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    Pipit - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08

    yes, Dougie it's an OBP no other choice Tim
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    Perfect Zeiss Dialyt 7x42 on ebay!

    still got mine and still the best ever for me - amazing resolution and brightness mine have never let any water in either in 17 years' use all over the world
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    I expect there'll be plenty of data to analyse then... Tim
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    but it's really sweet! you wouldn't even guess they were looking for woodpeckers from reading the posts. It's nice to know they're eating well mind, and even better to know they're still hearing 'possible double-knocks', looking for a short while and then clearing off the next morning. (Jan...
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    Norfolk birding

    Dave Farrow has posted some pics of the D-b Barn Owl (L Stratton) on RBA nice pix of a very attractive bird - in one pic the bird looks like a bit like a Bay Owl. Rural - thanks for the Teal link
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    Dave I can see what you mean, I just think you're obsessed with methodology and philosophy to the point of almost deliberate obtuseness I'm a bad scientist cos I use soundbites I guess, and can't be bothered to write reams of irrelevance on an internet forum but hey, a band I like sing this...
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    White-eye, Hangzhou, China, Jan 08

    looks like Japanese Kev oriental has a yellow stripe down the belly# I think they overlap a little but Japanese is a more eastern bird as the name intimates
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    Norfolk birding

    Hi Chris Unfotuntately it moved on in early January. Hopefully the bird in Long Stratton will hang around. I still don't really know what these birds are or if they're within the variation of dark female Hens. Nice to see mind. Not sure how many Norfolk birds have occurred inland though...
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    Norfolk birding

    amazing the difference a pager message makes...;) :king: no one seemed remotely bothered about the Ludham bird aside from Pom Skua. Paul, can you briefly describe your GW Teal Hybrid as myself an Ilya saw a bird at the weekend that we considered might have been a hybrid cheers
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    Warbler ? - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08

    I think it's an Aethopyga sunbird seems to have a shortish bill and some white in the tail so possibly a Fork-tailed I think distribution is ok too
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    Dave I'm sure there's even more mileage for some Popper and logic games on this thread: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=106640 get stuck in... :t: Tim
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    But Dave, when people who are well-versed in identifying birds in the field or have extensive experience of searching for secretive birds, have looked (objectively, I hope) at the evidence and come to the conclusion that errors have been made and are still being made, that doesn't suddenly make...
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    are you having us on? Tim
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    Ivory-billed Woodpecker (formerly updates)

    pseudo-intellectual rubbish again Tim
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    Leaf Warbler? - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08

    amongst other things, it has pale-tipped dark tertials (like YBr and Pallas's etc) and the secondaries aren't right either. It's also very pale below and has dark-centred greater covs and a shadow below the greater covs etc. The wing just doesn't look right for a Blyth's / White-tailed type...
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    Crossbill sp

    the bill on the female lacks the bulge on the lower mandible that Parrot shows Linz, are Parrots not usually a bit 'greyer' too? And with a different (brighter, more crimson?) red?
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    Norfolk birding

    I've become quite interested in these recently Matt and have put some extra pics on my site of the Ludham bird so you could always have a look at that. Plus I've researched the ID as much as possible and included some of that info on there too. On the Ludham bird although it has a half-breast...
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    Norfolk birding

    A cold seawatch this afternoon produced a Pom Skua. very little else, apart from a small number of Kittiwakes 10 Gannets 12 auks 2 Pintail 20+ Snow Buntings 1 Barnacle Goose a few Cranes c.20 Red-throated Divers a trawl of the records suggests that yesterday's diver passage was very...
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    Norfolk birding

    20 Snow Bunts several Cranes 6 Whitefronts 1 Barnacle 2nd-winter Med Gull and over 200 Red-throated Divers north in one hour this lunchtime plus good numbers noted passing Walcott later on. Wonder if anyone did any longer counts? Velvet Scoter 'reported' Horsey... details on website later
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    Bean goose ID (uk)

    Tundra the orange is variable - as I see one or two others have noted already!
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    Norfolk birding

    Hi there added some more pix of the Ludham D-b Barn Owl to show the Id features see http://www.freewebs.com/eastnorfolkbirding/articles.htm Tim
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    Parrotbill - Hangzhou, China, Jan 08

    You're right Mark, it's on the east coast, north of Fujian
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    Swallows drowned at building site (BBC News)

    too right makes Iraq look like a walk in the park Tim
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    Norfolk birding

    several cranes incl three very low over Horsey Mere tonight plus whitefronts, Barnacles and 2000 pinks on way home from work but no sign of any Tundras. I think well over 150 Pink-footed goose neck collars have been read out east. The flocks are quite mobile and you've probably got more chance...
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    Kaeng Krachan Access?

    the best and cheapest option by far or Motorbike taxi - bit more exciting! Tim