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    Insects from Crete

    Polistes sp paper wasp.
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    Rarest bird you have seen in the UK?

    Not sure Gannet could be called rare under any definition as Bass Rock has the world's largest Northern Gannet population & the UK has a population in excess of 290,000 birds & over half the world population.
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    Ducks in Crete

    I also think these are domestic Mallards. Other than posture the colours are rather off for a true wild bird.
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    Dragonfly ID - Kenya

    Agree with mature male Trithemis annulata.
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    UK Native seedlings ID please

    Certainly looks identical to the Red Campion seedlings in my garden-but don't think you could differentiate a hybrid from seedlings. Will be interested to see them when they have flowered.
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    UK Native seedlings ID please

    Red Campion, Silene dioica. Also appears to be a Gorse seedling in the first shot.
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    Multiple birds in Camargue wetlands, France

    Looks to be Kentish Plover in 8 too.
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    October Moths - 2021

    36 moths of 11 species at dawn this morning in an Ealing park trap. Box Moth still most numerous. Best were Sallow & Deep Brown Dart.
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    Geom? NEast London.

    I thought probably Mottled Umber too.
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    October Moths - 2021

    I find with Silver Y, which is a migrant rather than resident species, the numbers can vary massively year to year. Super abundant some years & relatively scarce in others. Surprised you always find it very common.
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    October Moths - 2021

    Dewick's Plusia is now breeding in places so may not be a migrant here.
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    Feeder bird South Louisiana

    Pygmy Nuthatch.
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    ID please Merida Spain

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    October Moths - 2021

    They seem to be turning up in some of the suburbs now. Not sure if they've been found in the inner city, but certainly there seems to be a year on year increase. Les Evan-Hill who traps on Wimbledon Common now gets some catches each year along with Dark Crimson Underwing.
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    October Moths - 2021

    They are noticeably larger as I've seen images of both underwings side by side. Becoming more frequent in the London area & the south-east, though I'm yet to see one myself.
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    NEast London Noctuid?

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    Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark? India

    Looks good. Quite a few years since I went there.
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    Three for confirmation Norfolk

    First is a blonde female variant of Egyptian Goose-we see a few of these in London-neither hybrid nor juvenile. Second is a Greylag-possibly with some domestic goose in it, but not a hybrid & no Whitefront in it.
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    September Moths

    Rather disappointing 24 moths of 9 species in our traps in a west London reserve this morning. Large Yellow Underwing was most common followed by Willow Beauty & Box Moth. The only other micro was an Acleris variegana. Pick were a melanic Green Brindled Crescent & Red-green Carpet.
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    September Moths

    Your abbreviation LYU is rather ambiguous as it could be Large or Lesser Yellow Underwing?
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    ID Please Merida Spain

    First image gives me impression of Zitting Cisticola?
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    Pink-footed geese, York, UK.

    Pinkfeet have a very distinctive call & very different to the various feral species. The date seems okay for incoming birds now & if they are regularly recorded on passage may well have been. Large numbers winter on the coastal marshes of Lincs/Norfolk; the latter being where I regularly...