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    Weight in relation with steadiness?

    John, Thanks for this. I tried out the technique shown in the photo you posted this weekend at the beach with Fujinon 10x50. It worked better in terms of improving hand held steadiness and was not as tiring as my previous method. Interesting that for me more "supporting" rather than "gripping"...
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    Everyday binoculars/alternatives and EDC

    For me EDC bins are those good, small and light enough to be worth having along as much as possible "just in case" but would not be sorely missed if lost or damaged. The SW 8x20 are always in by briefcase. I've never tried a monocular. Mike
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    ZD, Yes that's an entirely possible outcome in terms of my personal preference (but probably not Swarovski's marketing strategy). In fact I was tempted to speculate to that effect in post 116 but didn't want to get too far ahead of the actual comparisons. The handling of the Curio will not be...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    PM, thanks for your observations and the picture. In terms of both optics and handling my current order of preference is: VP 8x25, UV 8x20 BR, SW 8x25, SW 8x20. My 7x21 has not yet shipped. When it arrives I will compare all of them. Based on the input here, the 7x21 may replace the UV 8x20 as...
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    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    Luca, I do see globe effect in some bins, e.g. SW SV, but am not bothered by it in normal use. Comparing the EDG II 7x42 to the Zeiss VP there is no GE in either that I can detect in testing or use today in response to your question. Let us know how it goes and whether you have any other...
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    Review of Kowa BD II 6.5x32 XD

    Tonight for the first time I noticed the view glassing was better with my spectacles. While out walking I trained the Kowa 6.5x32 on Jupiter not expecting much. Surprisingly, very fine focusing - mine has an an almost Genesis smooth focusing wheel - brought the planet and the 4 moons into...
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    Zeiss Victory 8x25

    I over accessorize. But talk about "grab and go". Mike
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    Let's talk PORROS!

    I'm a little more forgiving of the Nikon 7x35 but agree that the sweet spot is 50% at best. Good beach bin for the price, but relatively big and heavy. I can push down the eyecups on mine with moderate pressure but this never happens to me in actual use. Good ER and very solidly built with good...
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    How to carry heavy binoculars in the field and on long hikes

    Thanks Bockos for the helpful (and beautiful!) pictures. Now I understand why the new SW NL case is designed to hold the bins in the horizontal position. Looks like a good option for carrying heavier bins either on hikes or in an urban setting. Mike
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    Thoughts on Terra 8x32 for Kitchen to Yard/Feeder Viewing - 88 Yr Old

    Nice thought. I have the first generation 8x32. I'm not sure whether the second generation is the same with respect to the IPD adjustment but my sample is very stiff. You would have to work with her to get it properly adjusted but once that is done (again if it's like mine) it will not move...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Steven, I just ordered a pair from Camera Land here in the U.S. No deals or discounts that I could find. No idea what shipping, import duties, etc. to the Land of OZ might be. Mike
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Measuring my SW 8x20B and referring to John's technical sheet for the new SW 7x21 in post #54, the two are identical in all dimensions. Comparing the 8x20B with the UVBR, when fully folded they are exactly the same length with the UV being @ 1mm wider and 2mm taller or "thicker". Mike
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Spot on sir. Assumptions, extrapolation and personal opinion follows. No expert here just a happy owner and regular user of SW 8x20 and 8x25, UV 8x20 , and Zeiss VP 8x25. My favorite is the VP, but there are situations where even the VP is too large and the UV steps in adroitly. IMO it's...
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    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    I have the SW 8x20B and the original CL 8x25. The ocular lens on the 20 is @ 15 mm and @ 17 mm on the 25 according to my very rough measurements. Based on the pictures, the 7x looks almost identical to the 8x20 in terms of design shape and dimensions. It also looks like the ocular lens diameter...
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    Monocular to pocket binocular migration fail

    Aotus, Nice, helpful input and links. Speaking strictly as a pocket/compact nerd, IMO 20, 25, 30 and the smaller 32mm bins are each separate categories really. The comparison pictures are enjoyable and helpful but tend to under represent the 3d size differences and of course weight between...
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    Nikon "E"?

    I think it makes sense to assume "yes" in answer to your first question. IIRC, Only 400 Anniversary models were made in the E II. It would not make sense to use those latest and greatest "Anniversary" coatings on only 400 units. The likelihood is you will receive a post 2017 model with the most...
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    Nyack Harness Review (and Kowa Genesis 8.5x44 impressions)

    Thanks Jeff51. My Nyack harness arrived today. Agree it's a good harness for heavy bins. Mike
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    Nikon "E"?

    I agree with the statement made by dries1 above. I have the Anniversary 8x30 E II and a recent E II 10x35 unit number 020314. Looking through both and looking at the coatings on objective and ocular lenses on both there does not appear to be any difference in the coatings. It would appear that...
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    Do I need a pair of 10x to go with my 8x? What are your thoughts?

    Colt, Since you are now “hooked“ on birding you will probably wind up with a spotting scope as well as several other binocular‘s to go with your diamondback 8 x 32.Generally speaking at this point another 8x or another 32 would be redundant in my opinion. Either a 10 x 42 or a 12 X would be a...
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    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    That's been my experience as well. I tried all three on the VP and wound up preferring the M size Opticron objective covers. A bit tight but very sleek and will stretch slightly with use for a better fit. The S were a bit too tight to conveniently use for me. The L are fine for a slightly...
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    Agree that's a nice strap from OpTech. I have several on some of my pocket models with options for wrist straps as well. A versatile combination for those who don't fancy the RYO harness and/or the included Terra strap. Mike
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    7x35 - a forgotten class of binoculars

    I'm looking at and through my Sears Model No. 2511, 7x35 , "Coated Optics", "Wide Angle" fov "500' at 1000 yds." purchased in 1972. They still deliver a good image, mechanically sound, no dust or fungus even tho I have taken almost no care of them in 49 years. IIRC price was $25.00. Mike
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    How to carry heavy binoculars in the field and on long hikes

    I can understand why that image caused concern. For others reading with interest, the way I wear/adjust my RY the toggle rests at the base of my neck, out of the way of the pack as described by dog breath post 18. Also positioned there the toggle is easier to reach for quick adjustments on the...
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    NL 8x42 versus 10x42 real world experiences?

    "The death of the alpha, part deux, Dennis?" "No. The death of the alpha roof!"
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    I need one pocket.

    PG, In post #7 above John A Roberts makes good points and links to other helpful threads which you may enjoy reading. I agree with most other posts above as well. Based on your intended use, IME the 8x20 Leica, either UV or Trinovid would be best. Any 8x25 is probably too big and too heavy for...