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  1. Hotspur

    Big Scoter Movement

    Apparently there is a big Scoter movement across the North of England at the moment. Friends have had them in Blackburn, Newcastle, York and Morpeth whilst big numbers of Teal and Wigeon have been heard in East Anglia. I have just had Wigeon in East Yorkshire. A great chance to make some...
  2. Hotspur

    Yearlist Vlog

    I have been messing about with a couple of new toys I got at Christmas - a GoPro Hero 7 White and a Nikon P900. From watching tonnes of herping videos prior to going to the States last summer I thought I'd try and ape the style but with birding. I'm still working on my talking to camera (makes...
  3. Hotspur

    Large raptor, El Hondo, Spain, 2015

    This raptor from El Hondo in Alicante, Spain popped up from a trip four years ago in November 2015, when I was looking at photos. I just want to make sure I hadn't gone way off base when I identified it.
  4. Hotspur

    Spurn YWT Visitor Centre

    A proposed new visitor centre is up for planning approval with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is a massive white elephant. You saw the Siberian Accentor right? You appreciate what Spurn is? Object to the planning application now and help prevent this desecration of a mecca of UK...
  5. Hotspur

    British County Yearlist Record

    Is Rob Martin's 2005 mark 279 for Norfolk still the record for yearlisting within a county in the U.K.? The Yorkshire record has gone this year and I believe the protagonist is on at least 276. What are the records for various counties?
  6. Hotspur

    Digiscoping setup

    Hi guys, I am looking for a digiscoping setup to go with a Swarovski ATS 80HD for ring reading specifically. Wanting a total setup for £500ish so any suggestions gratefully received. I assume it will be a compact camera plus the Swaro mount but interested in what options there are and the price...
  7. Hotspur

    The Big Vis with Trektellen and Patchwork Challenge

    Trektellen and Patchwork Challenge are running the Big Vis event this weekend promoting visible migration watching. It involves a minimum two hour count from dawn on either Saturday or Sunday and full details are here...
  8. Hotspur

    Gulls, East Yorkshire

    I saw these guys in pretty rank weather last week and I'd assumed they were just Herring Gulls but looking at the pics with no references remain a little unsure. I appreciate the quality is crap but any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. Hotspur

    Kefalonia Butterflies for ID

    I managed to see a good few Butterflies on Kephalonia and it was pretty cool watching Scarce Swallowtails and Two-tailed Pashas scrapping over territories. A few remain unidentified - any help would be ideal. I think the first may be Long-tailed Blue but I'm not sure about Lang's Short-tailed...
  10. Hotspur

    Wheatear sp, Kefalonia, Greece

    I saw this Wheatear sp juv at about 900m ASL on mount Aenos in Kefalonia, Greece. I initially took it to be Black-eared as there was a family party of birds and i thought this would be the only breeding sp. but I only got onto juvs. The super looks too bold, especially behind the eye and the...
  11. Hotspur

    Littoralis Rock Pipit

    I had this pipit with a Littoralis Rock Pipit. Just wondered if littoralis get this pink? It didnt strike me as a Water Pipit at the time.
  12. Hotspur

    2cy Gull, Barmston, E. Yorks, UK

    Hi all, I found this guy sat on a flash with Common Gulls. Its obviously a 2CY gull but I am stuck between michahellis & argentatus. Can anybody help? Cheers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO9U51UqQ34
  13. Hotspur

    Iceland/Kumlien's Gull

    This gull has generated a lot of discussion in Yorkshire about whether it is an Iceland with dark in the primaries or a pale Kumlien's Gull. I managed some shots today which show the primary marks well and wonder on peoples thoughts. Martin Garner has blogged about this bird with positive...
  14. Hotspur

    Duck ID

    In the field I had these guys down as Wigeon (they were pretty distant) but I reckon the bird in the upper left is a male Pintail and perhaps the smaller bird in the bottom left is a female. Any thoughts? There are some other equally bad photos which I can process.
  15. Hotspur

    Buzzard sp, Flamborough

    This guy had been roosting at South Landing today and it shot out at the rate of knots with a Magpie up its rear end. It looked a little long-tailed but views were c5 seconds. Just a CB right...
  16. Hotspur

    Skua sp

    Intermediate Morph Arctic? Initially thought Pom in the field but on reviewing photos the plumage and structure seems better for Arctic.
  17. Hotspur

    2nd Pair of UK Great White Egrets

    I see Natural England released news yesterday of a Great White Egret chick in a second nest at Shapwick Heath believed to be from a second pair of adults. Good news although not really unexpected with the vague allusions to more adults on site and not knowing how many. Link to the Birdwatch...
  18. Hotspur

    Heron ID, Cape Verde August 2011

    Hi Guys, I came across this Ardea sp heron on Boa Vista last year and dismissed it as juvenile Grey but I was wondering if it could be juv Black-headed Heron. I just wanted to be 100% sure as I didnt want to chuck the baby out with the bath water. My money is still firmly on juv Grey...
  19. Hotspur

    White-tailed Eagle fishing

    I went on one of the Mull Charters Eagle trips and had the fortune to see two stoops by an adult male catching fish put out for it by the skipper in Loch Na Keal, Mull. Absolutely incredible. My photos are pretty rubbish but I got a video which gives a good representation of the event. Check out...
  20. Hotspur

    Galerida Lark ID, La Mata, Spain

    Hi guys, I have been in Spain for the last couple of weeks and saw plenty of good Crested Larks and Theklas but I was wondering on peoples thought on this bad boy which seems a little intermediate to my eyes...
  21. Hotspur

    Well done Marcus!

    Birdforum member Marcus Conway - Ebirder won the Scottish Nature Photographer of the year 2011. Well done! There is coverage from the BBC of Marcus's excellent shot of a cheeky otter in the link below. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-17459240 Marcus also won the...
  22. Hotspur

    Fatbirder Top 1000 Gone Wrong

    Has anybody else noticed the the Fatbirder Top 1000 widget and site seems to have gone a bit nuts. My blog which usually languishes at around 3-400 is now in the top 60 and yet seems to be recording a laughable 2-3 hits/day according to their stats. I know I am getting about 35 unique page...
  23. Hotspur

    What Old World Warblers have you seen?

    In an old school sense of Sylvidae how many? 1. Barred Warbler 2. Blackcap 3. Garden Warbler 4. Subalpine Warbler 5. Spectacled Warbler 6. Sardinian Warbler 7. Lesser Whitethroat (plus halimodendri) 8. Common Whitethroat 9. Grasshopper Warbler 10. Cetti's Warbler 11. Reed Warbler 12...
  24. Hotspur

    Harrier, North Lincs, UK

    Saw this ringtail at a reasonable distance in the gloom of this afternoon. It was very apricot - brighter than it looks. A ringtail hen has been seen in the area but pictures I have seen are of a different bird with a thicker wing base. Is the thin base to the wings likely due to this being a...
  25. Hotspur

    Skua ID

    Friend had this recently and I was interested in what others made of it. I thought too warm and bulky for LTS but the light is quite warm and the underwing seems pretty barred.