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  1. dries1

    Monarch M7

    I contacted Nikon after waiting for their customer support, and they have no idea on when the new M7 will come off backorder, so if one is looking to obtain one, it could be a while if one wants to order directly from Nikon. They are some available on the bay.
  2. dries1

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    Nothing like having a design of a diopter protruding only to get its' head blown off.
  3. dries1

    Hawke Endurance 8x32- Adhesive inside eye cups?

    Return them and get a different binocular, it is likely they have a bad batch. If you want the same binocular, get it from somewhere else. I just buy accessories from them anymore, no glass.
  4. dries1

    Poll: Point of diminishing returns

    I agree regarding the Meopta a well made glass for sure, I have no idea about the Kowa but I have heard good things about them. I guess the price difference also includes the optical quality in this case. The Meopta was always I felt was underpriced and performed like a premium glass, owning a...
  5. dries1

    Noctivid 10x42 Olive Green Edition

    "However in my opinion the made in Germany vs Portugal will indeed influence a prospective purchaser who may go Zeiss or Swarovski instead" I would not run to the blue shield yet, who knows where their stuff will be made in the future.
  6. dries1

    Leica Trinovid 8x42HD

    Well you are ahead of the game, and have the perfect glass for your eyes.
  7. dries1

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    You mean like some sort of recall (happens with autos frequently) , where every owner is contacted to send in their glass for the recall upgrade?
  8. dries1

    Poll: Point of diminishing returns

    IMO binoculars have not evolved much in the last 25 years, your miles may vary of course, but you can keep the $900 glass, different folks for different folks. The $900 glass will never be built as well as a $2000 glass, one always gets what they pay for, not just binoculars.
  9. dries1

    Magnification of handheld binoculars

    If that poll represented folks world wide, 7X glass would be manufactured in higher numbers, however it is not, ergo the limited field (sample size) of the poll.
  10. dries1

    Which 10x binoculars to pair up my SLC 8x42?

    I think first you need to decide if 10X32 or 10X42 is the right fit first, there are lightweight 10X42s out there for less $$ than your SLC. How often are you going to use 10X, for me 10X32 is OK for short term viewing, but sorry the 3.2 exit pupil is not where it is at for me, I rarely use it...
  11. dries1

    Poll: Point of diminishing returns

    I choose the 2 grand and up, because they will be around for a lot longer than any $900 glass. It is not just the optics, it is the design, materials of composition and craftsmanship.
  12. dries1

    Quick positive note on Leica US service

    Those 8X32 BN is still a very nice 8X32 and built better than many today.
  13. dries1

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    It will be interesting who and where the work was done, is there another Zeiss repair facility in Germany other than Wetzlar?
  14. dries1

    The future of the Nikon Monarch HG line

    Have you checked prices lately, everything is increasing and not just weekly, but daily.
  15. dries1

    Leica Trinovid 8x42HD

    Question, what other binoculars are you comparing to the Trinovid, and do you wear glasses.
  16. dries1

    Where are made the Conquest HD

    To quote Jan, which hits the nail on the head. "It's all about profit and margins".
  17. dries1

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    Globe effect is one thing, the diopter design/build is another.
  18. dries1

    Binoculars for Trekking in Himalayas

    Don't take it personally, folks here don't really care what binocular you take on your travels (just some humor). Some photos of the scenery would be nice though.
  19. dries1

    Binoculars for Trekking in Himalayas

    That is coorrrrrect,.....glass ID papers please.
  20. dries1

    Leica Service

    I sent these in a few weeks ago, some mild dust particulates inside. Well they are back with new armor, (other descriptions type plate, shield) I have no idea what that means but they look and feel brand new, with that great Leica view, like getting a time capsule brand new. I am extremely...
  21. dries1

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    PM42 you were the last person I was thinking about, really.
  22. dries1

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    Seems a bit steep in price for a small opera glass that gets barely used.
  23. dries1

    The future of the Nikon Monarch HG line

    JG I think they are out of the premium glass market, so they have elected to make mid/budget-priced glass, which IMO are very good, as compared to a lot of the garbage mid/budget priced glass out there.
  24. dries1

    The future of the Nikon Monarch HG line

    How about the periphery edge of the eyecups, perhaps made a bit more curved and forgiving.
  25. dries1

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    Fingers crossed it is the wrong serial # or they will have to replace it.