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  1. Trystan

    What and where in the image?

    As per the title, what species and where in the photo?
  2. Trystan

    Common / Dark-capped bulbul, Kenya

    Realised that I'm taxonomically out of date on Common bulbul from birds seen in Kenya in 2006. My birds of East Africa only covers the difference between Dodson's Bulbul and Dark-capped Bulbul, but as far as I can gather, Common Bulbul is present in Kenya too and I'm struggling to find any...
  3. Trystan

    Trystan's tentative 2021 world list

    Well, I truly hope that the first few months of this year will see the successful implementation of the vaccine and falling cases. At present it seems unlikely that even a good UK list will be possible but lets see how it goes. I started on January 1st after a period of quarantine, having been...
  4. Trystan

    Rio de Janeiro and the Atlantic Rain Forest - Salvaging 2020

    After a year of cancellations, lockdowns and disappointments, it was looking bleak for maintaining my personal goals of three new countries and 200 new species every year. With a short trip to Rome, including the Vatican City under my belt, I could at least get the country target if anywhere...
  5. Trystan

    Sapphire spangled emerald? South East Brazil

    Hi, I believe this to be a female Sapphire-spangled Emerald, but struggling to completely eliminate Glittering throated emerald, may even be other options I've not considered. Would appreciate input from anyone with experience of these species. Thanks in advance
  6. Trystan

    ID help UK

    Can anyone tell me what the beast growing in my compost bin is thanks?
  7. Trystan

    Trystan's World List 2020

    Here we go again with another world year list, which I will also break down into country lists as I go. At the moment I have absolutely nothing booked for the year so no plans to get any personal best targets. The year started steadily enough, targeting a couple of birds which did not make the...
  8. Trystan

    Cream coloured courser - fuerteventura

    Hi all, I'm on Fuerteventura currently and making real hard work of this species. I've had one long range-heat haze view across the plain at Los molinos but failed to connect on plains between Costa calma and la pared, then around la Olivia and tindaya. Tomorrow I will try el cotillo but if...
  9. Trystan

    Sao Tome & Principe

    Starting to organise a fully guided trip to these islands to target the endemic birds in late August for 10 days, no fixed dates as yet. I have an itinerary and approximate cost excluding international flights and visas if applicable. At most 4 people to join me on this. Please PM if interested.
  10. Trystan

    Jamaica 2nd - 12th February 2019

    I entered 2019 with no definite holiday plans and limited windows of opportunity at work. After looking into a few options I finally settled on Jamaica. I really wanted something warm and fairly relaxed while offering a decent number of species. Jamaica has 28 extant endemic species which are...
  11. Trystan

    Trystan's world list 2019

    No definite plans yet this year so no particular targets yet either but with a Yorkshire tick available at South Gare and a good supporting cast in the area it was easy to get the years birding off to a good start: 1.1.19 En route 1. Carrion crow 2. Magpie 3. Herring gull 4. Jackdaw 5. Feral...
  12. Trystan

    Target species in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

    I'm considering visiting the Baltic states next year, renting a car and covering all 3 countries. My top targets would be Steller's eider, Hazel grouse, Tengmalm's and Pygmy owls and Great snipe, probably in that order. My question is, is it feasible to get all of these species in one visit...
  13. Trystan

    Yucatan IDs please

    Looking for confirmation of Black witch moth and Massilia sister. Swallowtail I understand could be Giant swallowtail or Thoas swallowtail, can anyone help on that? Cheers
  14. Trystan

    IDs from Yucatan please

    Hoping to get some IDs on the attached images. I think the Iguana should be black iguana rather than green? The snake I tentatively identified as Neotropic rattlesnake? Not managed to get anywhere with the lizard or frog. Thanks in advance
  15. Trystan

    Yucatan - 2-12 June 2018

    Between jobs, I found myself in a position where I could take a birding trip during June, but with no income, it would need to be at a reasonable cost. Having made a few enquiries, I found that either the time of year, or cost was prohibitive to a number of my ideas. In the end, I modified my...
  16. Trystan

    Goa in June?

    Didn't get a response in the information wanted section so trying here. Any advice on visiting Goa in June. How detrimental to available species and ease of birding is the monsoon season? Thanks,
  17. Trystan

    Goa in June?

    I find myself between jobs in June and want to get in a birding holiday, however, with no income during this period, I need to be sensible about the budget. Goa seems to me a good balance between cost and number of species, however, in June it is monsoon season, so has anybody any experience of...
  18. Trystan

    Trystan’s 2018 world list

    After a very intense effort to build a big UK list last year, this year I am focusing on lifers, UK lifers and Yorkshire lifers. I hope to reach 300 for Yorkshire this time around, 7 birds required to do this. I will revert to the numbering system I used for my first list on here back in 2011...
  19. Trystan

    Sand lizard, Switzerland?

    Please confirm if this is a sand lizard taken in Switzerland yesterday? Thanks in advance
  20. Trystan

    Breeding black throated diver

    Heading up to Mull in spring and would appreciate info on any reliable lakes for catching up with this species on the way up from the M6 without any major detours if possible. (Obviously don't post if the location is sensitive) Thanks in advance.
  21. Trystan

    Trystan's 2017 year list

    Main holiday still to be arranged this year so I won't speculate on a final target. I don't think I'll be chasing down year ticks for the sake of it either, will try to stay fairly local looking for UK and Yorkshire lifers. First day of the year I decided to go and see the long staying Eastern...
  22. Trystan

    Location advice for target species

    Hi, It is looking likely that I will be travelling to Switzerland in June this year, previous plans to do so having not come to fruition. I am quite flexible on staying location other than that it needs to be reasonable driving time into Liechtenstein for a country tick! That aside, my main...
  23. Trystan

    Peru 2017

    Hi, I'm currently looking at taking a trip with Manu expeditions, following their standard itinerary to Manu followed by Machu Picchu and Abra Malaga. Because it is a standard itinerary, the dates are fixed, with a tour in April and another in November taking 16 days plus allowing time for any...
  24. Trystan

    Species from Borneo

    Anyone able to identify this stunner from Tabin wildlife reserve, Borneo? Thanks
  25. Trystan

    Blue naped parrot - Borneo

    I saw this species on the island of Pulau Tiga off the north coast of Borneo last month. I assumed it was introduced as per the population around Kota Kinabalu but found this on wikipedia: "The species is widespread throughout the Philippines, including the Talaud Islands and islands off...