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    Unknown Bird (voice only), Dresden, Germany, 31st May 2021

    Hello all, a friend of mine in Dresden sent me a video she'd recorded of a bird singing from somewhere in the woods behind her house, asking what it is. My knowledge of European bird song is, sadly, rather limited, but I'm sure someone here will know what it is. Can anyone tell me what the bird...
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    Possible Golden Eagle, Oakville, Ontario, 5th May 2021

    I spotted this bird soaring high above my house earlier this afternoon. After this sequence of photos, it was harassed by a crow, which was considerably smaller; the mystery bird must have then flown further away, since I lost sight of it. The overall shape, and size in comparison to a crow...
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    Lesser Black-backed Gull? Toronto, 12th November 2018

    Hello all, can I get confirmation that this is in fact a first winter Lesser Black-backed Gull? Most of the features look good for one – short, all-black bill, rounded head, long wings, mottled pattern of the wing coverts – but it seems to me that there's rather a lot of white on the tertials...
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    Eagle, southern Ontario, 18th October 2018

    Hello all, I spotted this eagle just after four p.m. today flying westward across Sixteen Mile Creek in Oakville, which is west of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was flying rather high up, and circled upward a few times over the creek before continuing westward out of sight. It was...
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    Common/Arctic Tern, Oakville, Ontario

    Hello everyone, I spotted this tern on the pier at Bronte Harbour in Oakville, Ontario, at the western end of Lake Ontario, earlier today (June the 5th). Is this just a crouched-down Common Tern, or could it possibly be an Arctic Tern? There are some Common Terns to the bird's left, for...
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    Waterthrush, southern Ontario, May 2016

    I photographed this waterthrush on the 12th of May, 2016, in a suburb to the west of Toronto. At the time, I put it down as a Northern, chiefly because the supercilium didn't broaden at the rear, as I believed a Louisiana Waterthrush's should. Louisiana Waterthrush is also considerably rarer...
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    Red-shouldered Hawk? Milton, Ontario, 3rd June 2017

    Hello everyone, I saw the hawk in these pictures today in Milton, Ontario. The site where I saw it is a forested area just to the north of the Niagara Escarpment. When I first spotted the bird, I noted black and white bands on the tail, and what looked like a pale crescent just proximal to the...
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    Moth ID, Poland

    I'm wondering if this moth is identifiable from these two pictures, which I took in the Karkonosze Mountains in southwestern Poland on the 17th of June, 2015. The moth was on a rock alongside a trail in a north-facing cirque, close to a pond. The elevation at the site was 1200 m above sea level.
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    Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk? Ontario, 9th February 2017

    Hello all, walking in my neighbourhood today in a suburb of Toronto, I spotted this accipiter up a tree. Size-wise, it seemed right for either a male Cooper's Hawk or a female Sharp-shinned Hawk. The notched tail certainly seems good for a Sharp-shinned, but in this case I wonder if the bird...
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    Willow Warbler? Poland, June 2015

    I took these photographs in southwestern Poland in mid-June 2015, in a patch of second-growth wood next to a scrubby overgrown field. I only saw this bird briefly, and it didn't vocalize, so at the time I hesitated in making an ID, as I've got very little experience with European warblers...
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    Black-backed Gull –*Greater or Lesser? 13.10.2016, Burlington, Ontario

    I saw this gull earlier today in Burlington, Ontario, on Lake Ontario. It's clearly a juvenile or first-winter black-backed gull, but I'm having trouble deciding if it's a somewhat stocky-looking Lesser Black-backed, or a smallish Greater Black-backed. It was a fair distance away, so the first...
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    Cinnamon Teal? Reno, NV, July 2015

    I took these photos of a duck on a pond in Reno, Nevada, in July of 2015. It was late in the evening, and I was only able to walk along the east side of the pond, so all my photos are heavily in shadow, which is why I've lightened the exposure considerably. The adult duck in these photos has a...
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    Longshot Warbler ID, Oakville, Ontario

    I realize that, given the position of the bird in these photos, an identification is a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I saw this bird yesterday along a path that follows a creek through a suburban neighbourhood in Oakville, Ontario, which is a bit southwest of Toronto. I only...
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    Clapper Rail or King Rail? Big Branch Marsh, Louisiana

    Hello all, I was out at Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana this morning. One of the birds I saw was this rail; I'm not sure if it's a Clapper or a King (I've never seen either species.) Both species have been regularly reported on eBird at this precise...
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    Empidonax, Southern Ontario, August 2015

    Hello everyone, last August I took some photos of an Empidonax flycatcher in Oakville, in southern Ontario, on the 28th of August. The flycatcher had a prominent eye-ring and appeared to have substantial yellow on the throat and belly, which would support an identification of Yellow-bellied...
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    Sanderling or Semipalmated Sandpiper? Burlington, Ontario

    Hello everyone, I got some looks today at a lone sandpiper on a little rocky islet just off the shore in Burlington, on Lake Ontario. The sandpiper was on the far side of the islet, so the pictures I got weren't taken from the best angle, and of course I couldn't get any closer than I did. I'm...
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    Vireo, southern Ontario

    Hello everyone, I took this picture this morning in Oakville, Ontario. This vireo was singing much like a Red-eyed Vireo, but thinly and lethargically enough that I wonder if it might not be a Philadelphia Vireo. It was high up enough that I only got looks from below, so I'm not sure if there...
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    Unknown Bird Song, southern Ontario

    Hello everyone, I was birding in a creek valley this morning in Halton region, a bit southwest of Toronto, and I heard a bird song from up in the canopy that was unfamiliar to me. The bird repeated its song perhaps ten times or so while I tried to find it up in the canopy. I got my camera out...
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    1st winter Lesser Black-backed Gull? Oakville, Ontario

    I saw the first-winter gull in the attached photos at Bronte Harbour on Lake Ontario in Oakville, Ontario today. It was notably darker than the first-winter Herring Gulls present, with much less brown colouration. I suspect that it's a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but not all the points seem to fit...
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    Warbler, River Arun, Sussex

    Hello, is this little fellow identifiable? I saw it in a reed bed along the banks of the River Arun in Sussex, England, between Arundel and Amberley, this past July. This is the only clearish picture I was able to get, I'm afraid – it didn't spend much time out in the open. My best guess is...
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    Caspian Gull? Southwestern Poland, June

    Hello, I've got one last bird I saw on my trip to Poland this summer whose identity I'd like confirmed. I saw this gull at a hydroelectric dam on the Bóbr River in southwestern Poland in late June. Based on its yellowish-pink legs, and the shape of its head and bill, I decided it was a Caspian...
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    Caspian Gull? Southwestern Poland, June

    ignore sorry, wrong subforum!
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    Warblers, southwestern Poland, late June

    Hello, I saw both of these birds in southwestern Poland on the 25th of June this year, along the Nysa River south of Zgorzelec. The bird in the first two photos is, I think, a Garden Warbler, but with such a nondescript species that I'm not familiar with, I'd like a confirmation of my ID. I've...
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    More songbirds, Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

    I've got a couple more birds that I saw in the mountains of Poland this summer which I'd like advice on. All of these photos were taken in mid-June this year, in the Karkonosze mountains in southwestern Poland. The first two photos were taken below mount Śnieżka at about 1400 m elevation. This...
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    Pipit, Karkonosze Mountains, Poland

    In mid-June I visited the Karkonosze Mountains in southwestern Poland. On the slopes of mount Śnieżka I saw this pipit perched in the krummholz, at an elevation of about 1400 metres. I didn't see it fly or hear it call; all I have to go on are these pictures. Given the photos, is it possible to...