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    Gadwall - male, Hampshire, UK

    This male Gadwall struck us as being very pale last weekend. Obviously a male and moulting out of eclipse. The dark tail pattern has yet to develop and all the darker mantle feathers are not showing yet. Is this 'normal' or is there some indication of mixed parentage. I would welcome any comments.
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    Bat in Southern Morocco - Feb 2020

    Hi all I got the attached spectogram using Echometer touch 2 this Feb in Erfoud in Southern Morocco. I suspect it is one of the pipistrelles, it certainly looked like it, but is it possible to identify from the spectogram? There is so little info about Moroccan bats that I can find, I am not...
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    Frog in Southern Morocco - help please

    The attached photo shows a frog seen in February near Iriri (GPS point:30.939, -7.210). I assume that it is a North African Water Frog (Pelophylax saharicus), but it seems to be at the extreme edge of colouring; no greens at all, no vertebral line. If so, is this colouring a result of...
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    Identity of 'creosote' smelling shrub in Morocco

    I have recently returned from the Sahara edge near Erfoud in Morocco. The attached plant/shrub was common in flashes and water courses following the rains in October. It was generally mixing with Euphorbia calyptrata. It had long stopped flowering, but it was covered with pods. The most...
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    Africa - year list record

    I read that the Budget birders (https://budgetbirders.com) Ross and Melissa Gallardy are doing a trip to Africa Dec 19-Oct 20. No details of their plans as yet that I can find. Set me wondering what is the current year record for the continent? I looked at eBird and the recent highest list...
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    Namibian Dragonflies - Oct 2019

    I would be delighted for any assistance in identifying the attached dragonfly. I had assumed it must be a Basker but can't find a match. Found far from water in acaccia in Erongo mountains. Many thanks
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    Dactylorhiza - Carpathians, Romania

    I saw this orchid about a week ago near Rasnov on the edge of the Romanian Carpathians. I had previous found Heath spotted, Common spotted, Early marsh and Heart flowered marsh. This one struck me as different, but acknowledging that this group is the master of hybridisation. Could this be D...
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    Confusing Ophrys - Minervois, France

    All the attached were taken last week in the Minervois in France. Ophrys were plentiful, mainly lutea and a few scolopax and fuscus. I found the ealy spider orchid types and associated confusing and attach a few that I would welcome any comments on potential species/subspecies or hybrids.
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    Clubtail from Minervois

    Seen last week at Le Somail on the canal du midi in France. This appears to be an immature Gomphus of some type. Can anyone point me to which species this is please.
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    Is this a Catalan Wall Lizard?

    Seen last week at the Rec above Gruissan near Narbonne, this lizard had me pondering due to the large lateral pale strip. There doesn't appear to be a picture of this type, but the text mentions this can be a feature of CWL. The relatively long snout seems to fit - maybe. Still trying to get...
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    Iris in Ethiopia

    I found this iris blooming at c 3700m in the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia in February. Can anyone help with the ID Many thanks
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    Dragonflies - Ethiopia Feb 2019

    I have seen a number of Dragonflies in Ethiopia over the last few weeks and would welcome comments and IDs. First are a few from Awash NP
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    Sicilian Swallowtails

    I attach a couple of pictures of Swallowtails seen in Sicily last month. The upperside appears to be very similar to the pictures I have seen of Corsican Swallowtail, however the underside (admittedly not the best) appears to be wholly consistent with a "normal" swallowtail. Can anyone point...
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    Western or Eastern Willow Spreadwing in Sicily - ID help needed

    Attached is a photo of a female Willow Spreadwing in Sicily last week - not the best but the best of the bunch I took. I understand that both Western and Eastern occur. The pterostigmas are darker than I would expect for Western but is it an Eastern? Thoughts would be most welcome. Also did...
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    Arums in Sicily - ID help needed

    Attached are two shots of Arums seen in the last week or so in Sicily. Any views on identity would be most welcome
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    Velvet Ant Sicily

    Seen today in SE Sicily. I assume some type of Velvet Ant. Can anyone confirm please and put a name to it. Many thanks
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    Seawatch Flamingo

    I have seen flamingos offshore in flight before. But yesterday I was surprised to see a Greater Flamingo about 1km offshore in the south coast of Sicily. It was not in distress but on its own. Bobbing along quite happily. It was also then able to lift from the sea and carried on flying...
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    Greek Orchids - Id Help Needed

    Help needed for Orchids from Kastoria region of Northern Greece - the trip was in the first week of May. Photos to follow