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  1. jforgham

    Gull, East Herts.

    Presuming first winter Herring for this bird. Just unusual to see a solitary gull as this was at Stansted Airport Lagoons this afternoon. Many thanks, Jono
  2. jforgham

    Gull: Cley beach this morning

    Evening, Managed to grab a few record shots of this gull from the Beach Hotel, Cley this morning. Small dark eye and black legs. Just a Herring aberattion? Unfortunately a really grey and misty sea watch so just cropped record shots and none of mantle. It was the eye that first made me look...
  3. jforgham

    Chiffchaff/Willow warbler

    My usual conundrum early in the year. Came across these two today. There was both a chiffchaff calling and a willow warbler uttering it's wonderful tune. Got these photos and now managed to confuse myself. What do folk reckon?
  4. jforgham

    Gull, East Herts

    Struggling to sort this gull out. Can I rule out Yellow legged and if so, why? Distant shot from this afternoon. Many thanks for any advice
  5. jforgham

    Migrant behaviour

    Last week I was in Norfolk and managed to see both the Brown shrike and Red breasted flycatcher. Not sure there can be a definitive answer to this but what is the consensus of opinion on what happens to these birds? Presumably a.) they die b.) continue migrating in the wrong direction and...
  6. jforgham

    UK snake?

    Morning, Just been sent this photo of a snake crossing the road in East Hertfordshire. I write a nature column for the local newspaper and have no idea on this one. Looks to be around 6 foot long as the lane here is 12 foot wide. Not aware of female grass snakes being white, or do they go this...
  7. jforgham

    Couple of wasp sp to identify, please

    Came across these two whilst sweep netting for moth caterpillars. Suspect one is a spider hunting wasp (found dead) and the other an Ichneumon species. Be grateful if anyone could tell me more. Many thanks, Jono
  8. jforgham

    Andrena bee sp Herts UK

    Struggling to key this one out. Any pointers gratefully received. Making progress with this tricky group, but a long way to go yet. Many thanks, Jono
  9. jforgham

    Suspected water bug sp Herts UK

    Morning All, Our cat unearthed this bug from pea shingle next to our pond. Is it a Saucer bug or just a Common water boatman? Many thanks, Jono
  10. jforgham

    Gwnne's Mining bee Andrena bicolor

    Another bee puzzler. Think A. bicolor? Any advice? Thank you
  11. jforgham

    bee sp?

    Any comments welcome on this. Photo sent to me today. Thank you Jono
  12. jforgham

    Bee species

    Hi all, Put this down as Apis mellifera but now don't think so once I managed a reasonable photo. Clearly legs don't look right to begin with. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you Jono
  13. jforgham

    Beetle sp

    Any suggestions for this small beetle. Just dropped on to my laptop in my shed/office. Is it just Phyllobious pomaceus that has lost its scales? Jono
  14. jforgham

    Duckling ID

    Hi, I have been sent this photo, taken last July in Hertfordshire. Any comments upon species? Be interested to hear what folk think? Cheers, Jono
  15. jforgham

    Sri Lanka National Parks

    As of today, all national parks on the island are closed until further notice, so I have heard. Yet more damaging times for the tourist industry that has just picked itself up from the Easter bombings of last year. Jono
  16. jforgham

    Sri Lankan moth

    Any suggestions on this moth found in central Sri Lanka Many thanks, Jono
  17. jforgham

    Bracket fungi id, UK

    Is this Chicken of the wood or something else? Thanks for any advice. Jono
  18. jforgham

    More deciduous woodland fungi

    These I am struggling with. Suggestions most welcome. Thank you Thought 3rd photo could be Wood blewit? Cheers, Jono
  19. jforgham

    ID please: all found in deciduous wood East England

    Came across these on a woodland walk today and would be interested to know what species they are. I have given tentative suggestions but suspect way off. Thank you for any help. Jono 1. Field mushroom 2. ? 3. Shaggy parasol 4. Marginate pixie cap 5?
  20. jforgham


    Any suggestions on this skeleton? Photo sent to me so only detail is it was about 30cm long. I am assuming legs have been removed. Rat, stoat, rabbit? Thanks for any comments. A better photo of the skull would have been helpful. Found on a golf course.
  21. jforgham

    UK Fly sp for id

    Struggling to nail this fly to species. Found yesterday in East Herts on ivy. Any suggestions most welcome. Thank you
  22. jforgham

    Digger or Potter wasp

    Came across this insect today, feeding on parsley type plant. Is it Ectemnius cephalotes, Big headed Digger wasp or something else? Many thanks for any help and suggestions Regards, Jono
  23. jforgham

    Flowering plant id Herts UK

    Came across this colourful specimen today growing from a hedge alongside hedgerow cranesbill. Should have noted leaves but was immediately distracted by a spotted flycatcher. Any suggestions just from this flower photo. Many thanks in advance. Jono
  24. jforgham

    Flowering plant id

    Came across this plant, growing in profusion in just one area of a field in East Herts yesterday. Any suggestions gratefully received. Jono
  25. jforgham

    Hoverfly species for id. East Herts.

    Be grateful for identification on these two insects. Suspect first is Epistrophe eligans, unsure of the second.Many thanks, Jono