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  1. John Nihon

    Hertfordshire: Mallards (Mr & Mrs).

    As common as mduck in these parts. ;) Thought I'd add a couple of my own to the already fantastic collection I've spied on birdforum. :)
  2. John Nihon

    Cornwall: Chuffin' heck !! Not 1 or 2 or even 3 but 4 Choughs ๐Ÿ˜€

    Never seen one before so was very please that 4 Cornish Choughs were pointed out to me. ๐Ÿ‘€ Oh happy days !! :D
  3. John Nihon

    Blue Tits: WOW !! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    Two days ago we had around 9 blue tits pay a visit (all at the same time) with an odd great tit and a robin. Never seen so many and was really REALLY impressed. It was a WOW moment for me! I never thought I'd see so many again. However, this morning there were around 20 blue tits, at...
  4. John Nihon

    Box Tree Caterpillars: They're back with a vengeance !!

    and so am I !! Almost one year on and they're back. I've hand picked going on for 200 from a section of our box tree hedge the past couple of days. I know there are more, probably many many more !! :mad: If anyone has any ideas of a quick/efficient way of getting rid of them please let...
  5. John Nihon

    Greenfinch: Is this papillomatosisโ“ ๐Ÿš‘๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿงซ

    This little chap(ess) started to visit one of our feeders yesterday and is back again today. The bird overall appears healthy other than both its legs having lesions. It does struggle to stay on the feeder and nearby tree branches and flaps a lot to maintain its balance. I've tried to...
  6. John Nihon

    Is it my eyesight ๐Ÿ‘€ ....

    or are some photos (quite a few photos actually) over sharpened/processed? :unsure: Some photos are so fantastic that they don't appear completely natural to me. I'm not criticising, just making an observation as to what I see and wish that my shots would turn out even half as good. :)
  7. John Nihon

    Advice Please: Tripod/Locking plate

    I've never had what I would call a decent tripod and don't know much (actually I know nothing) about brands or what's best. :unsure: My problems: 1) I fix my camera to my tripod and use in landscape normally. :) This is generally manageable however, adjustment and precision placement are...
  8. John Nihon


    I'm sure that I saw someone mention snowdrops recently so I thought I would make my first 2021 contribution. :)
  9. John Nihon

    Help please. Is this a Common Gull?

    I'm not really good at identification as you can probably guess but was wondering if someone could tell me what sort of gull this is. :unsure: When I try and do a lookup I'm not completely sure. Common gulls in the pictures I refer to appear to have more yellowish legs and beaks...
  10. John Nihon

    Help please. Are these Fieldfares?

    I looked up in my Garden wildlife book and Fieldfares seem to be the nearest match I can find. I've never seen in our garden before and then yesterday evening at least 5 came along at once. Thought I was very lucky! :D Sorry about the quality, it was darkish and I've lightened up quite a lot...
  11. John Nihon

    Blue tit: Is this little fellow OK?

    It's just appeared the past couple of days and looks a little worse for wear. All its friends look fighting fit! Could it have caught something? If so should I be concerned that it may pass whatever on as other birds use the feeders. Any advice please or is it just that it may have been...
  12. John Nihon

    Displaying larger photos

    Can larger photos be displayed in a post rather than the thumbnail sized ones? If so how please? :egghead:
  13. John Nihon

    Box Tree Moths: A NUISANCE !!

    Has anyone any tips on getting rid of them or in particular the caterpillars or better still discouraging them from paying us a visit in the first place? :brains: They first appeared last year. This year I've been removing the caterpillars by hand now that I know what to look for but it's not...
  14. John Nihon

    Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler or something else?

    Hope someone can clarify. I came across this (see picture) recently but I feel unsure as to what to match it up with when I google. Looking at its characteristics I'm inclined to say it's a Chiffchaff but ???? Please can anyone confirm!
  15. John Nihon

    Hello good fellows of birdforum land

    Hello One and All, Nice to meet you. :hi: Since the lock down started I've had a little more opportunity to notice what's going on outside in the garden. :cat: = not so good :frog: = a few o:D = plenty (nearest I could find to a bird) B (: B (: B (: B (: = only to quench my thirst on hot...