upside down and giving the underside a flick...
  6. Overread

    A couple of Moths for ID.

    Got a pair from my last trapping in early May. I'm fairly sure on the Lime Hawkmoth, though I don't know if its possible to tell more from it from the photos shown other than its species. A bit early, but this one was actually not even in the trap and was hiding in the house. Spruce Carpet I'm...
  7. Overread

    Moth Id confirmation - Muslin Moth

    Just wondering if I can get a confirmation if this is a Muslin Moth (Diaphora mendica) Didn't get much in the trap last night, cloud was good but I think the wind was just the wrong side of strong and chilly to keep the moths in.
  8. Overread

    Moth Id help requested - UK south

    So I fired up the trap and whilst I've got more to work through these two were confusing me for a while! 1 Possibly an Early Thorn (Selenia dentaria). Whilst it doesn't look identical to the pictures it is the only one posing with that butterfly like resting pose. It also has a very faint...
  9. Overread

    Question regarding Bannerman's British Birds

    General question here regarding The Birds of the British Isles by Bannerman and Lodge as I'm wondering if the books are worth seeking out and collecting or if they are a bit dated by modern understanding. Is there value in the content beyond a collection point of view or are there simply...
  10. Overread

    Moths from the trap

    A handful of moths from the moth trap, a few ID I'm pretty certain on, others I'm unsure and some I can't work out. Any advice or tips would be of great help. 1) Lime Hawkmoth (Mimas tiliae) 2) Clouded Silver (Lomographa temerata) 3) Not sure about this one, fairly sure its one of the...
  11. Overread

    Any tips on using Robinson Trap?

    So I've recently picked up a Robinson Trap second hand and am keen to put it to some use. Weathers being a bit iffy at present, cloudy but a touch on the windy side, but I hope to get it out tonight. So I'm out for any tips or advice people have from using theirs. I hope to set it up and leave...
  12. Overread

    UK Moth ID help

    So got this moth today and can't quite work out what it is. From the Waring and Townsend ID book it looks like some kind of Dart or something in that area of the book, but I can't pin it down to a species
  13. Overread

    Africa Environment and Wildlife/Geographic

    Picked up large box of Africa Wildlife/Geographic magazines the other day and, whilst I've yet to really start reading through them I'm curious as to what views people have on the publication. It's not one I've heard of before so I'm curious as to if there are any general traits the publication...
  14. Overread

    Bird Ringing books/references

    So my sister has shown interest in bird ringing and I was wondering if there are any publications (in the £20 region) that would be worth considering as a gift to her to help give her a bit more depth of understanding. I'm aware there are some dedicated reference books for ringing with regard to...
  15. Overread

    Micro moth ID

    So I've not got any reference material for micro moths, and I am aware that there are many many types of them (as well as a good few unidentified) as well as many that require dissection to fully identify. That said has anyone any idea who this little moth is? Quite a striking colouration so I...
  16. Overread

    Heath Moth trap advice

    So I currently use a portable heath moth trap and I'm wondering on if there's any advice regarding its use that I can use to help maximise the catch and retention rate. I'm aware that weather and seasonal conditions will affect the overall number and variety of moths in flight on a given night...
  17. Overread

    Moth ID help - various species

    So rather near the end of the year, but got my moth trap out at last and started to try and work out what I'm actually catching as opposed to just getting pretty pictures of moths. I've been trying to work these out and would greatly help any help in confirming and identifying the following. I...
  18. Overread

    Suggestions for tough binoculars

    Sadly my understanding of various binocular ranges is terrible, so I'm quite lost in a sea of potential choices and its very hard to get a handle on what is good enough for my needs without breaking the bank. I'm basically after a compact set of binoculars that I can throw into a bag/pocket...
  19. Overread

    Encyclopaedia of Aviculture recommendations

    So my sister has found two different and current listing encyclopaedia of Aviculture, however I'm finding it hard to work out if one is better than the other (eg more detailed/accurate/up-to-date). The versions are Encyclopaedia of Aviculture by A Rutgers and K A Norris Encyclopaedia of...
  20. Overread

    Godwit - bar or black tailed?

    So I'm steadily starting to work on improving my bird ID which means I'll likely end up with a legion of questions. So first up I'm confused on this little birdy Taken at RSPB Minsmere - UK I've tried flipping through books and web resources can can't settle on if this is a bar tailed or...
  21. Overread

    British Birds Journal question

    Hope I put this in the right section. Got a recent subscription offer through my British Wildlife magazine subscription for British Birds Journal and I'm curious as to if its a worthwhile publication to get a hold of in terms of reference information beyond just recorded sightings over the...
  22. Overread

    Journal of Mammalogy (and others) - worth getting?

    So I've been looking around (after already being pointed in the direction of British Wildlife) for some more publications dealing with wildlife and mammals in general. A few at the higher end are clearly focused toward institutions with their membership fees, however I have found...
  23. Overread

    Camera vests - what do you use and why?

    So I've been looking around at possibly getting a camera vest - something suitable for hiking/travel/wildlife and also being slightly less outlandish than my camo jacket, whilst having a good number of pockets for putting things into (as opposed to the rest of modern fashion which appears to...
  24. Overread

    Good wildlife periodicals/magazines

    Ok so I'm risking slinking out of the camera section and into the wide confusing open forum - so I hope I've put this in the right place. So its a new year and I was looking at signing up for one or two good magazines/periodical texts that would not break the bank, but which might have some...
  25. Overread

    After a new camera bag

    So I'm after a bag to replace as my main bag over my Lowe-pro minitrekker bag. Something that is more heavy duty in construction and support/comfort for when carrying a heavier gear - plus its regular storage compartment gets a bit full when trying to get waterproofs and lunch in their at the...