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    I.B.W extinction latest

    Here's the list: https://www.fws.gov/news/ShowNews.cfm?ref=u.s.-fish-and-wildlife-service-proposes-delisting-23-species-from-&_ID=37017 Edit: sorry Mono, didn't see your post....had the OP sitting in an unopened tab too long.
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    Walking boots

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    Webinars and Webcams during Lockdown

    Ask The Expert: Fall Birding with David Allen Sibley Cost: Free Location: Virtual Webinar Date/Time: October 8, 2021 - 12PM-1PM Eastern Standard Time - 5pm-6pm GMT Info: Ask The Expert: Fall Birding with David Allen Sibley (Virtual) Registration...
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    How Ornithologists Figured Out How to Preserve Birds

    How Ornithologists Figured Out How To Preserve Birds .....a couple of good, informative reads (links) within this article. The Development of Taxidermy and The History of Ornithology John Edmonstone: the man who taught Darwin Taxidermy Thought it was worth sharing...
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    Hybridization in Birds

    Most recent visitor:
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    Hybridization in Birds

    Don't know how nice they are but here's my photos of a Bullock's x Baltimore Oriole Hybrid: These were taken in April 2016. Last year, September 2020, I had another male BUOR x BAOR on the feeder; the photo was a tad bit blurry but I still have it. As I understand, taken from Sibley's...
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    Anyone else get Orioles at their feeders?

    I have between 14 to 18 orioles on 4 feeders during early spring. Mostly Bullocks but I also get Orchard's and Baltimore's during migration, on both ends. Currently I have 5 Bullock's; four adult males and one 1st year male. I love their song; they're not singing so much now but early spring...
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    Planting For Hummingirds

    Bee Balm
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    Rufous or Allen's - San Angelo Texas USA

    Rufous or Allen's Hummingbird...?? That's all I got, no tail feathers other than the 'green back, rufous rump' showing it's length. Taken on 27 April 2021; bird visited my home for 3 days. Tks r/
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    A World on the Wing with Scott Weidensaul

    The latest ABA podcast - A World on the Wing with Scott Weidensaul The interview is about 27 minutes long, it starts at the 6:30 mark. Here's the direct link to the player...
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    Infections killing.....species in Monterey County CA USA

    It is....!! I was speaking of the Subforum; Food and Feeder pin or sticky; a little more in-your-face. It's hard enough getting a location in the ID subforum; that request is right under the header, although not in bold or highlighted in any way. /r
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    Infections killing.....species in Monterey County CA USA

    Articles like these, or at least something addressing these issues, ought to be a "sticky" or "pinned" to the top of this subforum. Thanks.....I appreciate the follow up.
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    Infections killing.....species in Monterey County CA USA

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    RUHU and the OCWA

    I'm gettin' a little long in the tooth so I tend to ramble and rant more than I use too. I'll say my piece but at the end, I have a question. I'd appreciate inputs, hearing your opinion. My RUHU didn't show up the next day. I'd like to think it flew south, as a pragmatist I lean to the...
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    RUHU and the OCWA

    Let me rant a little, let me get it out......I'm stressed and I think this will help. So, I got this rogue Orange-crowned Warbler....he's been with me since the fall, he nothing but a pain in the a$$. First it was the Bewick's Wren; he followed 'em around, stickin' to 'em like glue, mimicking...
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    Proper fruit feeding outdoor birds

    I only feed when there's snow or a deep freeze which happens a few times per year. American Robins like grapes. I buy large purple grapes and cut 'em in half or quarters, if I don't the Robins work on 'em; bangin' 'em on the ground to break 'em apart. I cut pomegranates in quarters. I throw a...
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    Webinars and Webcams during Lockdown

    Ask The Expert: Birding with David Allen Sibley Cost: Free Location: Virtual Webinar Date/Time: February 26, 2021 - 12PM-1PM Eastern Standard Time = 5pm-6pm GMT Info: https://www.wgbh.org/events/ask-the-expert-birding-virtual Registration...
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    Compact scope to use for garden

    Sweet..!!..nice rig, thanks for the photo and info. All day, huh.....I should have requested specific demographic data. I'll be 70 next year, all day hiking isn't what it use to be. Length of the day is the same, trail miles are shorter. I'm getting about 14 miles, hiking and birding. A couple...
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    ABA - American Birding Podcast – In Defense of the Cowbird

    In Defense of the Cowbird with Sara Winnicki - S5E05 of the American Birding Podcast for the article or here to go directly to the player. I enjoyed this episode, found it informative; enough to post here for sharing. There's a few segments in this episode. The Cowbird with Sara Winnicki...
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    Compact scope to use for garden

    The fact that you hike with it piqued my interest. If possible, could you post a photo of this rig? If you had to guess, how many miles of trail time can you knock off before you wished you left it at home?
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    The Million Dollar Duck

    I didn't know where to drop this, it covers a lot of ground. I hope the people from the Wildlife Art forum find their way here. In the end, it's all about Conservation, so this is where it sits......unless the power that be sees fit to move it. I'm not sure of my memory; I believe there's been...
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    what is this scat

    Did you pull it apart, did you find bones, skeletal remains or feathers? I can't make out the composite but it looks to be all vegetation; seed husks? To me, it appears to be a regurgitated pellet; it lacks moisture and form from an intestinal track. The size is what leads me to a Screech...
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    what is this scat

    It's perching on the feeder at night or somewhere near by.....doing what owls do....not eating from the feeder, that's for sure.
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    what is this scat

    Can't really tell from the photo but as small as you say it is, it's most likely a regurgitated bird pellet. I've watch Western Kingbirds and Northern Mockingbird spit up pellets but they're oblong and skinnier. Years ago, I found Screech Owl pellets in my yard. They were about a half inch to...
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    Texotics....have ya seen 'em?

    Last month, there was an article in our local paper about an early morning sighting of an unknown Texotic about 60 miles south of San Angelo. A large strong animal with curved horns like a ram. It scared the driver, of course, as any large animal on the road would in early morning light...