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    Zeiss 10 x 40 BGA "ClassiC" Still Impressive

    I know this binocular will perish if dropped overboard kayaking in Maine (although it is will still be covered as "waterproof" by its remarkable lifetime warranty) and I know it will not focus on a bird 8 feet away wherever that bird may be, but it spent this afternoon with me and my wife at a...
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    Pentax Worry Free Warranty

    Since my warranty experience has been limited to two Zeiss experiences, both entirely satisfactory, I was amazed and impressed by my first need for help with a far less expensive binocular from Pentax, specifically for a knocked hopelessly out of alignment 8 x 24 UCF, with sand in the focussing...
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    Minox APO-HG Binoculars

    Minox has evidently elbowed aside the HG series binoculars in favor of a presumably even more expensive series called APO-HG. The Minox website tells us: "Pin-sharp optics with natural color rendition puts the new APO-HG binoculars from MINOX in a class of their own and first in the top league...
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    Swift Neptune Binoculars

    As best as I can tell, the names of the various Swift binoculars refect their intended use. For example, Swift Audubon - birding, Swift Skipper - boating, Swift Holiday - all purpose observation, Swift Saratoga - horse racing, etc. The Swift Neptune, arguably one of the two best Swift binoculars...
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    Zeiss Historica Article

    Those with access to the current issue of the Zeiss Historica Journal will find the comprehensive article on Zeiss's big time fall from grace as the main supplier of birding binoculars both interesting and, if you are a Zeiss fan, more than a little depressing. While most of the ownership and...
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    Bushnell Discoverer Roofs

    A while back there was much praise in other threads on the now discontinued Bausch & Lomb phase coated Discoverer roofs. Has anyone tried the now available Bushnell versions (7 and 10 power) - how do they compare with their B & L predecessors and are they worth the money?
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    Celestron 8 x 32 Ultima Revisited

    I took my daughter's mid-90's vintage Japan-made Celestron 8 x 32 Ultima out hawk watching last night before sending it on to her at college, and was amazed at the performance. No question that the Nikon SE and current high-end roofs are superior, but it had been years since I had last looked...
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    Nikon SE - The End of An Era?

    Interestingly, both the US and UK Nikon websites have dropped references to all the SE models save for the 12 power glass, and the largest "Nikon Premier Sports Optics" dealer in Houston tells me Nikon has discontinued the entire SE line, and is simply selling the remaining inventory. If true...