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  1. Sue Wright

    Re Pam M of Brittany.

    Hi again everyone. As Bill and others know; I e-mailed Pam after hearing the news of her presumed passing from Bill in September, but didn't get a reply. It's some time ago now that I wrote to her home address in Brittany also, but sadly have heard nothing from Pam or her neighbour. Although...
  2. Sue Wright

    Prince Charle’s Rainforests plea

    Hi everyone, I signed up today as a supporter of the Prince’s Rainforests Project to add my voice to the many calling for urgent action to fight climate change by addressing rainforest destruction. Adding your name costs nothing, but without it, deforestation might just cost us the Earth...
  3. Sue Wright

    Happy Birthday dear Bill.

    Dearest Bill, All the very best of wishes for you to have A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a lovely day and a healthy and safe year ahead filled with many beautiful Bird sightings! Love always, Sue xxx. Your dear friend Terry too.
  4. Sue Wright

    Thanks to everyone

    Hi folks and thank you all very much indeed for your kind wishes and lovely words after my op. I'm getting much better now but will need to go back in August. I thought I'd best get back here asap - if only to stop Baz from telling me any more of his jokes! ;) Only joking Baz, though how have...
  5. Sue Wright

    Happy Birthday Dafi..!

    A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Daf I hope it's a great one for you up there on Orkney.... without rain for a change! Hope you get plenty of Birds Daf, and have a wonderful year to follow. Love to Kate please. Sue and Terry.
  6. Sue Wright

    IT problems with site access

    Hi folks, A valued BF member/friend is having problems and can't get on as something has gone terribly wrong with him accessing parts of BF - please, is it possible to help? Here's Baz's problem, in his words, below. Thank you all in advance. Sue. "Hi. On June 8 I posted on the Bird Forum...
  7. Sue Wright

    News from Maurice

    Hi folks, Maurice has asked me to say hello to you all, to send his best wishes to everyone too. He's experiencing a few problems at present, but will be back with us all just as soon as he's able. I know you'll all wish him well as he does you. Sue.
  8. Sue Wright

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Judo!

    Have a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Judo! I hope you have a beautiful day, shared mostly with hubby and the Birds. Have a wonderful year too, keeping safe and healthy during it. All very best wishes Judo. Love, Sue.
  9. Sue Wright

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Bill

    A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Bill !!! Have a wonderful day and I hope it's filled with plenty of good Birding moments. Thanks for yet another year of great chat and quizzes. Fond love, kisses and a huge hug, Sue. Terry too...without the hugs etc!
  10. Sue Wright

    Back 'home'.....and Thank You all!

    Hi everyone and thank you all so very much for your wonderful wishes. Thanks so much to dear Barry who conveyed them all so well and who also did Terry good, me too on Friday when I was feeling much better. Unfortunately I just couldn't get on here on Friday night, yesterday (Sat) either...
  11. Sue Wright

    Happy Birthday dear Maurice!

    A VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR MAURICE!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that even if the sun doesn't shine, your Birds will all visit at once! What a thought....and what a sight too! Have a lovely day and a safe and healthy year to follow. Lots of love, Sue. xxx
  12. Sue Wright

    Caption comp 18th October

    Hi folks, Here's another to test your wits on. I got the shot at the New Forest recently where Pigs are let out to roam the Forest and eat the acorns during the 'Panage Season'. We'll let it run until Saturday if that's ok with everyone. Sue.
  13. Sue Wright

    Moth ID please

    Could someone possibly please ID the Moth below that I photographed on Holy Island last year (July 2006)? I just can't seem to find anything in my book to be 100% sure of, perhaps someone can help me, please. Thanks in advance, Sue
  14. Sue Wright

    Baz....Caption results and minor problems.

    Hi folks, I had a call from Baz last night, he's in the middle of changing his ISP and is experiencing some delays partly due to the postal strike etc. So, he possibly won't be back on the board until Thursday and has asked me if I'd select the winners of his Swans "Caption" photo for him. It's...
  15. Sue Wright

    sQusi Tracking Blocker help please

    Could anyone please help me with the above named free download? Just recently I've been experiencing quite a few tracking cookies after putting Spybot on and have heard today that sQusi is supposed to stop them from getting into PCs in the first place. I'm a little apprehensive of downloading...
  16. Sue Wright

    New Forest...camping, beauty and peace.

    Hi folks, Only a 4 day camping trip to the New Forest................., but it was wonderful and so very good to get away from it all and enjoy the peace that's always there. We had our daughter, son-in-law and grandkiddies who had just bought their first tent....much needed when you have 5...
  17. Sue Wright

    Caption 7th August

    Hi folks, Here's another, took me ages to decide which would be best....it's being a female! Anyway, if it's ok with everyone then we'll say Wednesday evening. Sue.
  18. Sue Wright

    Weymouth, the Terns and...

    Hi folks, On Friday we went back to Weymouth and mainly to the Tern colony that we knew would so very soon all be deserted with them off back across the seas. We also went to Portland and Ferrybridge to see what was about. We watched as a family of Linnets were feeding together then flying to...
  19. Sue Wright

    Gull ID in UK please

    Could anyone please tell me if either of these is a Med Gull or are they BHG's? I can't quite get to grips with the differences between the 2 at times. Thanks all. Sue.
  20. Sue Wright

    Scottish Highlands June 2007 (Part 1)

    We left home on the 8th June (Fri) and got as far as "Dunbarton" when we discovered we had no throttle! Still, we belong to the RAC and one of their chaps was out within half an hour, meanwhile one lovely gent in the neighbourhood gave us a very welcome cuppa and a chocolate biscuit each...
  21. Sue Wright

    For Brian.........and anyone really!

    Hi Bri, I'm putting on 2 photos of the Lochan that I'm sure you mean. The really peaceful one (aren't they all!!) at the bottom before you start going up (either way)? If so, and I'm sure it must be, that's where we saw our very first...and only Crossbill, our first Scottish Treecreeper too. We...
  22. Sue Wright

    The Highlands Part 3 and finalé

    Hi folks, on with Part 3, if you're not all fed up with the travelling or bored to tears! We woke early next morning with the Cuckoo calling from the sand dunes area of the camp site, it sounded so beautiful, soon after it was calling from the rear of the camp, just as audible and haunting...
  23. Sue Wright

    The Highlands Part 2

    Hi folks, here we re with Part 2. On the way up to Fort William we saw a beautiful Barn Owl come out and cross the road in a way only they can. The weather was dry then, but it soon changed by the time we got to Fort William so as Terry felt quite fresh we continued up to Loch Assynt about 25...
  24. Sue Wright

    The Highlands Part 1

    Hi folks, Yes, as most of you will have noticed, we arrived back from our holiday the Sunday before last and we had a really wonderful time, though we did have one hic-cup along the way. We left home on the 8th June (Fri) and got as far as Dunbarton where Terry discovered we had no throttle...
  25. Sue Wright

    Moth ID please

    Could anyone please tell me which Moth/s I have photos of below? When first taking the second one (the one on the grave stone footing!) it appeared to be the same as the other, but now I'm not too sure. I think I can see both as being Lunar Yellow Underwing, but am not well enough into Moths...