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    Tenerife, December 2020

    We planned, after a reasonably successful trip to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura in 2019 to give Tenerife a try this time. I realise that it might be a hopeless aspiration but we had some vouchers from cancelled flights earlier this year so we've booked a week in Tenerife from 8th December. We're...
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    Warbler ID, West Mids, UK

    Photos taken through double-glazing so fairly horrible. This appeared whilst I was on a WFH conference call. It's in my partner's garden in central Wolverhampton. I think that there are some suggestions of a 'cap' but we've just managed to look at it through binoculars in the open for a few...
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    RFI Cetacean spotting in northern Spain

    Our regular visit to Catalunya in September/October is going to have to change radically. We normally go for a week or more to enjoy several festivals and with luck do a bit of bird-watching. This year because the Concurs de Castells in Tarragona is right at the start of October we booked a...
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    RFI Birding break in Colombia

    Hi folks My partner has a major birthday in about 18 months time and I'm thinking of taking her to Colombia for her present, if conditions allow it. I'm after a bit of guidance. 1. What's a good time to visit? We're reasonably flexible. February is normally not convenient but I'd quite like...
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    Lanzarote - winter

    Just a quick note that might be useful for someone based on observations last year and this, so hopefully reliable spots at this time of year for both species. Stone Curlew - field in northeast corner of the junction of LZ-404/LZ-405. Canarian Plain Swift - we stood on the bridge of the...
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    Fuerteventura in December

    Afternoon Like last year I have some leave to use up and flights are inexpensive. This time my partner's coming too and we have 9 nights. I thought I'd split it 3 Lanzarote, 4 Fuerteventura and 2 Lanzarote. In terms of birding, does it matter where we stay in Fuerteventura or is it not big...
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    Autumn 2019 passage, Catalunya

    I thought that I would create this thread for consistency as I've written several over recent years. If anyone else is birding in the region, feel free to add notes. We've been in Tarragona for Santa Tecla since the 20th. Birding has been limited to early morning walks plus watching the sky...
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    A day trip from New York, October

    Hi My partner might have a business trip to New York in early October and we're hoping that I can go at the same time so we can add a few nights holiday at the end. If things work out, I will have several days to myself when she's working. She's done quite a lot of birding in the city at...
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    Copehagen - June 2019

    Hi We're in Copenhagen for a few nights and a very specific reason in early June. Are there any spots in the city centre where we can do a bit of birding? Not desparate to see any particular species, although it's been a good while since we saw or heard Thrush Nightingales. I don't know if...
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    Lanzarote in December

    Hi I've got some leave to use up and flights to Lanzarote are looking like good value. I've not been before so I have a few questions. I've done virtually zero research so far and haven't quite decided to go yet - only started thinking about it this morning. 1. I'll effectively have three...
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    Sightings info

    Hi I've not been to Norfolk for a while so haven't been on this forum often. I'm coming for a few days next week. I'm not especially interested in rarities but there are a few birds that we don't see much in Shropshire that I would quite like to catch up with. Is there anywhere on-line where...
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    Autumn Passage in Catalunya

    We have 4 trips lined up between now and mid-October. Mostly we won't be birding but there will be opportunities and we have a couple of long days in the Ebro Delta lined up for the end. If I get the chance I'll post what we see here in case it's of use to anyone but other birders in the region...
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    Dubai, July

    Hi This is probably a naïve question, but I'll ask it anyway. My partner is going to Dubai for a few days from tomorrow (very short notice business trip). As a consequence of flight availability she will definitely have some free time. Looking at the sightings page on uaebirding.com there are...
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    Small passerine, Central park, NYC

    Hi My partner has been on business in NY again and got a bit of free time for birding. This one has defeated us so far. It was on the feeders in The Ramble.
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    Birding sites near Newcastle-upon-Tyne

    Hi. I'm working in Newcastle for two weeks from Thursday. I'll have a vehicle and will be working odd shifts, sometimes starting at 14:00 and sometimes finishing at 06:30, plus a few days off. I barely know the region at all. Can anyone suggest any birding sites that I could visit? Also any...
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    A bit of birding in southern Catalunya

    I'm really here for castells (human towers) but I should get a bit of birding done including a full day on the Ebro Delta on Monday, dependent upon how well the castellers diada for Santa Ursula in Valls goes on Sunday.
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    Ecolodge/tour company in Sabah

    Good morning My eldest, not a birder but with some interest in wildlife, is planning a short trip to Sabah. He would like some recommendations for places to stay in the ecolodge category, or for a tour company that might give him a chance of seeing some of the local wildlife. He's definitely...
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    Falcon, Phillip Island, Australia

    Anybody fancy having a go at this? Seen briefly as a fly-by, late afternoon at Swan Lake on Phillip Island, 3rd April. Brown Falcon?
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    Wader, Nightcliff Foreshore, Darwin, Australia

    I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious here. Several Grey-tailed Tattlers around. This seems long-necked in accordance with my expectations and zero experience with that species.
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    Eastern Australia - 3 weeks March & April 2017

    I'll see how I get on with this. I'll try, if time and other things permit, to keep it up to date, but plenty of distractions will be around to make things difficult. At the time of writing it's about 10 hours until we fly out from Birmingham, arriving in Sydney at 06:30 on Sunday morning. We...
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    3 weeks in Australia - itinerary questions

    We’re visiting Australia for our first time in March/April for three weeks. Although not exclusively a birds/wildlife holiday we will be able to devote a lot of time to the natural world. We are thinking that we will spread our time between a small number of locations. We will almost certainly...
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    Berlin December 2016

    Another non-birding break but with a bit of birding included. A good start at a sunny, frosty Schoenfeld Airport with the 1st bird of the trip a Rough-legged Buzzard over the airfield. There was a Green Woodpecker on waste ground on the north side of the airport railway station, seen from the...
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    Melbourne and Phillip Island

    Hello Some of these might be daft questions but I've asked a few in my time and answered some too. We're visiting Australia for the 1st time for 3 weeks in late-March to mid-April 2017. My primary reason is to see one of my children who has been in Australia since about 2011 but we want to...
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    A few birds from New York

    My partner has been able to do a little birding during several recent business trips to New York, mainly in Central Park or around Brooklyn Bridge (and in doing so has overtaken me on our admittedly rather sketchy life lists). We've identified most species but there are a few that have defeated...
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    Las Pichillas Vulture Observatory, Aragon

    This might be completely unnecessary but I'm using my tablet and can't get the forum Search facility to work. We were staying in Alquezar on the edge of the Pyrenees and moving to Daroca for Laguna de Gallocanta and we spotted a vulture feeding site near Binaced that wasn't too far off route...