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  1. Rapala

    Question for Leica Televid Owners

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a Leica Televid 65 spotting scope. I purchased it secondhand and have noticed what could be a defect with the eyepiece locking mechanism. When I attach the 25-50x eyepiece, it clicks into place but with enough force in either direction it still twists slightly. It's...
  2. Rapala

    Baltimore/Orchard Oriole - Michigan, USA

    Hi all, Photos taken this morning while chasing after a previously reported orchard oriole in northern Michigan. I thought the bill looked a bit short but the wings might be too dark for orchard? Appreciate any input, thanks!
  3. Rapala

    Common/Hoary Redpoll - Michigan, USA

    Spotted this redpoll in with a flock of Commons at Whitefish Point a few weeks ago. I've passed it off as a Common but wanted to double check. Although not as pale as a confirmed Hoary spotted later, this individuals was a fair bit paler than the surrounding Common Redpolls. Thoughts?
  4. Rapala

    Gulls - Michigan, USA

    Hi all, I'm seeking identification on a few gulls seen today. The photos were taken from the shore of Lake St. Clair, located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, amidst a massive flock of Herring/Ring-Billed Gulls. I've got some guesses but I'm curious to hear what you think! 3 and 4 are same...
  5. Rapala

    Blackbirds in Flight - Michigan, USA

    Several of these blackbirds flew by earlier today along a wildlife flooding. Does the yellow eye rule out Brewer's? Sorry for the poor photos, the birds were at quite a distance and have been heavily cropped.
  6. Rapala

    Confirm Cackling Goose - Michigan, USA

    I'm thinking this is a pretty good candidate for Cackling Goose. This bird was spotted about a week ago among a flock of Canada Geese. Can anyone confirm? Thanks
  7. Rapala

    Spotted/Solitary Sandpiper Advice - Michigan

    This morning I had a brief encounter with a sandpiper along a narrow river. The sandpiper flew by giving a series of harsh, but at this point forgotten, call notes that were somewhat high pitched. The flight was rapid series of wing beats followed by short glides, with the wings held low and...
  8. Rapala

    Birdsong Identification - Oregon, USA

    These recordings were taken about two weeks ago in an old growth forest in the hills above the central Oregon coast. The forest was largely fir and spruce at about 1,000 feet in elevation. I found the birding to be especially tricky with such tall trees, and only managed to get recordings of a...
  9. Rapala

    Glaucus-Winged Gull - Oregon, USA

    Still sorting out photos from Oregon. I believe the center bird is a Glaucous-Winged Gull. Is this correct? Thanks
  10. Rapala

    Confirm Pacific-Slope Flycatcher - Oregon Coast, USA

    I had a brief glimpse of this empid on a recent trip to the central Oregon coast. Impressions based mainly of the photo, it appears to have a large beak, a peaked crown, and a definite eye-ring. It was found in a lowland forest along a river. I think these characteristics are enough to confirm...
  11. Rapala

    Mystery Warbler Song - Michigan

    This bird was recorded singing earlier this morning in an area of young deciduous forest. The trill heard at 1, 8, and 16 seconds has qualities similar to Orange-Crowned Warbler, but I have only heard them sing with a downward inflection at the end of the trill. In this recording, the pitch...
  12. Rapala

    Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs - Michigan

    I posted these photos for identification in a recent thread, receiving both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs as possibilities. I was hoping, with this thread devoted only to this bird, to receive more feedback and comments on which species it might be. The photos were taken in Michigan several days...
  13. Rapala

    Sandpiper Identification - Michigan

    I observed these few birds yesterday at a wildlife flooding here in the UP. I have a pretty good idea of what I think they are, but I'm not much at identifying sandpipers and could use some assistance. The first three photos are of the same bird. The final photos are of a pair of distant...
  14. Rapala

    Gull and Duck Confirmation - Michigan, USA

    These birds were photographed several days ago at a local flooding. The gull seems pretty straightforward; dark earspot and fine bill support Bonaparte's Gull, correct? This gull was also smaller in size than a nearby Ring-Billed Gull. The group of ducks has really thrown me for a loop. As I...
  15. Rapala

    Passerines in Flight - Michigan, USA

    Along with the rush of migrant ducks this past weekend, there were a large number of passerines flying overhead. The vast majority were Yellow-Rumped Warblers, but a few remain unidentified. The following photos were taken at the same location as my previous thread, over a large marshy flooding...
  16. Rapala

    Migrant Duck IDs - Michigan, USA

    This past weekend was a great one for migrant birding, and the following photos are the ones which I would not positively identify. I have about a dozen photos to be identified, but I have broken them into two threads, passerines in one and ducks in the other, to reduce the number of photos in...
  17. Rapala

    Waterbird ID Help - Michigan

    These photos were all taken several days ago at a local wildlife flooding. The winds were favorable and a few flocks of ducks were moving through. 1 and 2 are the same flock, and 3 and 4 are of a separate flock, with the same individuals in each photo. I caught 5 out of the corner of my eye and...
  18. Rapala

    Sandpiper in Flight -Michigan

    I had a brief encounter with this sandpiper earlier today while birding a local wildlife flooding. Unfortunately the bird was distant and I was unprepared, but I fired off a few shots. The photos have been cropped with only a slight increase in overall exposure. I have an idea of what this...
  19. Rapala

    Fall Warbler ID -Michigan

    I spotted this warbler earlier today in a mixed flock of warblers, chickadees, and kinglets. The flock was foraging through a low area of mixed forest. This warbler is fairly drab and ragged-looking, so I was hoping for some help on an identification. Both photos are of the same bird. Thanks
  20. Rapala

    Confirm Marsh Wren -Michigan

    I'm not sure that the song in this recording resembles anything other than a Marsh Wren, but it is just another species that I am unfamiliar with. With it being rather uncommon to the area I'd like to have it confirmed. The recording has been cleaned up a bit to remove wind noise and amplify the...
  21. Rapala

    Confirm Duck ID from Seney NWR -Michigan

    Hoping for some confirmation that these are Ring-Necked Ducks. The photo was taken yesterday at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the UP of Michigan. I know that Scaup would be an uncommon possibility at this time of year, so I wanted to rule them out. Thanks
  22. Rapala

    Confirm Eastern Towhee - Michigan

    I just recorded this about an hour ago here in the Upper Peninsula. The bird was somewhat distant, singing from within a grassy area surrounded by forest. I think this is pretty straightforward as a typical Eastern Towhee, but having never found one at this location I'd just like to...
  23. Rapala

    Obvious Sparrow/Blackbird ID -Michigan

    This seems like a pretty obvious bird that I can't seem to identify. The recording was taken today in a large grassy field. I get the feeling of a blackbird or sparrow, but no grassland species I can think of sounds like this. Of course, maybe it's not sparrow or blackbird after all. Can anyone...
  24. Rapala

    Bird Call ID from Recording -Michigan

    This recording was taken today in a mature forest, mostly maple, hemlock and oak. It is a simple, slightly downslurred whistle repeated at even intervals. From what I could tell, the bird was fairly high up in a tree but I could not see it. Does anyone have an idea of what this might be?
  25. Rapala

    Hermit Thrush Photo Advice

    I was lucky enough to have a Hermit thrush perch near me and burst into song earlier this spring. I took dozens of photos while creeping closer, and I'm looking for critique on this photo in particular. The bird was located in a dense stand of young aspen, making a clear shot difficult...