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    Quick positive note on Leica US service

    Sent my wife's BN 8x32's in for service to Leica US, due to grit in the focus. Terrific communications direct from customer service, speedy turnaround. Service itself was $220, which felt reasonable. Most importantly - view was better than ever. These are such great binoculars.
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    My new Kowa 883 has simply taken my birding enjoyment to another level

    My Dad bought me one several months ago as a gift - pretty incredible! I have a lot of great optics, and have been a happy user of the Nikon Fieldscope EDs for about 30 years (most recently, the 82, which is wonderful). Top Leica and Zeiss bins too. Nothing prepared me for just how good...
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    Leica 8x42 Geovid HDB 3000's

    I was at the Leica store yesterday getting some eyecups for my old BNs. I was messing around and they mentioned the Geovids are $1000 off right now, something like $1950. I'd never paid attention to these. I spent some time looking through these - inside a mall - and I wasn't really geared...
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    Ultravid 8x20 BR - the little bin that could

    I just received from Super Dave by his kind sale in the classified section a fine pair of Uvid 8x20 BR's. I have to say, fairly bowled over by their optical quality. Alpha snap and resolution - very fine - and somehow these manage to handle like much larger bins. I've always been challenged...
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    Should I worry about nitrogen loss in my ED50?

    Hi all, So many posts from me! Sorry about it all. Going through an optics reconfiguration. As I mentioned in the fragile ED50 thread, the eyepiece mount unscrewed from my unit resulting in a loss of nitrogen and replacement with air at standard humidity. The unit is now rethreaded and...
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    Best eyepiece for the MM4 50ED - the SDL or HDF?

    I finally have gotten fed up with too many breakages on my Nikon ED50 and I'm looking around for an alternative, and this seems like it might be it. Any thoughts on which eyepiece is better for this scope? I can't find FOV specs for them on this scope.
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    Heresy - world beyond the ED82?

    Hi all, I honestly asked this question a bit differently on the main spotting scope thread - I haven't looked through many (any?) high end scopes other than my ED82, which I love. I want to give it to my friend, and intended simply to replace it. Of course, now I'm wondering if I should look...
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    Worth looking at the Kowa 883 as a replacement to my Nikon ED82?

    Hi all, I love my ED82, but having looked through the top of the line Swaro once I know it can be bettered (though a bit hard to imagine). I have been considering giving my Nikon to a friend and now of course that has me thinking about options. I've always been intrigued by the Kowa and...
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    Recommended flip down objective covers for the Conquest HD 8x32s?

    The ones that come with are useless...any suggestions of what fits? Thanks -
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    Recommended flip down objective covers for 8x32 BNs?

    Any suggestions?
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    UVHD+ coating change between 2015 and 2019?

    I was at the Leica store buying my new :) 7x42 UVHD+s and they had an old demo pair from 2015 as well as a 2019 pair. Something compelled me to look at the objectives side by side, and clearly they are different. Going off memory now, but I think the 2015s were more green and the 2019s, more...
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    Would it be crazy to get a pair of 7x35 Retrovids instead of 8x32 HD+ Uvids?

    As some of you may have noticed, I've been on a bit of an alpha odyssey of late. Tried many many bins, and learned a lot in the process. Through it all, I had settled on the 8x32 HD+ Uvids as being an underrated sleeper. Even looked at two copies, one 2nd hand and one brand new from the...
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    Opinions about unit variability on 8x32HD+'s?

    Not spreading rumors here in any way, just asking... Yesterday I bought a new pair of these from the local Leica store, and bought the demo unit since it was sharp...but once home realized it has a small scratch on the paint. I'm thinking about returning to them and getting a new pair in box...
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    Best 8x bins for $200

    Best 8x bins for $200? Any thoughts? My office is buying some SWAG for folks and I thought this would be a cool option. I've always liked the Travelites, but know they have been cheapened. Any thoughts on the 8x30 prostaffs? Also needs to be readily available in US.
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    The Zeiss Victory SF 8x32: a somewhat idiosyncratic, but comprehensive review

    I will be releasing this in two or three parts. This is part one. After long consideration I bought a pair of 8x32 SFs. I am providing this review hoping it will help others with their process – spending an amount equal to half of the price of a halfway decent used car is a little tough...
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    Apparently the upcoming Leica Black Friday sale will feature Ultravids

    A salesperson at the Leica store told me the upcoming November sale will feature Ultravids. He didn't know how much it would be however.
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    Ultravid HD+'s made in Wetzlar

    I am always curious about fabrication locations - like knowing where my gear comes from. This from Mark Brady at Leica: "Thanks for expressing an interest in the Leica Ultravid HD+ binoculars. In answer to your question, they are indeed manufactured at the Wetzlar factory location." Now I...
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    Best size for birding from boats and ships?

    I'm finding my 8x32s jittery. It seems like 7x42 might be the ideal size for birding from boats, ferries, and ships? I once took the ferries to the Outer Hebrides and back. There was a group of very serious, solemn birders aboard. I assumed they were all using 8x42s...but in retrospect...
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    Do folks think the Ultravid HD+ 8x32 is on par with the Zeiss SF or Swaro EL 8x32s?

    Hi all, I am going to make a purchase, and want to be completist with option consideration, and realized I hadn't considered these. I love our Leica BNs, they are so nicely made...there's a lot to be said for that. Asking because seeing the Ultravids will be a bit of an effort.
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    Nice Nikon service experience - 8x32 SEs

    Hi, the hinge on our 550xxx series had gotten a bit loose and so off to Nikon for service. I noticed they had closed the LA repair facility during Covid so was directed to send them to the East Coast center. Returned faster than anything from LA, hinge perfect, definitely cleaned, and perhaps...
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    Where are all the 8x32 SF reviews? After all the speculation...

    Come on...haven't people received theirs yet?
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    Little nick on one objective of my Conquest HDs - should I care?

    I was just cleaning my HD 8x32s and was chagrined to see a tiny chip in one of the objectives. Perhaps I drank too much of the "you can shoot them" koolaid - I have been taking them on my kayak which is a really tough environment in particular - and pretty much shove them into every bag...
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    TSN-550 durability

    Curious about folks' thoughts about durability of these. I have broken two Nikon ED50s in too quick succession and just think they are too cheaply made for their own good - anyone have a sense of the Kowas? Obviously much more expensive than the ED50. This is for a second scope - Nikon ED82...
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    Older 30x WF eyepiece - how does it compare to current DS or MC?

    I have the attached eyepiece. It is good, but doesn't have the same pop/contrast as my more current 25-75 (82) zoom. Is it worth getting the current 30x DS or MC? It seems likely, but wanted to hear thoughts.
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    Trying to decide on the best of the best

    I am considering splurging on some top end birding binoculars. To me these seem to be: Swaro 8.5x42 SL Swaro 8x32 SL Zeiss 8x42 FL Leica 8x42 Noctovid I currently have the Zeiss 8x32 Conquest HDs, which I think are amazing for the $$, but not quite at the level of the four above. I also have...