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  1. Hauer

    Lark species?

    Hi - photographed this little bird at the Rietvlei Dam Nature, Gauteng, South Africa. Presume it is related to the Lark species. Can someone ID it please? Thank you. Herman
  2. Hauer

    ID sought

    Hi - Can someone please identify this little bird that I recently photographed at the Mokala Game Reserve, Northern Cape, South Africa? I presume its a warbler species. Thank you. Herman
  3. Hauer

    ID sought

    Hello - can someone please assist with ID of this little bird that I saw in a forest this morning in the Vierhouten, Veluwe Region. Thank you. Herman
  4. Hauer

    ID Request

    Hi - Could someone please ID this bird. Initially I thought it was a juvenile Black Bird but I think it is something else. My wife thinks it's possibly a juvenile Cuckoo. Appreciate confirmation. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  5. Hauer

    ID please...

    Appreciate an ID for this bird that I photographed this afternoon near Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Saw it sitting amongst reeds in a wetland environment. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  6. Hauer

    ID request

    Hello - could someone please provide me with an ID for the attached plant. Thank you. Regards - Herman
  7. Hauer

    Bird ID appreciated

    Hi - Would appreciate an ID for this bird. Photo taken in a forested part of the Netherlands. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  8. Hauer

    ID request

    Hi - can someone please identify this little bird. Unfortunately, not the best photo as my shutter speed was too low... Constantly moved extremely rapidly and as soon as it percieved a threat it flew into the bushes. Very keen to get an indication. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  9. Hauer

    ID request Dutch bird / Veluwe area (forest)

    Hi there - would sincerely appreciate an id regarding this little fellow. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  10. Hauer

    October 2009 - 14 day visit

    Hello there - Though I did not go to the "Land of Fire & Ice" specifically for birding purposes, I thought I'd put a little recap of my trip on this forum as not everyone has experienced Iceland as yet. The trip had been put together by myself using that wonderful tool called "Internet"! After...
  11. Hauer

    Appreciate ID

    Hi - can anyone give me an idea what type of duck this is? Advise much appreciated. Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  12. Hauer

    Ambleside, Lake District

    Hi - am spending a week at Ambleside around mid April. It's my first time in the region. Any tips, anyone? Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  13. Hauer

    Isle of Luing

    Hi - am spending a week on the Isle of Luing during the third week of April. It's my first time in the region. Any tips, anyone? Thank you. Cheers - Herman
  14. Hauer

    ID needed

    Hi - I just returned from a local forest (Haagse Bos) in The Hague (The Netherlands) and encountered these two.... Am intriqued as to what species. I did see some Canadian Geese close by. Are they related? It's the first time that I have seen them at this location. Feedback appreciated. Thank...
  15. Hauer

    Tripod: Vanguard Tracker series

    Hi - I noticed recently that Vanguard has a very professional looking (sturdy) Tracker tripod series. The series consistes of Tracker 1, 2, 3 & 4. I'm particularly interested in the Tracker 3 version which I would like to use for my D50/Sigma Bigma combination. I don't know how long this series...
  16. Hauer

    Eqipment Insurance

    Equipment Insurance Hello - perhaps a silly question but what do you folks take out insurance for? Only the camera & lenses or do you also include all accessories such as memory cards, tripods, camera bags, etc, etc? Just interested to know. Thanks / cheers, Herman
  17. Hauer

    Finland info appreciated!

    Hi - I'm travelling to Finland mid-September'06. Intend driving from Helsinki via..... Keuruu, Kokkola, Oulu, Taivalkoski/Kuusamo areas to Rovaniemi (visiting Santa!) and flying back. Hope to see much wildlife (birds & mammals) and nature at its best! Any tips would be sincerely appreciated...
  18. Hauer

    EagleEye OpticZoom + Raynox DCR 1850 lens

    Hi - has anyone got practical experience using this combination? If so, I would appreciate feedback. I'm considering the purchase of a Raynox DCR 1850 teleconverter as I'm not entirely happy with the current one I use. My current 2x teleconverter is a DAT Digital Advanced Technlogy lens...
  19. Hauer

    Return of the Dwarf Hippo?

    Hello - Can anyone shed some light on this species of hippo? I have spent many years residing on the African continent but have never encountered this species of Hippo before. The photos were taken late 2002 whilst visiting South Africa. Though intrigued at the time, I did not take much further...
  20. Hauer

    Can anyone identify this insect

    My wife photographed this alien-looking (wasp-like) insect whilst visiting Northern Province, South Africa. I've never seen it before and am quite keen to know what it is. Appreciate comments. Thank you. Herman
  21. Hauer

    Looking for a used Nikon CPxxx(x)..... for digiscoping?

    Though in Dutch, I would like to recommend that you also take a look at the site: www.marktplaats.nl Choose the sub-section: Foto/toestel/dia and then: Digitale fototoestellen Once you are in this section insert in the searchbox where it states "trefwoord" i.e. Nikon Whilst looking at the...
  22. Hauer

    Sony Cybershot DSC-S85

    Hello there! Anyone else using their DSC-Sxx for digiscoping purposes? If so, I would appreciate feedback in repect of your experience. What additional equipment are you using? Any tips? Hope to hear from you! In the meantime I wish you .....Happy Birding! Regards, Herman PS. Tip! - In order to...