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  1. Charlie M

    RFI Ring-necked Parakeets in the UK

    Hi All I'm looking for photos of RNPs visiting bird feeders in gardens for a blog article. Would anyone on BF either be willing to let me come and photo RNPs in their garden (I live in Wiltshire but am happy to drive almost anywhere in southern England), or has anyone got good photos they would...
  2. Charlie M

    Two days birding in the Cape, South Africa

    Hi All I was lucky enough to get two days birding (actually one and a half days birding) in the Cape a fortnight ago. I was guided by Brian Vanderwalt (Brian's Birding) who found me virtually everything I wanted to see despite some pretty horrible weather. I've posted a couple of reports of...
  3. Charlie M

    Beetle (?) larva in Campanula seed capsule

    Hi, I noticed that almost every seed capsule of (what I'm pretty sure is) some cultivated campanula had a small hole bored into one side. When I opened the capsule this larva was curled up inside. I'd be very grateful for any ID suggestions. Thanks Charlie
  4. Charlie M

    ID - anyone here know British bumblebees?

    Hi, I photo'd what seems to be an Early Bumblebee B. pratorum today - but what I can't work out is if it has yellow facial hairs it should be a male so why does it have such thick red hairs on the tibia (which is surely a female trait) and no yellow abdomen stripe? Apologies if this is a...
  5. Charlie M

    Is this a Scarce Chaser please? (Wilts, UK)

    Hi All, I took a photo of a (non-adult?) dragonfly a couple of days ago in a small woodland nature reserve in Wiltshire, and it's been puzzling me (I'm just a very casual dragonfly observer, so no surprise there really). I've posted it on my homepage as I can't work out how to attach photos...
  6. Charlie M

    31 Spoon-billed Sandpipers found in South Korea

    I've just posted a summary on the Birds Korea website ( at http://www.birdskorea.org/ssmpupdate_may28.asp) of what's been found by the teams monitoring shorebird numbers on what's left of the once vast Saemaneum Estuary, and the adjacent Geum Estuary. Shorebird numbers at Saemangeum have...
  7. Charlie M

    RFI: Any birding hot-spots in Montreal?

    Hi - I've got a free morning in Montreal (Quebec) this coming Tuesday. Does anyone know of any good birding sites I can get to by public transport/taxi within - say - 45 minutes of downtown? Many thanks Charlie
  8. Charlie M

    Separating Northern and Louisiana Waterthrushes

    Hi All, Inspired by a thread on here a fortnight or so ago, me and a good mate of mine (Jochen Roeder, who writes the excellent Bell Tower Birding blog (http://www.belltowerbirding.blogspot.com/)) have co-written a short ID article looking at how to separate the two waterthrushes. We don't go...
  9. Charlie M

    "The Songs of Insects" - superb book just published

    Hi, I got sent "The Songs of Insects" (Houghton Mifflin) to review last week and it's a gorgeous book. It's on the crickets, katydids, cicadas etc of eastern and central North America and not something I'd normally be interested in, but the photos in this book are just absolutely stunning, it...
  10. Charlie M

    Looking for 'LBJs' in Gauteng, South Africa

    Hi All, I had a day's birding with Etienne Marais around Pretoria looking for (in particular) larks, pipits, and cisticolas last month. The day was really successful (we saw birds like Bushveld Pipit, Melodious Lark, and Tinkling Cisticola) and I've posted a short report with a bunch of photos...
  11. Charlie M

    Desierto de Los Leones, Mexico City

    Hi All, Just back from an interesting day in the pine-oak forest of Desierto de Los Leones in Mexico City. Not that many species seen to be honest, but I really enjoyed what there was and I got a few reasonable photos of eg Red Warbler, Crescent-chested Warbler, Grey Silky-flycatcher...
  12. Charlie M

    Photography Competition: Brazilian Birds (decent prizes too!)

