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    Warbler ID - Central NJ

    Taken at Manasquan Reservoir today. It looks like a Wilson's Warbler to me as the black cap seems to show just barely from this angle, the beak size and wings look right, and there was one reported there earlier today but I'd like to get some opinions on if it could be a yellow warbler. Thanks
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    Eagle ID - Southern NJ

    There have been a few reports of golden eagles at this location over the last week. I photographed several bald eagles when I was there - is this bird also a bald eagle or golden? Thanks
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    Virginia Rail ID Central NJ

    There have been confirmed reports of a Virginia rail at this exact location and I thought I had it in these photos but I'm leaning toward clapper rail. It looked very small in the brief views I had but the over-all details including bill length don't seem to point to Virginia. Can anyone ID...
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    American Pipit ID - Central NJ

    I took these a few years ago in June before I had much practice with identifying birds. Is the bird an American Pipit? There were 2 or 3 in the field - habitat was right but seems there are few sightings of this species in June. Thanks
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    Gull ID Central NJ

    Can anyone help with this gull ID. Seen in Central NJ December of last year. Thanks
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    Black-headed gull ID NJ

    Saw this guy in Manasquan today and there have been black-headed gulls confirmed there the last few days. This bird looks right to me but looking for confirmation that it's a black-headed gull. Thanks
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    Wren ID - Central NJ

    Can someone give me an ID from this pic - I was thinking Carolina wren but I know there are winter wrens in the area as well.
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    Cormorant ID Central NJ

    Is this a great cormorant? Thanks!
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    Warbler ID Central NJ

    Looking for confirmation on these 2 warblers - is it Blackpoll in #1 and Tennessee in #2,3,4?
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    Sandpiper ID - NJ

    Taken at Forsythe NWR. Shown next to a semipalmated plover for size comparison. Longer bill and looks to have slightly yellowish legs. Is it a dunlin? thanks
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    Sandpiper ID Central NJ

    Are either of these Western Sandpipers? There were 2 reported but unconfirmed at this location today. Several confirmed reports at this location in the past few weeks. The first 3 photos are of one individual, and the photos 4-5 are of another individual. Both looked to have longer somewhat...
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    White-Rumped Sandpiper ID, NJ

    Photos were taken at Forsythe NWR a couple days ago. First 2 photos the bird is on the left, and 3rd shows flight. I'm not sure if the feeding bird and the bird in flight are the same but are both showing white-rumped sandpipers? Is bird in the middle of photo 4 a least sandpiper? Thanks
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    Northern Waterthrush

    Is this a juvenile northern waterthrush?
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    2 Sandpiper ID's NJ

    Both seen at Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.
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    Swan ID Central NJ

    Tundra and Trumpeter swans have both been reported at this location recently. The one on the left seemed smaller than the mute and the head shape etc looks like maybe tundra. The one on the right seems a bit larger and head shape closer to trumpeter. Not sure though. Can anyone ID? thanks
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    Palm warbler? - central NJ

    Can someone confirm this is a palm warbler thanks
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    Plover ID NJ

    Are these black-bellied plovers?
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    Tern ID's Central NJ

    Are the first 4 pics all forster's terns and the last caspian? thanks
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    Hawk ID Central NJ

    Is this a red-tailed hawk? thanks
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    Iceland Gull ID

    I came across these from april of 2016 taken in central nj - jersey shore. They were taken in succession but I don't recall if it was the same bird. Are either an Iceland gull?
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    Tern ID Central NJ

    Can someone ID this tern for me. Is it a black tern?
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    ID Central NJ

    Can someone ID this bird for me? Thanks
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    Tern ID's Central NJ

    Can someone ID these terns for me? the first 3 photos are the same pair of birds I believe - are they forster's terns? the last photo is another individual
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    Sandpiper IDs Central NJ

    Wondering about the sandpipers on the right hand side of the first 2 photos. There is a dunlin in the first for scale and I believe the smaller guys are semipalmated. There are 3 larger birds in frame - can someone identify? Are photos 4 and 5 semipalmated as well? Also wondering if the...
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    2 Sandpiper ID's NJ

    Can someone id these 2 sandpipers for me. first 3 photos is one bird, photo 4 and 5 is second bird thanks