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  1. Joker9937

    Digiscoping only galleries

    I did not see any rules to prohibit this, but if it is otherwise taboo, please, delete my post. I started a Flickr group ( https://flic.kr/g/3ffyh2 ) JUST for hobbyists like us. I was unable to find a Flickr group that focused ONLY on digiscoper/phonescoper hobbyists or pros. I also had...
  2. Joker9937

    Nikon refurbished optics; do they still have the same warranty?

    Somewhat based on the info from users on here, I am considering a Nikon Fieldscope. I found a refurbished scope, and it is supposedly through Nikon. Has anyone on here had experience with purchasing Nikon refurbished equipment? Do they still have the factory warranty, etc? Any experience...
  3. Joker9937

    What is wrong with this photo?!?!?

    I am digiscoping with a Samsung Note 10+ and a Zeiss Diascope 85 t*FL. The sun was over my right shoulder, and it was roughly an hour before sunset. Seemed to be excellent lighting. However, I cannot seem to focus properly. Why is part of this House Finch, his head, in focus (Although...
  4. Joker9937

    North Eastern Indiana, US, what is this hawk

    Stumbled across this hawk yesterday (04/10/20). He/she was perched approximately 5 feet off the ground near a mossy muck pond. While I tried to get some good photos (lots of branches between us) she dove off the branch, and did not spread her wings until she was fully midair. I think the...
  5. Joker9937

    RAW images and how to focus?

    I will post in the digiscoping forum too, but thought someone might be able to help me here. I have a Samsung Note 10+ that I use to digiscope. The camera has a "pro" mode, and it allows RAW images to be stored, alongside the JPG. However, most of the time, the RAW image is unfocused. If...
  6. Joker9937

    Eagle Marsh, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    A member/friend on BF suggested starting a thread for Eagle Marsh. Here it is. I only have a few photos, but will start it with what few I currently have. Digiscoping, so not the quality others might offer. Please, post your stuff. Thanks!:t:
  7. Joker9937

    Redwing Blackbird Note 8

    Stumbled across this section. Others have posted AMAZING art. Don't really have any worthy contributions, but the fact that this was scribbled on a Note 8 might be somewhat interesting. If not, no worries. The Redwing is one of my favorite birds, primarily because of their song. It...
  8. Joker9937

    Zeiss Diascope 85 T* FL year of manufacture

    Hello. I had posted in another section that I was considering a Swarovski AT80 HD, and still might go that route, but found a Zeiss Diascope that is far less money, and comes with tripod, etc. It does not have original boxes, and stuff, but looks pristine. I was wondering if anyone would...
  9. Joker9937

    Swarovski at80hd for digiscoping?

    Hello. I've been shopping for a used older scope that is as optically capable as possible. My goal is to use it for digiscoping of Whitetail and other wildlife. If I am lucky enough to find an angled version, or something that can be so adapted, I would use it for a travel scope for a bit of...
  10. Joker9937

    Leitz Trinovid focuser issue

    Before I return these to the seller, I thought I would see if anyone has had this issue. If it is something fairly simple to remedy, then I would prefer to fix them. They are pretty nice otherwise. Anyway, I took a chance on a 7x42 Trinovid for pretty cheap. The seller said they were in...
  11. Joker9937

    Questions on Leitz Wetzlar bino missing ep collar Trinovid(?)

    I picked up my first set of Leitz Wetzlar. According to a few serial number lists that were posted here and other places, they look to have been manufactured in 1972. The collar for the left ep is missing, for some reason. So, I am not sure if they are Trinovids or something else. I am...
  12. Joker9937

    Swift Observer 11x80

    I know that this is a primarily birding site, but with a Swift-focused forum, I was hoping this might be a good spot for more info about these binoculars. Received them a few days ago. Very nice shape. Seem well-constructed, except, and it is barely an issue at this point, the right/diopter...
  13. Joker9937

    Swift Tyrol 15x60

    I have had little to no luck with this binocular. Thought it might be of interest to some, and maybe elicit some help for me by posting. I am a rookie at the vintage binocular pursuit, but my impression is that this is/was a nice binocular when new. My particular set is still very nice, but...