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    White Ducks- Dodder River in Ireland

    I've been walking along a familiar stretch of the Dodder River in Dublin, Ireland for many years but never before saw any white ducks. Apparently, this pair arrived on the river last Sunday and have more or less stayed in the same spot near a waterfall since and as would be expected are getting...
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    Photo taken along Dodder River in Ireland

    Just wondering if I could get help in identifying this bird- many thanks
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    Photo taken on river bank, Dublin, Ireland

    The old question! Is this a Chiff chaff or Willow Warbler? Brian Tansey, on Flickr
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    Blue Tit with colouring- photo taken in Ireland

    Photo taken yesterday along the banks of the dodder river in Ireland- the Blue Tit has caught some lunch - but just wondering about the orange colouring - I presume it's from some plant? Blue Tit by
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    Is the a young Blue-Tit? Photo taken in Dublin, Ireland

    Thanks for your help
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    Blue Tit- banks of thw dodder River-Ireland

    Brian Tansey I took this pic today and am trying to figure out if this is a blue tit which has just had a bath( photo taken on banks of a river) - or is it a juvenile or other explanation for appearance?
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    Gull- on Dodder River, Ireland

    Just trying to get an /ID on this Gull?
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    Thrush- photo taken it Ireland

    Once again I'm back to find out whether this is a Song or Mistle thrush- every time I take a 'guess' myself and post the pic on flickr -someone always comes along to correct me!! BTW a second or 2 after this photo was taken a Magpie swooped down and seemed to try to hit or grab the chick...
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    Young Robin? Dublin in Ireland

    This morning along the river Dodder- this bird seemed to be 'practicing' flying before coming to rest- I just assumed it was a juvenile robin- but then any juveniles I've seen before around this time of year don't have that red colouring on their breast??
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    Martin: Dublin Ireland

    This is a poor photograph but I wonder can anyone give me an ID. These birds have just arrived here in the last few days- locals think they are a martin of sorts maybe a sand martin or house martin by
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    Thrush - Ireland

    I took this pic this morning and posted it on a local Facebook page as 'Mistle Thrush' someone has come in to correct me and to say it's a song Thrush. I iD any help appreciated- thanks in advance!
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    Blackbird - Ireland

    I'm just trying to figure out if this is a female or juvenile= taken today by
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    Blue tit question- Ireland

    I am probably posting this to the wrong site and am sorry about that- but I've scrolled up and down and can find no better home. Blue tit today in wild riverside hawthorn tree- is that yellowish tinge around its beak from what it was eating?? Blue Tit
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    BirdID help - photo taken riverside in Ireland

    I thought this might be a chiffchaff- but somebody tells me they do not return to Ireland till late April? by
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    Thrush: Photo taken in Ireland

    No matter how hard I try I can never tell the difference! Song or Mistle Thrush
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    Dipper photos Ireland - food type?

    I searched for an appropriate forum- what I am trying to do is identity what type of food the Dipper has here. It is part of its regular diet- it dives in swims underwater and comes back with this or similar. It then proceeds to 'bang' it against a rock before finally eating what is inside...
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    Cormorant question: Photo taken in Ireland

    I took this photo today on the Dodder River in Ireland. A few weeks ago I posted a pic of I think the bird nearest the camera and was informed it was displaying its breeding plumage. I just wonder if both birds in this pic are males? Cormorants
  18. K


    This is a photo I took today of a cormorant on the River Dodder in Ireland. I'm just wondering what is the significance of the 'white plumage' on the bird's head?
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    Irish Dipper( Cinclus cinclus hibernicus)

    Here is a recent photo which I took of a Dipper on the Dodder River in Dublin, Ireland https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/, on Flickr I'm reading that the distinction between the Irish sub-species and its Eurasian counterpart is a brown tinge or band at the base of its white...
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    Bird ID - is this a blackcap?

    Blackcap( I think)
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    Type of Sparrow?

    A friend of mine lives in Colorado He took this pic - but all he knows is that it is a sparrow Does it have a defining name- many thanks for any help upload london 2018
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    What type of Sparrow?

    Just wondering is this a house or tree sparrow? Sparrow [/url
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    There seems to be an absence of green in lower body- is this a greenfinch?
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    A bit of a head turner

    I've seen many cormorants over the years- on the coast and on both th Rivers Liffey and Dodder( mainly Dublin, Ireland) But don't think I've seen one before with a full 180 degree head turn until today? Cormorant with 180 degree head turn
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    Can I confirm that this is a blackbird?

    Taken today Banks of Dodder River, Dublin, Ireland