    Last year I was fortunate enough to make a day visit to the wonderful eco-lodge at Parque do Zizo in São Paulo state, eastern Brazil. My guide on the day was Guto Carvalho, a local conservationist with a passion for protecting the environment at the Parque, and I promised him if there was ever...
  13. Charlie M

    Yellow-throated, Hooded, and Townsend's Warblers - photos posted on blog

    Hi All, Not sure if I've put this thread in the right place, but I've had some really great birding lately and - in particular - got some pretty good photos of three American wood-warblers that I don't often get good views of. If anyone would like a look they're at: Yellow-throated Warbler...
  14. Charlie M

    Mallards, hybird mallards, and just downright manky domestic mallards

    Hi All, I know this has been covered at various times on BF so aplogies for returning to an old subject, but I regularly get mails from birders asking me to ID "mystery ducks" that almost invariably turn out to be some sort of genetically mangled or domesticated breed of Mallard. I'm always...
  15. Charlie M

    Korea's first Spoon-billed Sandpiper of the spring

    Hi All, Just in case anyone still doubts the importance of what is being destroyed at Saemangeum in South Korea, here's an update Birds Korea has just sent out to its members: The Birds Korea/Australasian Wader Studies Group Shorebird Monitoring Program at Saemangeum, South Korea, has been...
  16. Charlie M

    RFI - birding sites/birders in Seattle, Wa

    Hi, I'm going to be in Seattle with a morning free on Thursday March 23rd. I ususally just get a bus out to Discovery Park, but does anyone have any better ideas where I could get to without private transport, or alternatively are there any BF members free that day (I'd of course pay any...
  17. Charlie M

    Photos of Blue-winged Pitta, Singapore Botanic Gardens

    Hi All, I'm just back in the UK from a quick trip to Singapore and Sydney. There has been a fantastically showy Blue-winged Pitta over-wintering in the Singapore Botanic gardens that I was lucky enough to get a pile of photos of. I've never seen a pitta this well before - a real "never to be...
  18. Charlie M

    Choshi Port, Chiba, Japan

    Hi All, I was in eastern Japan for a couple of days last week, and went to the fishing port of Choshi to look for gulls etc. I've just posted a short report on my blog with photos of Vega, Black-tailed, Slaty-backed, Kamchatka, Glaucous, and Glaucous-winged Gulls, plus a few shots of some...
  19. Charlie M

    Most viewed threads - lists, IDs etc - not conservation

    Hi All, I haven't visited for a few days and it struck me just now while looking through the threads that considering the Forum has 30,000 members very few messages asking for help with petitions, action, or campaigns get viewed many times (check out how many people have looked at Ann Chaplin's...
  20. Charlie M

    Shorebirds in South Korea and Hong Kong

    Hi All, Just posted a bunch of photos on my blog taken in HK and by my brother in South Korea - includes photos of stints, plovers, and juv Spoon-billed Sandpipers. If you'd like a look they're at http://www.charliesbirdblog.com Cheers Charlie
  21. Charlie M

    Help needed adding a forum to existing website

    Hi, I've been trying to learn how to add a simple interactive forum (nothing as complicated as this incredible forum I hasten to add) to our website at http://www.birdskorea.org. I do all the basic stuff to the site, but feel really confused how to get a forum on without potentially crashing...
  22. Charlie M

    An afternoon's birding in Dubai

    Hi All, I was in Dubai two weeks ago and found myself in the middle of a good fall. I spent an afternoon (wish it was longer) in Dubai's city-centre Safa Park and was stunned by the number of birds - 40 Hoopoes, 40 Red-backed Shrike (+ Lesser Grey and Masked), Golden Oriole, Indian Roller, an...
  23. Charlie M

    Peak migration week in North America - an informal survey

    Hi All, I'm just back from a (very short) trip to the Ontario, Canada migrant hot-spots of Pelee and Rondeau. This is said to be the peak week for migration across North America, but it was actually fairly quiet at both sites - highly enjoyable, but not the hundreds and hundreds of birds I was...
  24. Charlie M

    A day's birding in Karen, near Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi, I spent a day birding in the AFEW Nature Sanctuary (part of the Langata Giraffe Sanctuary) near Nairobi last month. I finally got a report online with some (I hope) good photos including White-starred Robin, Singing Cisticola, Mountain Wagtail, Variable Sunbird, White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher...
  25. Charlie M

    RFI : Doha, Qatar

    Hi All, Anyone on this HUGE forum have any contacts or trip info for Doha? I've going to be there for the day this coming Friday and have no idea where to go birding... Thanks, Charlie