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    Identity of Dampier's Petrel

    "Petrel. First attested in this spelling in 1602, a corruption of 'pitteral' (i.e. *pitterel) and 'pittrel' which, though not actually recorded until 1676 and 1748 respectively, must nevertheless represent the original form. It was inspired by the jingle pitter-patter under the influence of the...
  2. J

    Saxicola cummingi Whitaker, 1899

    Kurrachee, Bombay, India = Karachi, Bombay Presidency, British India = Karachi, Pakistan.
  3. J

    Tilmatura dupontii

    I have Cabard & Chauvet (2003), and quote it often in The Key, but mainly for French vernacular names rather than eponyms (entry for L. P. Dupont on pp. 439-440).
  4. J

    Pellorneum ruficeps dusiti Dickinson & Chaiyaphun, 1970

    In Thailand Khun is a title or prefix denoting respect, not a forename.
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    Chlorocharis emiliae

    Well found, Paul. The Key definitions for emiliae now read: ● Emily Whitehead (1864-1917) sister of English explorer and collector John Whitehead (Paul Scofield in litt.) (Chlorocharis). ● Henriette Mathilde Maria Elisabeth Emilie Snethlage (1868-1929) German ornithologist, collector in Brazil...
  6. J

    Lyrurus tetrix fedjuschini Charlemagne, 1934

    I returned to the fray to discover the collection of new names by Oleksas, 2009-2011, referred to by Laurent (see #6 and #8). Although apparently unpublished, a precedent for inclusion was set by, e.g., rosamariae, so they have been entered in The Key with provisional definitions. I am sure...
  7. J

    The Key to Scientific Names

    Sed fugit interea, fugit inreparabile tempus ... Earlier this afternoon I completed the regularization of generic names in The Key, by providing header family names and type citations for all genera (excepting those of Rafinesque 1815!) (see the appropriate paragraph in the Guide to Key...
  8. J

    Lynx Edicions - What Next ?

    Critter is a slang/country term for Creature
  9. J

    Crested Jay

    I agree that Shrike-jay, without a modifier, is better, as it reflects the former implied relationships of this bird. It will be interesting to read how Platylophidae of Winkler, Billerman & Lovette (2015), Bird Families of the World, p. 381, does not comply with the Code.
  10. J

    Crested Jay

    Hi Jim, I thought Platylophidae had already been created (altho' I am not sure of the source); see the Platylophus entry in The Key.
  11. J

    Psilopogon henricii (Temminck, 1831)

    The Key; henrici / henricii • Henri Philippe Marie Prince d’Orléans (1867-1901) French explorer, collector in Siberia, Tibet, China, Indochina and tropical Africa (subsp. Alophoixus pallidus, subsp. Arborophila brunneopectus, subsp. Carpodacus lepidus, syn. Leptopoecile sophiae, Montifringilla...
  12. J

    Hiaticula Heywoodii

    Thanks Martin. New entry in The Key: heywoodi " Ægialitis pallida. Hiaticula sp., Gray, List Grall. Brit. Mus. p. 69 (1844: River Niger)* ... *There is a synonym, "H. heywoodi, Thompson," of which the Museum is supposed to have the type specimen, which is quoted by Hartlaub and others, and...
  13. J

    Ornismya paulinae Boissoneau 1839

    I am impressed and convinced by the signatures, and have updated both paulinae and riefferi. Back to the generic synonyms!!
  14. J

    Ornismya paulinae Boissoneau 1839

    I still find it difficult to reconcile the grocer Rieffer with the explorer hacking his way through the Colombian rainforest. For the time being I shall retain The Key entry.
  15. J

    Some Japanese Eponyms

    Björn, With the transfer of The Key to Cornell, I still have work to do to achieve a suitable level of accuracy and consistency. Presently, I am concentrating on generic names (family headings, correct types, and type citations), but I still appreciate the welter of eponymic info streaming on...
  16. J

    Jan van der Brugge (1945-2021)

    I am truly devastated to hear the sad news about Jan van der Brugge. He was a stalwart member of this forum, with a vast linguistic knowledge and a library to match. He could always be relied upon to find the obscure or little-known etymons. I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him...
  17. J


    Hellmayr, 1938, Cat. Birds Americas, Pt. XI, gave the following English names: Saltator coerulescens grandis (Lichtenstein, 1830) - Lichtenstein's Saltator Saltator coerulescens olivascens Cabanis, 1849 - Olivascent Saltator Saltator coerulescens coerulescens Vieillot, 1817 - Grayish Saltator
  18. J

    The Key to Scientific Names

    Power, Riches and Glory. I am glad to report that as from 7 June I have had editorial access to The Key. Over 700 relevant updates have already been made, and I can now instantly update definitions from my own researches or from new info highlighted on BirdForum or garnered from elsewhere. My...
  19. J

    Pachyornis mappini Archey, 1941

    Bt. (also Bart.) abbreviation for Baronet, the lowest order of nobility in UK. (see Symbols, standard abbreviations and short glossary in The Key).
  20. J


    The Kingfisher, by Rosemary Eastman (Collins, 1969)
  21. J

    Dendroica vitellina nelsoni Bangs, 1919

    With the exception of Catharus frantzii nelsoni Phillips, 1991, and Sialia mexicana nelsoni Phillips, 1991, I have seen the descriptions of the various nelsoni taxa listed in The Key. I even discovered a 'new' synonym, Larus nelsoni Henshaw, 1884 (apparently a hybrid L. hyperboreus x L. vegae)...
  22. J

    A fake genus name not in the Key

    I can find Pseudoglottis Stejneger, 1884, but not Psuedoglottis.
  23. J


    The suffix oides indicates resemblance (usually to another species or another genus), but I have yet to find such a name used in a tautonymous or tautonymic fashion (altho' I'm sure an observant reader will prove me wrong!) Tadorna tadorna is a tautonym; hypothetically, Tadornoides...
  24. J


    If you search oides in the BOW Key to Scientific Names you will find 353 entries.
  25. J

    Motacillidae: Cinaedium Sundevall, 1850, versus Hemimacronyx A Roberts, 1922.

    The now widely-used genus Hemimacronyx was proposed by A. Roberts, 1922, Annals Transvaal Mus., VIII (4), p. 258, with type Anthus chloris Sund., i.e. Lichtenstein, 1842. The genus Cinaedium was proposed by Sundevall, 1850, Öfversigt Kongl. Vetensk.-Akad. Förhandlingar, VII (4), p. 100, with...