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  1. dancho_hristov

    New project with Living Nature

    With the coming winter months I will be starting a new project with the tour operator company of the BirdLife Partner in Bulgaria called Living Nature. I am hired to set up and test new photography hides for Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle and Vultures. Already have some pictures of Vultures and...
  2. dancho_hristov

    Spotted Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

    Photographing Spotted Nutcrackers is meant to be fairly easy. However we don't see many pictures of these lovely birds. I just returned from a trip to a place not far from where I live. My aim was to take pictures of Spotted Nutcrackers. I have been photographing Nutcrackers in Bulgaria...
  3. dancho_hristov

    Birdwatching trip to Oman

    Recently I returned from a birdwatching and photography trip to Oman. The country offers a superb opportunity to see both Asian and African birds. I have been posting daily updates on my travel with quite a few pictures on my Wildlife and Photography blog here. In total we had about 170 birds...
  4. dancho_hristov

    Photographing vultures in Bulgaria

    Birds of prey are difficult to photograph. They are really smart and wouldn’t allow someone getting into the hide under their sight. That’s why we had to get up early and sneak into the hide in the dark. To avoid the early start we decided to spend the night in the vicinity of one of the vulture...
  5. dancho_hristov

    New website with new vision

    My former website and blog are now at one address. www.NatureMonitoring.com The new website is with a totally new vision and includes all the posts from my former blog and pages from my former website. Will be happy to hear any comments you may have.
  6. dancho_hristov

    Red-backed Shrike photography in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria is the country for Red-backed Shrikes photography. It's been a long time since I last went out watching and photographing them. It was high time to spend some time with my favourite object and decided to explore the areas next to Sofia, Bulgaria. It is migration time so there should be...
  7. dancho_hristov

    Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria and Greece, March 8-15, summary trip report

    In the period March 8-15 a friend and i did a tailored birdwatching trip in Bulgaria and Greece. Here I shall try to recap all the information with some figures. My friend came over with the aim to see 8 target species: Dalmatian Pelican, Saker Falcon, Capercaillie, Three-toed Woodpecker...
  8. dancho_hristov

    Grey Partridge day

    This Sunday was meant to be rather rainy. The forecast put me off from my initial plan to go out photographing a Red Fox. However, I had already prepared for a trip so didn't really feel like staying at home :). That's why I decided to do a birdwatching trip around some wetlands around Sofia...
  9. dancho_hristov

    Pelican photography and birdwatching weekend

    The past weekend wasn't as expected. For one of the days I wanted to do some work at home and for the other one I wanted to visit a site for a Rock Partridge and White-backed Woodpecker not far from my place. These are two species that a friend from the Netherlands wants to see and I wanted to...
  10. dancho_hristov

    Buzzard, Raven and Magpie photos from Bulgaria

    I decided to take some time off in the middle of the week and get some Buzzard shots. It's been fairly dry winter which did not offer many opportunities for bird photography. However, the snow is already here and birds are now regularly coming to the feeding sites. Since the forecast for today...
  11. dancho_hristov

    Spotted Nutcracker photography in Bulgaria

    Nutcrackers are not very rare but for some reason there aren't very many photos of these birds. Perhaps the areas where they live are too distant. Well, not for me. Nutcrackers can be seen and photographed in Bulgaria just outside my home town.Today I decided to try photographing them...
  12. dancho_hristov

    "Working" weekend

    This weekend I meant to work but I didn't. I wanted to just go somewhere and have a relaxed weekend in front of the computer. Well see the photos and guess if I did it :) There was no internet, or at least no proper one. I meant to select the hotel on the basis of the internet connection and I...
  13. dancho_hristov

    Birdwatching in Bulgaria: my local patch

    Birdwatching and photography in my local patch is what I do pretty often. After a hard week I decided to spend a few more hours in the bed on the Saturday morning and then go out :) Well, I walk up at about 9 am and off I went to my local patch about 20 km W of Sofia. A lovely oak woodland with...
  14. dancho_hristov

    New release from Canon: 700D and 100D

    Two new DSLRs announced from Canon: 700D and 100D. 700D follows the previous 650 D and the new 100D is in the lowest class of Canon. With its 400 gr it is the lightest and smallest DSLR currently on the market. The 100D has 18 MP resolution, DIGIC 5 processor, 3 inces touchscreen and 1080p30...
  15. dancho_hristov

    Birdwatching in Bulgaria: migration series

    Migration season is one of the most favourite of many people. Having some time on Saturday I decided to go back to some of the sites where I went last weekend. My idea was to make some comparison and note the advancing migration. The results were evident. Last week there were Stonechats all over...
  16. dancho_hristov

    First calls of birds in spring

    A colleague from a birding and photography cottage in NE Bulgaria reported some fantastic news on the coming spring. After the first weekend of March more and more birds become vocal to announce their territories. Hawfinches, Tits and Thrushes are the first to start. Woodpeckers have also...
  17. dancho_hristov

    Weekend retreat

    Source (my blog): http://danbirder.blogspot.com Sunday evening is the time when people get ready for the coming week. It is also the time, when people get home after a fantastic weekend out of town to their favourite places. It was the same for me. Initially, I wasn't going to travel at all and...
  18. dancho_hristov

    Wilderness area in Bulgaria: Suha reka

    Dear all, just visited an area in the country where not many people go. It turned out that there is a nice looking birding and photography cottage in the area that can be hired quite cheep. http://www.naturetravel.eu/ In December, I set up a photo trap and managed to get a golden jackal and...