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  1. SJC

    Acrocephalus sp, September Cyprus

    Please help me identify these two different birds (two photos of each bird) seen in Larnaca at the edge of a plowed field last September
  2. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Photographed a few days ago in Cyprus. They were part of a large flock of mainly Caspian and Armenian Gulls but also a few Yellow-legged, Heuglin's and Baltic. I'm not sure about these two
  3. SJC

    large white-headed Gull sp, Cyprus

    This bird was in the company of mostly Caspian and Armenian Gulls. It was slightly larger than the surrounding gulls. Is it a second winter Yellow-legged Gull?
  4. SJC

    large Gull Ventura

    I saw this large gull in the company of similar sized Western Gulls at Ventura, California. To me the bicoloured bill suggests that there is some Glaucous somewhere in there. My best guess is a Glaucous x American Herring Gull hybrid but I would appreciate any help from experienced gull experts!
  5. SJC

    Swifts W Morocco

    I saw and photographed some Swifts last May in W Morocco near El Ouatia. They were flying around some sea cliffs and given the location I thought they might be interesting. I thought they also looked pretty long tailed but not too sure. I put them down as just Swift sp but was wondering if...
  6. SJC

    Egret Lake Naivasha, Kenya

    Taken many years ago at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. At the time I thought this was a Western Reef Heron but given the inland location and after reading a little bit more on Dimorphic Egret I feel confused. Any ideas?
  7. SJC

    Pipit sp Cyprus

    Please help in identifying this Pipit sp seen a couple of days ago in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  8. SJC

    Crested or Thekla Lark Oued Massa

    Seen at Oued Massa last month. At the time I thought these were Crested Larks but seeing the photos now I'm not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. SJC

    Leaf Warbler Doi Ithanon, Thailand

    Photographed in January. Due to lack of experience most of the Leaf warblers I saw there unless distinctive I ignored. I managed to get some photos of some and this is one of the better ones. I think all are of the same bird. Any ideas what this one may be?
  10. SJC

    Two passerines Awash NP, Ethiopia

    The Lark I'm not too sure if it's a Foxy or a Gillett's. The other finch like bird has me completely stumped. It's a juvenile of some sort but I can't find anything that fits. Any help is appreciated!
  11. SJC

    large Gull Cyprus

    I took this photo many years ago but never got to properly identify this gull. Looking back unfortunately I can't find any others of this bird. I hope it shows enough for identification. Photo was taken 19th November. The dark head made me suspect at the time it that this wasn't a Yellow-legged...
  12. SJC

    large Gull sp Cyprus

    Seen and photographed at Akrotiri Cyprus in the company of Armenian and Caspian Gulls. The bill appears to lack pigment but also looked different shaped than those of nearby birds. The first two photos were taken 3 February while the last 28 February 2015. Any ideas?
  13. SJC

    Long shot, cuckoo, Andaman Islands

    I took a photo of a Cuculus Cuckoo at Mount Harriett, Andaman Islands last month. The bird was very very far and I'm not sure if it can be identified. I did see Indian Cuckoo there but this bird looks a little bit different to me so was wondering if it could be a Himalayan Cuckoo.
  14. SJC

    seabird west coast of Cyprus

    We saw this bird a couple of days ago flying along the western coast of Cyprus. Unfortunately, although it flew quite close to us we only noticed it after it had passed us and could only get photos of the bird flying away (flying from left to right). I was too busy trying to get a photo for...
  15. SJC

    Swifts SE Brazil

    Some terrible pictures from January 2010 from Aparados da Serra National Park, SE Brazil. These swifts were photographed in the area of the canyon by a friend. At the time we couldn't make out if they were White-collared or Biscutate and almost four years later we're still not sure. They seem to...
  16. SJC

    Ethiopian Snake Eagle

    Seen in January at the Liben Plains area. At the time I thought Short-toed but the apparent cinnamon-brown wash on its underparts doesn't seem to fit.
  17. SJC

    small birds Awash Falls Lodge, Ethiopia

    I need help with the id of two species at the Awash Falls Lodge last January. The first two pictures I think are of the same bird, a female type Bishop sp. I suspect it could be a Black-winged Bishop. The second is an imm Sunbird, from the book I'm guessing Marico. I didn't pay much attention to...
  18. SJC

    Cuculus cuckoo species, Kerala, India

    Seen and photographed many years ago in Kerala. I remember what struck me was it's size so I thought it was probably a Lesser Cuckoo but I think it's pretty rare there. Any ideas are greatly appreciated?
  19. SJC

    Accipiter sp Kerala, India

    Seen and photographed many years ago in Kerala, India. I have it down as a Shikra but thought that someone who knows the species better might be able to confirm. Thanks!
  20. SJC

    ringtail Harrier sp Cyprus

    Seen in early April. At the time I thought it was a Pallid but now I'm having second thoughts. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  21. SJC

    Citril & Raptor, Ethiopia

    Please help in identifying a Citril Finch and raptor seen in Ethiopia in January. From the Fanshawe Horn of Africa book the Citril appears to be the scarcer Southern rather than African Citril. It was photographed at Lake Ziway. The raptor was at Bale Mountains foothills.
  22. SJC

    Large Falcons Ethiopian highlands

    I need help with a couple of large falcons seen in Ethiopia. The first (photo from below) was at Debre Libanos, the second at Bale Mountains. The default species is Lanner and that's what they probably are but the underwing pattern seems quite peregrine/barbary like. Any ideas?
  23. SJC

    Cisticola sp near Yabello, Ethiopia

    Pretty poor photos unfortunately. I'm between Rattling and Boran. Not sure how to separate them and if it's possible from these photos. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  24. SJC

    large "white-headed" Gull - Cyprus

    I saw this bird in the company of Caspian, Armenian and Yellow-legged Gulls. The eye was dark yellow (in the field it looked darker than in the photos!) and the back shade was similar to nearby Armenian Gulls. Unfortunately I couldn't hang around until the bird took off to try for some spread...
  25. SJC

    Wagtail sp Cyprus

    This bird was photographed this morning at the Akrotiri Peninsula. Yellow face, pale cheek surround, long legs and short tail are a bit strange. Is it just a White Wagtail?