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  1. Stew

    White vs Pied Wagtail

    Looks a little like 'Amur' Wagtail
  2. Stew

    Little Gull? Hengistbury Head UK

    But Black-headed all the same
  3. Stew

    Young Sandwich Tern? Hengistbury Head UK

    Scarce but we had here on Teesside the other day... that's almost in the Arctic lol!
  4. Stew

    Young Sandwich Tern? Hengistbury Head UK

    yes. Sandwich Tern
  5. Stew

    Gulls in Boston, MA

    #2 not ring billed!
  6. Stew

    BarWit or BlackWit / Dublin

    Should be a facebook style "like" button :)
  7. Stew

    wader id please UK

  8. Stew

    Kinglet, Winnipeg, Canada

    But it looks to have a well marked dark lateral crown stripe
  9. Stew

    Kinglet, Winnipeg, Canada

    REV for me
  10. Stew

    UK/Raptors that 'hover'?

    Black-shouldered Kite would fit the description..... Just to be a bit outre...
  11. Stew

    Boa Vista island : Cape Verde : LBJ #2

    Recently fledged juv.
  12. Stew

    Help me ID this? [Vancouver, Canada]

    Common Starling
  13. Stew

    Armenian Gull - or not?

    Certainly not a gull expert Alan but the first looks convincing. Reason for posting is that, any further east than Birecik, Armenian becomes quite common. Certainly it's the most numerous gull at Lake Van, so I think it's probably a 'safe tick' :)
  14. Stew

    Small Buttonquail in Morocco

    I guess I should reply Lee, as your post was directed to me... Many of the comments made subsequent to your post are basically attacking you because of the belief you will lead tours to see them, thus making cash out of privileged information which you expect us to supply to you, whilst causing...
  15. Stew

    Wood Warbler? - Lake District

    But what about the short undertail coverts, usually very long in Wood? Not sure it can be told for certain from these photos but think I favour Willow
  16. Stew

    Semicollared Flycatcher female? Kuwait

    Sorry for the late reply nicole.... I base the status on personal experience. Saw several in the migrant hotspots of Jara Farms and Tulha reserve when we visited. Stew
  17. Stew

    Semicollared Flycatcher female? Kuwait

    Looks like a semi-collared, which are fairly common on passage through Kuwait at this time of year.
  18. Stew

    Two for Dubai

    The first is a female House Sparrow, presumably bleached by the sun. The second is an Indian Silverbill.
  19. Stew

    Mergansers and More, Central Ohio, March 2011

    Pic 4 is RBM and pic 3, though not easy, has an RBM feel too
  20. Stew

    Hybrid Goldfinch x ? UK

    Canary x Goldfinch is a prized mule amongst cagebird owners... this looks like one to me
  21. Stew

    thailand birds to id part 3

    Red-throated, separate species from red-breasted
  22. Stew

    Cochin, India, Terns a week ago

    Are most of them not Black-naped Terns?
  23. Stew

    Duck ID NW England

    Would definitely say RC Pochard x something
  24. Stew

    Unidentified Hawk

    Still think it's Y-h Caracara. Long legs, narrow tail bars and eye-stripe all fit. Bill OK for this species (different from other caracaras) and they do spend lots of time perched up, on top of palm trees when I saw them in Tobago. Stew