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    Eye opener in Ireland

    I thought that my experience on a three day visit to Ireland last week might be interesting to relatively new birders, so here it is... I started birding about 4 years ago, and have been on an exponential enthusiasm curve ever since. It's basically been about collecting species, about the...
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    ID water mammal Cheshire

    Hi, can anyone help? Unfortunately no idea of size, I wasn't there... taken at a pond in Cheshire, UK Thanks in advance, Andrew
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    Suggestions for birding in County Sligo

    Hi all! I'll be staying near Ballymote for a few days in the second week of September; can anyone give me any tips regarding good birding possibilities? Would be nice to get to grips with some seabirds/waders, with which I haven't much experience... will be reliant on public transport, but am...
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    Proof that Song Thrushes still share DNA with the Velociraptor?

    Never seen anything like it - a mouse ran at full speed from under a rubbish bin about 5m away from me in the local cemetery, crossing 2m of gravel path and disappearing into the bushes on the other side. Hard on its heels a Song Thrush, running (!) in full pursuit. I didn't get to see the...
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    Treecreeper Germany

    Eurasian or Short Toed? Any takers? :) (Berlin, Germany, end of July) Thanks in advance, Andrew
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    Dove/Pigeon ID Germany

    Are these feral pigeons? The colouring on bird 1 doesn't look right. They were a pair, circling fairly low but fast over the unmown long meadow grass between the runways on the disused Tempelhof airfield in Berlin, Germany. Size, shape and flight pattern were definitely pigeon/dove for me. 2 and...
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    ID birds of prey Germany

    I'm guessing juvenile Buzzards... the two birds were on a large heavily wooded island in the Neuer See in the Tiergarten in central Berlin, not accessible for pedestrians or dogs. The Tiergarten is a very large partially heavily wooded park of 230 ha, surrounded by the inner city; the lake is...
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    ID Ducks /Germany

    I'm really bad with ducks, can anyone help? 1 and 2 are different birds, but maybe same species? It's the white triangular wing pattern which is puzzling me, I can't find anything approaching it anywhere. 3: Shoveler? Habitat: nature reserve Karower Teiche in Brandenburg, NE Germany. 4...
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    Puzzled by a Pipit

    Hi all! I'm puzzled by this bird, which in my limited experience has all the signs of a Meadow Pipit except for the angle at which the beak meets the head. It's almost a straight line, but in all the pictures I've seen the angle should be about 120°. The beak also seems to be longer than it...
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    Anybody read music and can help identify this bird call (Germany)?

    I got rudely awakened this morning by a bird singing loudly outside my window, and I don't know what it is. As I was getting up it seemed to be changing its location occasionally, so not a captive bird. By the time I got outside it had stopped. There were two variants (see photo); #1 was the...
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    McHeath's list 2021

    I'm late starting this! Last year I just managed the century, so that was the goal this year. I live in Berlin, where we have a surprising diversity of birds; during May and June I've been in Hessen (central Germany) near Rhäden am Obersuhl, a wonderful nature reserve, so the goal is already...
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    Photographing a Kingfisher

    Hi all! I'm very new to the game of photographing birds, and I'm fascinated by it. I'm also completely new to photography. I bought a Lumix FZ300 a few weeks ago and have spent many hours both reading the manual and about basic theory, then just taking the camera out and trying to put it all...
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    Hoopoe or Woodpecker? (Müritz/NE Germany)

    Hi all! I'm new here; I joined because I'd like some opinions on what I saw yesterday (27.07.20). Walking across a large natural meadow near the village of Speck in Mecklenburg/Vorpommern (NE Germany), I saw a group of about 20 House Martins mobbing a slightly larger bird. The group was about...