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  1. mags1967

    Raptor or corvid?

    Hi guys. One of my local birding sites posted this image asking for id. I thought at first corvid but zooming in I think it could be a bird of prey. I know you guys will be able to id with no problem. Thank you in advance for your expertise. ­čĹŹScotland just now x
  2. mags1967

    hooded or hybrid crow?

    hi guys saw this one yesterday 31 march at saltcoats,scotland.is it a hybrid or hooded and would appreciate any info to help me id them.many thanks in advance.:t:
  3. mags1967

    small birds id help please.scotland.

    hi guys took these captures at doonfoot,scotland on the 27/9/2015.i thought the birds were all linnets but the more i look im not sure if both birds are linnets.any help much appreciated.
  4. mags1967


    hi guys.saw this one today at baronshaugh,motherwell.someone said there was a wood sandpiper around poor pics as at a distance but i think this could be it.would be great if it was as i spotted it myself,so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
  5. mags1967

    which plover.

    hi guys saw this one today from a distance not good with waders but hope i improve ringed plover or little ringed plover.motherwell,scotland.many thanks for any replies on these photos.best wishes margaret.
  6. mags1967

    help please id finch scotland.

    hi guys need your help again.think this maybe a juvenile but juvenile what i thought linnet but never see them locally and anytime i do see a bird like this it usually ends up being a siskin.so fingers are crossed its something different.many thanks in advance.:t:central scotland today.
  7. mags1967

    Any Help Appreciated.

    hi guys was looking at pics from last year and came across this one i remember thinking water rail but it looked bigger maybe because it was stretching i know because i cant think of anything else it could be.taken river clyde near motherwell.poor pic i know but would very much appreciate your...
  8. mags1967

    which warbler.

    saw this guy today for a fleeting moment.i heard it and saw it and thought it looked different and sounded different to my usual warblers.i am probably wrong and did not pay enough attention but when i looked at my captures i thought maybe garden warbler.many thanks for any replies.south...
  9. mags1967

    gull id scotland

    hi think this maybe the ring-billed gull at strathclyde loch.hope so as i hunted for quite a few hours for it.need you guys to either confirm it or not as i am not great at saying for certain.many thanks in advance.:t:
  10. mags1967

    feathers id.

    hi,saw these feathers this morning where my regular eurasian male sparrowhawk sits.any ideas on the bird they came from.:t:south lanarkshire,scotland.uk.
  11. mags1967

    Is This My Juv Sparrowhawk All Grown-up

    hi guys hope you can help and thank you in advance.i have sparrowhawks in my garden all the time but in november 2013 i had a juvenile which sat on my hut porch most days mainly hunting the mice and it allowed me to stand less than 15 feet away from it as it went about hunting and ignoring me as...
  12. mags1967

    song or mistle thrush.

    taken today wishaw scotland.only got one shot as it flew off so never got any ideas to its size as it flew into the shrubbery and off.thank you in advance to any who reply.all the best margaret.:t:
  13. mags1967

    help.wing tagged raptor scotland.

    saw this guy today not great images as only had a few moments and to far away.my first thought was harrier then female buzzard then red kite but i dont know only ever see buzzard here but this one had a white tag.hope some of you more knowledgable guys can spot something from these images.taken...
  14. mags1967

    birder scotland

    is this a dunlin i think it is but there has been juvenile knot here too.thank you all in advance for your expertise.;)taken 28/08/2014 scotland motherwell.
  15. mags1967

    which raptor scotland help

    not great images was trying out a new camera.yesterday heard this gull looked up very high in the sky had to crop.looks sort of peregrine female but i dont really know.hope some of you guys can help me out.it was above my local pond in scotland wishaw.:t:
  16. mags1967

    uk id scotland

    think this maybe a goldcrest but never seen them on someones window like this before.so would be most obliged for some of you more knowledgable birders info.thank you in advance.:t:
  17. mags1967

    uk id scotland

    hi saw this little one yesterday west scotland thought reed bunting as it flew up from the scrub around the reeds white side bars on tail.got my binoculars out and saw yellow on breast thought yellowhammer female then it flew thought skylark as someone came along with their dog.a couple of...
  18. mags1967

    help juvenile sparrowhawk male or female.

    have posted this hawk on one of the forums behaviour,also the gallery.i think a juvenile male.though some have got me wondering now.size of adult male though slighter built.have seen adult females this one is smaller.i was just going by size but someone mentioned its tarsi being thick but i was...
  19. mags1967

    Sparrowhawk Juvenile

    seen this little one here regular.so at home,think and asking do you think his parents have learnt him to hunt here.seen female sparrowhawks here regular,male on occasion but this young one seems at home and hunts freely.do not think he would feel so at home with no learning.
  20. mags1967

    scottish birder again on duck

    saw this with the tufted ducks.something different about it.took last month.think scaups.i just want you birders opions to see if i,m getting better at spotting differences or if it is a female tufted.thanks you all in advance for my shortcomings.all the best margaret and a happy 2014 to you...
  21. mags1967

    Scottish Birder Questioning Ringing Birds

    I Live Next To A Pond Which Is A Nature Reserve.was Speaking To The Rangers Who Said Someone Had Seen Jack Snipe And They Were Going To Come And Net The Area.i Had Been Told They Found 2.the Other Day I Was Out Walking In My Local And Meet This Someone And His Dad,he Told Me He Phoned Some...
  22. mags1967

    scottish birder beginner looking for id again

    not good pics but hope you more experienced can id.the first one was taken at my local pond a few days ago think it,s a teal was on it,s on.the other about a month ago at loch lomond some sort of goose,think maybe they were released there.thanks in advance.
  23. mags1967

    crow with no voice

    down my local pond yesterday,this crow came for some bread and seed i was giving the local pond habitants,brown seeded bread i might add but it was right next to me on a tree and had no voice,don,t know if you get mute birds or this is a behaviour i have not seen.so posted this for some...
  24. mags1967

    unknown bird scotland

    went up north of scotland aug this year.took shots of this bird,pics not good as it was a distance away.hope some of you keen eyed birders can tell me its the bird i went up to see.then i know my birding skills are getting better.this newbie thanks anyone in advance.:t:
  25. mags1967

    unknown bird scotland

    think i know what this bird is but the pic through me a little.still trying to learn how to use this thread.