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  1. Essex Tern

    Which 10x binoculars to pair up my SLC 8x42?

    I use the 7x42 all of the time when birding. The 10x32 are a second binocular with a bit more power that I can take in a bag, maybe with a camera, when on a general trip our somewhere, not primarily birding, but when I may spot something and still want a decent small lightweight binocular. The...
  2. Essex Tern

    Which 10x binoculars to pair up my SLC 8x42?

    I’d say to try the Opticron Traveller BGA ED - my low power bins are Zeiss 7x42FL and the 10x32 Opticrons work well for me.
  3. Essex Tern

    ID help please - Greater London UK - dunnock/warbler?

    Looks fine for Dunnock to me.
  4. Essex Tern

    Norfolk birding

    Saw some Rock Pipits at Sheringham today.
  5. Essex Tern

    ED50: 20x or 27x eyepiece?

    Thanks, I expect the 38x wouldn’t displace my 30x permanently, but sounds like it could be useful so will probably try and pick one up at some point, if I can. Would be nce to complete the magnification set. Very interesting about the 30x DS - I hadn’t fully taken that point in re the...
  6. Essex Tern

    ED50: 20x or 27x eyepiece?

    I too have a nice selection of eyepieces - I have the 27xWF for my ED50, 30xWF for my ED82, the MCII zoom I swap in and out on both, and the 75xDS bought used at a good price for intrigue. I have often wondered whether I am missing out on not having tried the 38x on my ED82 - I think 20x...
  7. Essex Tern

    Any chance this could be a Tree Sparrow? Lydiate (UK) 18th September (today)

    Looks OK to me, but don’t get many down my way, clear second wing-bar too. If any chance of hybrid I’ll leave to others.
  8. Essex Tern

    One thousand and counting

    Please switch them so for part 1, A comes before B……..it’s bugging me 😆
  9. Essex Tern

    USB3-USB-C cable

    Out of the 3 I would go HDMI personally (repeat no expert though) - the only port you have designed for monitor output natively I think - the colour depth can be forced to show full depending on graphics card I understand - HDMI is more than capable with the correct hardware and software in...
  10. Essex Tern

    USB3-USB-C cable

    I am no expert but I don’t know if a USB 3 on a laptop is a good output to a monitor - a USB C display port is a good choice I believe. In lieu of that I would be looking at maybe hdmi to hdmi or hdmi (or displayport) to USB C. A list of the ports on the laptop and monitor may help people...
  11. Essex Tern

    Ultra lightweight gimbal head?

    I probably wouldn’t bother with a tripod and that setup myself, you have up to 6 stops stabilisation and a nice handholdable setup imho. I would only bring a tripod if bringing a scope, and even then can’t remember the last time I actually found a need and attached my camera to it. I use a G9 &...
  12. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    If he sells all 100 of the 239 different proofs he’ll be properly minted!!……not so sure it’ll happen though, certainly priced me out of the market, as lovely as they would be to have. I only looked on the off chance he was selling original plates, but pretty sure I couldn’t justify paying his...
  13. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    Large format limited edition of 1,000 due in the autumn Books — Peter Harrison Seabirds …also artists proofs available in the art section of his site, but quite pricey.
  14. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    Mine just arrived ahead of estimated delivery schedule, hopefully other’s copies will follow shortly.
  15. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    Just got shipping notification - estimated 14 July for mine
  16. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    I got that same email on the same day as you 🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    Had an email today to say my order is now fully processed, so hopefully mine is on it’s way. Had a feelling I read someone (maybe Andy?) had already received his.
  18. Essex Tern

    Unidentified Brown Bird with Yellow and Green Wing Plumage | South-East UK

    Robin for me, jizz is good and this screen grab just about gets us there I think.
  19. Essex Tern

    File not playing in safari, IOS

    Try using VLC for mobile. Copy the file internet address, and then within the app go to network, download, and it should then be in your audio or video library, and playable from there. I think iOS is very restrictive over file formats so not everything will play direct in Safari. This works...
  20. Essex Tern

    Hi all. I saw A Rare white Starling in my garden two days ago.

    Welcome to the forum - a nice spot!
  21. Essex Tern

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    I don’t disagree with what you say, other than that I was not making a “claim”, all I was doing was throwing out a recent video I had seen at the time (not searched for to make a point!) and I was throwing it in for discussion in case of interest to anyone. I have seen and read many reviews of...
  22. Essex Tern

    Norfolk, UK - Iceland Gull?

    Don’t rule out leucism as an option.
  23. Essex Tern

    ABC Birds

    Apus Apus (Common Swift)
  24. Essex Tern

    ABC Birds

    Delichon Urbicum (House Martin) unless that's stretching the rules too far 😂
  25. Essex Tern

    uk today

    Still don't know what the flip is going on in the first photo, but I have officially left the Hirundine camp. I have lightened the first shot to the extremes and get Plover colours too.