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    Sparrows in NJ

    I agree that #1 is Lincoln’s Sparrow. The sharp ending of streaking on the breast contrasting with pure white belly I think supports that ID.
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    Snipe & Starling ID Help, Guangxi China

    Thanks for the specific ID notes Grahame!
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    Snipe & Starling ID Help, Guangxi China

    Two birds I'd like ID help with. Seen this month in Guangxi, China. 1. Photos 1-2: I believe this bird to be a Daurian Starling? Was in a fruiting tree in agricultural area along with some bulbuls, but no other starlings. 2. Photos 3-6 and Video Clip: Snipe (all photos same individual) seen...
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    Silver-throated Tit? (Nanjing, Jiangsu, China)

    Yes, I believe your ID is correct!
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    pied flycatcher carving.

    Wow! Beautiful
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    Dove ID, Guangxi China

    John, Thanks for your help and comments on the dove. Much appreciated. As for Eurasian Collared in Guangxi, I have only one sighting here, an observation I made back in 2014 (soon after arriving in China), when I made the following note: "Black hind-neck collar. No obvious white on tail in...
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    Dove ID, Guangxi China

    This seems like it should be fairly straightforward, but I'm having some trouble with the ID of this dove. Heard Spotted Dove in the same area of this bird. Also know that Eurasian Collared Dove is possible in this region (Guangxi, China) as well. I'm thinking this bird might be a young bird...
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    Accipiter ID-Guangxi, China

    The reason I leaned toward Crested Goshawk initially was primarily that I have observed this species in the area before, when it showed prominent and puffy white "fluff" around the vent/foot area, and was performing characteristic in-flight display. Given that it is probably too early for...
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    Accipiter ID-Guangxi, China

    August sighting of this raptor in Guangxi, China. My guess is Crested Goshawk, but wanted to confirm with those more familiar with hawks in the region. Mike
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    Clements 2021 Update Coming!

    As someone who doesn’t know the ranges of Siberian vs Amur Stonechat I was curious as to where the eBird records for each are split geographically. I noticed that all my Thailand and SE Asia as well as Hong Kong records now show as Amur while the Southern China records (Guangxi, Guangdong) show...
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    (New World) Warblers ID help, Toronto

    I agree that all except #2 are Cape May Warbler. My thought for #2 is magnolia warbler.
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    Birding China

    As someone who has lived in China for a number of years, there are definitely some challenges to getting to out-of-the-way birdy places. I live in a small city away from the main tourist cities and travel routes that foreigners visit. It was necessary for me to learn Mandarin to live here, but...
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    Probable White-browed Fulvetta, Dali, Yunnan, China

    Seeking confirmation for the audio ID of a bird heard at 3900m elevation among rhododendrons on top of Cangshan in Dali, China in July. I did not see the bird. Recently found that the part of the sound clip on this eBird checklist for White browed Fulvetta is a near exact match...
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    Any idea what this little yellow Bird is? -USA

    Despite my previous first thought, I agree with Butty that Yellow Warbler is right. The difference in the undertail coverts is a helpful point which seems to hold true in nearly all ages and plumages of the two species.
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    Any idea what this little yellow Bird is? -USA

    I would suggest a female/young male Magnolia Warbler. The wing bars are a bit too prominent for Nashville and the overall feel to me suggests Magnolia.
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    Dali, Yunnan Trip Report, July 2021

    Yes, the top cableway station at 洗马潭 is at 3900m! We were not so smart to go up to the top on the first full day we spent in Dali. Would have been better to wait a couple days before heading up I think. Johnjemi: Thanks for the note—I enjoy looking at your blog!
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    Hummingbirds Madera & Ramsey Canyons AZ 7/7 to 7/10 2021

    I'm no expert on SW hummingbirds, but I think photos #1, 2, 3,5 look like female Broad-billed Hummingbird. The last photo looks like a female Anna's Hummingbird. Not certain about the others.
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    Dali, Yunnan Trip Report, July 2021

    Thanks to those who gave suggestions for my summer trip. Wanted to provide some follow-up by posting this trip summary. It can be hard to find information in China on birding locations independently, and hopefully this will help some in the future who want to explore Dali. I have also uploaded...
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    Phylloscopus (Golden-spectacled Warbler complex) Song ID, Dali, Yunnan, China

    Here is a 3rd sound clip from the same location that I just discovered. This one contains a number of trills.
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    Reed Warbler ID, Dali, Yunnan, China

    Thanks all for your help with this one! Much appreciate the ID tips. Will give me something to look for in the future as well.
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    Mallard, Singapore

    Yes, this bird is definitely not a wild Mallard, but must have some domestic duck mixed in. Very clear photo!
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    Phylloscopus (Golden-spectacled Warbler complex) Song ID, Dali, Yunnan, China

    July 2021. While birding this month encountered two different singing warblers in the Bianchi's/Marten's/Gray-cheeked/Gray-crowned/White-spectacled complex. Two separate song recordings. The first recording was taken at about 2700m altitude along the Jade Belt trail on Cangshan Mountain in...
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    Reed Warbler ID, Dali, Yunnan, China

    Location: Dali Wetland Park, Yunnan China, in July Multiple birds seen over the course of the day. Would appreciate help with these photos and sounds, as according to checklists from this location both Clamorous and Oriental Reed Warblers are present. Below are media from three different...
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    Planning a Summer Trip: Dali (Yunnan) and Sichuan input wanted!

    Mike, thanks for your reply and the links and trip summary. I'm leaning towards Dali because of the ease of logistics, easy access to mountain (Cangshan) etc. Wow, that valley looks incredible!
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    Planning a Summer Trip: Dali (Yunnan) and Sichuan input wanted!

    Mike, Thanks for the detail info and links. My family is leaning towards heading to Dali for both its convenience and easy access to Cangshan mountain and birds. Seems like between Erhai and Cangshan, Wuwei Temple, there should be a good variety of birds and places to explore during a more laid...