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  1. SJC

    Common Chiffchaff? Ethiopia, Harena Forest, Bale National Park

    I see an overexposed Common Whitethroat too, probably one of the Eastern races
  2. SJC

    Bar-tailed / Desert Lark UAE

    Bar-tailed Lark for me too. Bill looks tiny
  3. SJC

    Acrocephalus sp, September Cyprus

    Thanks both!
  4. SJC

    Acrocephalus sp, September Cyprus

    Please help me identify these two different birds (two photos of each bird) seen in Larnaca at the edge of a plowed field last September
  5. SJC

    Plover from the Canary Islands

    +1 for all Little Ringed Plovers
  6. SJC

    Black-Headed Gulls? Rimini, Italy 9-10 August

    All Black-headed for me too
  7. SJC

    Wilson's Phalarope,Northern Greece

    Marsh Sandpiper
  8. SJC

    American Golden Plovers ?

    Grey (Black-bellied) Plovers
  9. SJC

    Is this a tessman's flycatcher?

    I think your bird is a Tawny-flanked Prinia
  10. SJC

    Little Stint ID, Cyprus

    Agree with Little Stints
  11. SJC

    Warbler in Mallorca today

    One of the Subalpine group
  12. SJC

    falco biarmicus,Northern Greece

    Peregrine for me. Amongst other things not much contrast between coverts and remiges
  13. SJC

    Falcon, Fife, Scotland 30/8/14

    Peregrine for me too!
  14. SJC

    Whistling Thurst?

    philippensis Blue Rock Thrush
  15. SJC

    Taiwan birds ID - Myna

    Looks like one (Common Myna) to me
  16. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    I was under the impression that Steppe (barabensis) cannot be safely identified from Eastern Caspian in the field
  17. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Thanks Lou. I was surprised by how many barabensis/eastern cachinnans type there were in the large group (barabensis is not on the Cy list)
  18. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Thanks JanJ!
  19. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Thanks Neil. I was thinking along the same lines but the head looks a bit square and the bill a bit too long and pointed for typical Armenian. I can't think of what else it can be though...
  20. SJC

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Photographed a few days ago in Cyprus. They were part of a large flock of mainly Caspian and Armenian Gulls but also a few Yellow-legged, Heuglin's and Baltic. I'm not sure about these two
  21. SJC

    large white-headed Gull sp, Cyprus

    Thanks (as usual) JanJ!
  22. SJC

    Pipit ID,SW of Iran

    Long-billed looks better
  23. SJC

    large white-headed Gull sp, Cyprus

    Thanks Lou!
  24. SJC

    large white-headed Gull sp, Cyprus

    This bird was in the company of mostly Caspian and Armenian Gulls. It was slightly larger than the surrounding gulls. Is it a second winter Yellow-legged Gull?
  25. SJC

    Duck ID in flight - St. Marks NWR, Florida, today

    Look like Buffleheads