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  1. SuperDuty

    Does the SF have a Dull, Low Contrast image ?

    Any buzz pertaining to the SF has pretty well fizzled since the release of the Noctivid and now the NL Pure, I have read a few opinions indicating the SF view in comparison to those two is lacking in contrast and color. When I look through my SF I see a crystal clear, extremely bright view that...
  2. SuperDuty

    Alpha Video Reviews

    These may have already been posted somewhere on here, and I don’t know how useful the information is, but he’s entertaining.
  3. SuperDuty

    CA control in the NL Pure and SF

    I ended up with the Zeiss 10X42 SF-(gray model), mostly because I could see far more CA in the 10X50, 10X42, and 8.5X42 SV model’s then I cared for, the view was basically superb, but the CA was a deal breaker for me. The SF, to my eyes has excellent CA control, in the center practically none...
  4. SuperDuty

    CA control in the SF and NL Pure

    I ended up with the Zeiss 10X42 SF-(gray model), mostly because I could see far more CA in the 10X50, 10X42, and 8.5X42 SV model’s then I cared for, the view was basically superb, but the CA was a deal breaker for me. The SF, to my eyes has excellent CA control, in the center practically none...
  5. SuperDuty

    Still tickled to death

    These were bought on closeout two or three years back after trying several different Alpha binoculars, unfortunately there’s been practically no time to use them since purchasing, I got them out today for a while and found the Image just as breathtaking as I had remembered it being. The view is...
  6. SuperDuty

    Comparison of the 10x42 NL to the 10x42 SF

    Has anybody done an extensive comparison between the two ?
  7. SuperDuty


    With the new Noctivid there has been a lot said about contrast, what is the proper amount of contrast for an optical device, probably about what the naked eye sees if you want a neutral view. The HT and SV I had showed more contrast and saturation than my current SF, and in some circumstances...
  8. SuperDuty

    Lack of fatigue.

    In optics and audio systems I've always thought that the more information the brain has to fill in because the device or instrument is either not delivering enough of it, or is presenting it in an unnatural way, the more quickly we become fatigued, and the quicker we loose interest. I guess what...
  9. SuperDuty

    Zeiss Conquest 10X42 HD-AllBinos Review

    Zeiss Conquest HD 10X42 -AllBinos Review http://www.allbinos.com/index.php?test=lornetki&test_l=306
  10. SuperDuty

    Carl Zeiss Victory 10x56 T* FL

    How many of you own these, how do they compare to the 8X56 FL-(Henry's reference) for being clean of aberration ? Where do they rate in comparison to the 10X? HTs and SVs ? Thanks Robert
  11. SuperDuty

    The 10X42 HT compared to the SF and SV

    From what I saw in my initial viewing session, I REALLY like these, my favorite in comparison to the 10X42 SF, 10X42 and 50 SV, and 8.5 X42 SV. The things I liked were superb CA correction-significantly better than the SVs and noticeably better than the SF, noticeably brighter while maintaining...
  12. SuperDuty

    Crystalline clarity of the HT ?

    In terms of crystal clarity, sparkle, brilliance, transmission, luminescence, etc, does the HT exceed SV, SF, FL, different varieties of Leica, or anything I'm missing ? I assume the Habicht would equal or exceed the HT, but eye relief rules it out. Robert
  13. SuperDuty

    The Zeiss FL, the most CA free of all ?

    I feel the need to see a pair just to satisfy my curiosity, am I wasting my time comparing them to my 10X50 and 8.5X SV ? Which FL is considered the most CA free. Robert
  14. SuperDuty

    Better Image In the SV

    What would it take to optically improve the SV to any significant degree ? I'm assuming if there were a cost effective way to do so we would have seen it in the new Field Pro.
  15. SuperDuty

    Deutsche Optik Nobilem 15X60B

    Looks like a Docter, can someone tell me about them ? Thanks Robert
  16. SuperDuty

    3D in the roof and Porro image

    How much value do you place on the 3D effect seen in certain binoculars ? Do you find it natural, unnatural, pleasant, unpleasant ? I've owned a Nikon SE, Minox BP, 10X50 SV, 8.5X42 SV, I used to think the Porro view was more captivating, but 3D or not, the SVs have more Pop to my eyes. There...
  17. SuperDuty

    EL 8.5X42 Non HD

    A fellow has these listed as Non HD. Could they be anything other than the EL 8.5X42 SV Model 34108 in production up until last year ? Thanks Robert
  18. SuperDuty


    Are those of us who spend absurd amounts of money on "Alpha" binoculars effected by Alphfluenza ? If diagnosed, should we be entitled to government aid to help with our financial suffering ? ;)
  19. SuperDuty

    Tract Binoculars

    https://www.tractoptics.com/blog/the-quality-of-a-tract-binocular Anyone heard of these.
  20. SuperDuty

    The best binocular you'll ever own.

    Do you see yourself chasing that elusive perfect optic untill you're too old to care any further, or do you have a stopping point. Robert
  21. SuperDuty

    A few thoughts on the EL10X50SV and EL8.5X42SV

    Your good ole binocular buddy SD here with some more musings, ramblings, just some more plain ole fun.3:-) Since I've had a look at all of the 10X Swarovision models, I decided to give the 8.5 a try, I'll keep it short since both of these have been covered extensively in these forums, and you...
  22. SuperDuty

    CA in the EL 8.5X42 SV

    After seeing how free of CA the 10X32SV is in comparison to my 10X50SV, I have to wonder about the correction of the 8.5X42SV. What I've read indicates that CA in the center 80 percent of the FOV is nearly invisible, and that the CA it has is on the outer edge of the fairly wide FOV. I know that...
  23. SuperDuty

    The Eye-Brain Connection

    This is from a recent article in an audiophile publication I subscribe to, I found it interesting and thought I would share it. The link below is mentioned in the article. Robert http://discovermagazine.com/1993/jun/thevisionthingma227
  24. SuperDuty

    My thoughts on the Zeiss 10X42SF

    I'm thinking that I'll keep the 10X50SV, will try to give my thoughts this evening. Bet you're all waiting with bated breath on this information. 3:-) Please forgive the old pillows, thats the old couch I sleep on so I can afford binoculars.:-O
  25. SuperDuty

    CA in the Alpha Binocular

    Why do most of the $2000+ binoculars still have so much CA ? For the many who don't see it, or don't think it should be of concern to anyone else, this will be a worthless question, but IMO, this class of optics should have zero CA in the middle, and very little on the extreme edge. The Kowa...